2020 Events

Mapping the Final "Event Wave" Escalator Corridor of the Millennial

By "Cary Robyn"

Whether or not we emerge on the pop culture stage DURING THE NEXT TWO YEARS will determine the course of the rest of our lives, for this is the final, big, predictable, accessible "Event Wave" escalator corridor of the Millennial Era, and the only opportunity to gain the admiration of this rising new generation before it becomes set in its ways. The anticipated great cultural transition point has seemingly been "bumped" repeatedly. Either we make it across that divide in these years, gain a foothold there and continue to build upon it, or we fade out into historical irrelevancy, and it will not take that form nor an accessible form.

           When I came of age at the start of the 1980's, there were a whole series of these opportunity windows ahead of us, arriving in wave after wave, leading up to "terminal effectors" as large as U.S. Presidential Elections toggling on tiny numbers of votes and people half our age becoming billionaires. Those earlier opportunity windows are closed forever now, all rapidly receding in the rear-view mirror of history. All were thrown away by a lack of cooperation and teamwork and focus among the closest counterparts I seem to have had here, from a decade my senior to almost two decades my junior. I don't know if it will be any different this time.

Directly ahead of us are:

[Add to this list as you notice mentions of pertinent upcoming events and release dates of pertinent and potentially culturally-influential films or TV series, or announcements of delays in film productions and launch dates of space missions.]