The 2020 CE 1040 Long Form Questionaire

This is the more involved Questionnaire that tries to pin you down as to exactly what you believe in...

The 1st Degree

My name is (pseudonym is ok)

My Email address is:

I visit the 'Rap:

I'm interested in being a CAW Member: Yes No Lapsed Interested

I'm intrested in being a CAWTN Associate: Yes No Lapsed Interested

I live : N. California S. California West USA Central. USA East.USA South USA Canada Europe Mid Eastern Australia Mars Other

I'm interested in a Sacramento CAWTN Nest: Yes No Maybe

I found this site by:

The Second Degree

"Barsoom" is:

  1. Michael Valentine Smith's Martian name.
  2. Where Cthulhu awaits the return of the Elder Dark Gods.
  3. The name for Mars in Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter on Mars books. A spaceship in a Robert Hienlein novel, and another novel, "The Barsoom Project".
  4. The Siguil of the rude Heathen God, cited on page 666 of the Revised Necronomicon in connection with RA-HOOT-KOOMI, Lord 777 and High Watoom of the Age of Horus the Avenger, and Master of the Seventh Seal of Lost Quadesh.
  5. It as no meaning at all. My Religious Upbringing was:

    My Religious Preferences are: (You may choose from among any number of items, among any catagories): NOTE: The extensions mean what I say they mean and are for my benefit, and I ain't talkin' about it... <= this is mark (...)is now called a "caen" :-)


    Wicca.wic Druidh.dru CAW.caw African.afrp Hindu.hdu Shinto.shnto
    eris.Erisian UU_Pagan.UUp Buddhist.bdt Native 'Mercan.nasha Dianic Wiccan.dian
    African.afrp Hindu.hdu Asatru.asa Celtic.celt Canaanite.can Grecian.grec
    Gypsie.rom Egyptian.ces Voudun.loa Gnostic.pgno Neo-platonist.npl Isian.fsi
    Santeria.sant Hawaiian.huna Zoroastrian.zoro Tibetian.bon Eclectic.eclc Other.othr


    Catholic.cath Orthodox.orth Baptist.bapt Jehovah's Witness.jwl
    Adventist.7day Cathar.cthr Quaker.qakr World Wide Church of God.wwcg Lutheran.luth Unitarian universalist.UUc I Am.iamr Sophian.cgds Creation
    Celtic.clde Pentecostal.glos Pegalasian.pegl Unity.uni Gnostic.CGns 700 Satanist.hell
    Afro-Mercan Church.afxn Branch Davidian.fried Waldense.waldo
    Quaker.quakr Shaker.shakr New Age.naXt No Denominatin.nod
    Coventer.covtr Navigator.navgtr Promise Keeper.prmk Other Heretic.uhoh

    Other Groups

    Est.est Agnostic.agno Liberal.lib Free Thinker/Atheist.ath
    Humanist.schm Alienist/UFO.aln Devolutionist.DEVO Evolutionist.darwn Est.est
    Crowleyanity/OTO.sue Liberal.lib Vegeterrorist.vgn Church Universal and Triumphant
    Muslim.msl Shite.smsl Women's Spirituality.dian Sufi.Smsl
    Illuminatiii.bav Masons.msn Oddfellows.odd Astrology.str Baha'i.bmsl
    Black Muslims.Bmsl Church of the Sub-Genious.bob Undecided.und
    Rastaferian.rsta Theo/Anthosophy.theo Libertarian.lbtn Libertine.lbtne
    Science Fiction.sf Scientology.sct Grateful Dead.grded Other.wrdo

    The Third Degree

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