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          Does a couple of well-placed airstrikes used to remove a couple of major pains-in- the-rear, including a Sean Connery look-alike general, constitute a new war for the U.S. vs. Iran? Sorry, but no crocodile tears will be shed for these thugs.

          There is a famous photo of a girl on a tennis court that was to be exhibited earlier this year. A 3rd wave feminazi group harassed the exhibitor with death treats and other threats, to the point where they had to remove and not display it. That's why it's here.

          All of the Dem's ideas that I've heard about spending $billions for this or $trillions for that is because "We" can have all this free stuff without actually paying for it because we're rich and powerful, and "We" can just Charge It on the National Credit Card! Sorry, that is so OVER! "There is no such thing as a Free Lunch" - some 'nobody' has already paid or will pay for it eventually - and it isn't the 1%! These proposals miss and boldly ignore the stark fact that "We" literally can't afford it - it's too expensive. Being 'too expensive' means that the Illusion of the Fiat dollar being worth something between the time you earn it, and the time when you get paid and you spend it will fade even faster. That's price inflation and it's caused by losing faith in the dollar's value because of monetary inflation. "We" can NEVER pay off the National Debt now because "Our" currency is monetized National Debt! When push comes to shove "We" will default on everything, and there will be NO credit for anyone left after WW3; which many of "Our" warmongering 'leaders' are working diligently to bring it about.

          It's an endless fat checkbook backed by endless borrowing these days. Again, FRNs are monetized government debt, and so are almost all 'government' checks. "Our" currency creation is like spending money by writing a " cash" or "to the bearer' check. The National debt can't be paid off with FRN's because it's just more government debt. That's why Trump wants negative interest rates.

ufo warning sign taylor-ishtar           For me, it's easier to ignore the whole Leftist PC thing and not walk on eggshells all the time worrying about offending some stranger. Someone is going be offended these days no matter what you say, or how carefully try to say it. I also refuse to shut up, and no one listens anyways. I may be censored or even banned, but I'm not worried about my 'Wrong-think', anti-"Double-think", or Heresy. These days one can be hated for just being light brown or male, even by has-been, self-hating, light brown, Leftist "celebrities" attempting to virtue signal their peers to try and eke out a little more publicity,or maybe eke out a little bit more work, before they finally retire or kick their air addiction.

          I'm not going to try and keep up with all the things you're supposed to or not supposed to say anymore, because it is being changed constantly, and I no longer care. I'm not into being PC, and have zero interest in conforming to SJW garbage. Anything that someone doesn't like is "sexist" or "racist" these days, and you can't prove that you're not one - so I'll just call them the same thing and tell them to show they're not [____]ists themselves!.

          I also won't be using the 100, or more gender label varieties that someone concocted so they can also 'virtue signal' to their peers about how 'woke' trendy they are. They have no Virtue, so they have to pretend they have some by acting out. I believe that their are two genders, and the rest is made up insanity. I can't be sent to the principal's office, suspended, passed over for promotions, punished, or fired anymore, and I don't really care what other people think about it. I'm to old to worry about my "microaggressions" and other PC BS.. 'Hate speech" has become something someone disagrees with, and it's usually social or political. "Hate speech" is protected speech, or soon there's no freedom for any speech!

brainwashed feminazis innana           I also don't care anything about the PC sin of 'cultural appropriation' either. I just want to eat my pseudo-Chinese, pseudo-Mexican, pseudo-Italian, pseudo African American, pseudo Australian, or pseudo-Mongolian, pseudo American, etc. restaurant or fast food in peace, without having some fanatical, arrogant, "tolerant", inclusive, intersectional, 'virtue signaling', self-righteous, leftist PC, SJW, soy-boy, asshole punk, (or flash mob) getting into my face and telling me where I can go    ;-P , what I can wear, or what I can and cannot do! I'll eat what and where I want, wear what I want, say what I want, publish what I want, and do what I want as long as it doesn't violate the law. I also will eat hamburgers, hot dogs, use plastic bags, and use plastic straws!.     ."Question Authority!" "illegal alien"

Ba'al and Partial/Post Birth Abortion There are a lot of Liberals, SJWs, and full term and post-birth abortion advocates, like most of the current crop of Democrat rebellion. Presidential Candidates, who have decided to opt out of their alleged religion, and are looking for some alternate spirituality to help them get through the day. Tulsi Gabbard is exempt from this "suggestion" since she is a Hindu and she has pulled bac somewhat from the extremist position.

Risks Ahead somewhat from the Dems "statement"positions on partial birth and post birth abortion. Of these, I know of at least one that has serious problems with the followers of the mainstream religion, and he likes to pick and choose from the Cliff Notes Bible and even then he cherry picks the verses he likes, so I've found two other biblical gods that might be suited to his modern lifestyle and political leanings. Poor Pete Butticakes badly needs some help in this area, so this recommendation applies especially to him, though I don't think he'll ever be ready for Chaac /Tlaloc (Meso-American rain god), though he likes war a lot, for it makes his rich industrial complex donors even more rich :

baal           The spiritual Specialists have arrived, and most people don't even know their names, and if they do they don't have a clue as to who they are anymore or what they represent. Tlaloc They're Asherah and Ba'al. The Goddess is becoming popular again, especially the Goddess alone, and is popular among Wiccans and Neo-Pagans, but they're NOT into human sacrifice, but there are those who are wannabes, or are already doing it.

          Asherah (Ishtar, Astoreth, Inanna, Tanit, etc.), the proverbial Mother Goddess Scorned, is Ba'al's consort and wears the pants in the family, and Tammuz is their Son. They were often 'worshiped' as a pair. She likes libertines, promiscuity, carnal desires, sex worship, and selfish hedonism. He likes temple prostitution, power, wealth, prosperity, and worldly success (he's also the god of perverted cruelty, and especially full-term partial birth, and post-birth abortion) You're promised it all for just a human sacrifice once in awhile.

ashtray & baal           Other "baalim" include Molech, the star of Remphan, and Chuin. These gods were worshiped in ancient Israel, Judah, Phoenicia, and Canaan. Their New World counterparts are the Aztec rain god Tlaloc, (Nahuatl: "He Who Makes Things Sprout"), and Chac, the Mayan rain god. These latter gods are close to having the type of culture they need to be active again, but we're not that scared stupid, terrified, venal, or corrupt yet.

           He is a warrior storm god and "giver of life" in charge of the rain and the weather and children. He's alleged to be popular with musicians and wannabe stars and Hollywood itself. Using a first-born son for a cornerstone for a house was fashionable in the "'old days", but no one does that anymore. They have better 'medical', 'scientific', and 'commercial' uses for them now. Maybe he can help with GloBaal Warming Climate Cooling Change Crisis Emergency Catastrophe, and the Environment. (We have only 12, or 11, or 10, or 9, or 8 or 7 years left before the Climate Catastrophe kills us all, 'yah know!')    :-O

          Maybe they can fool him with substituting some burnt animal offerings instead, a couple of charred or well-done steaks would do because it's worked before. Ba'al is the dimmest bulb in the Grove, so he'll never know the difference. These days he's into expanding his soul collection. Paganism does NOT require Belief or Faith, so he doesn't care whether you believe you have one or not, nor does he care if you don't believe in god. It's all about what you say and do that counts. His "Tophet" priests are glad to relieve uninformed and desperate pregnant women of their inconvenient problems for a substantial fee, and quietly sell the donations for 'parts'.

          Ba'al is very flexible and has several localized versions like Baʿal Ḥammon, the chief god of Carthage. Herodotus writes that he was also known under many other names such as Jupiter [Ba'al] of the Romans. Zeus, Cronos, the Persian Mazda, and Amon of the Egyptians, but they mostly eschewed human sacrifice. The 'baalim' and their baby murdering priests should have been left in the garbage dump of History where they belong. ;->

So PC!       ;-P

Alive		             Temporarily metabolically abled.
Bald		                     Follicularly challenged
Body Odor	             Non-discretionary fragrance
Broken Home	             Dysfunctional family
Caretaker           	     Site Engineer
Clumsy		             Uniquely coordinated
Criminal	                     Behaviorally challenged/Justice involved
Cunt                             Can't Understand Normal Thinker
Dead		             Living impaired
Dishonest	             Ethically disoriented
Drunk/high/stoned     Chemically inconvenienced
Fail                               Achieve a deficiency
Fairy		             Petite airborne humanoid with mystical powers
Fat		                     Horizontally challenged, Gravitationally Challenged
Foreign Food	             Ethnic cuisine
Ghetto		              Economically disadvantaged area
Girlfriend	                      Unpaid sex worker
Gossip		              Speedy transmission of near-factual information
Hoe                               Horizontally Oriented Entertainer
Housewife	              Domestic Engineer
Ignorant	                      Knowledge-based non-possessor
Illegal Aliens	              Undocumented Immigrants
Jailer		              Custodial Artist
Janitor                           Sanitation Engineer
Jungle		              Rain Forest
Late		                      Rescheduled arrival time
Lazy		                      Motivationally deficient/challenged
Lumberjack	              Tree Murderer
Natural Disaster	      GloBaal Warming/Climate Change occurrence
Pedophile                      Minor Attracted Person
Prostitute	              Sex worker
Sex change	              Gender reassignment
Short		              Vertically challenged
Shy			              Conversationally selective/challenged
Spendthrift	              Negative/Non saver
Talkative	                      Abundantly verbal
Tall		                      Vertically enhanced
Trailer Park	              Mobile Home community
Tramp		              Homeless person
Ugly	                              Cosmetically different
Unemployed	              Involuntarily leisured
Vagrant		              Nonspecifically destinationed individual
White Trash	              White Trash
Worst		              Least best
Wrong		              Differently logical 

A simple DIY YouTube censorship fix to bypass Their algorithm's MSM bias toward Independent News sites that have been downgraded to the point where they just about disappear from view. Read it before the censors get to it, or it gets changed...

greyface The MR Trudeau, the black faced, tyrannical Islamic-Socialist/Communist Prime Minister of Canadian, does not like freedom or free speech much and has required that people use some new pronouns about sexual identity mandatory on pain of a very large fine. Just a reminder - we have a First Amendment and they don't! The Brits, Australians, and the New Zealanders are also fining or putting people in jail for just speaking their minds on some subjects, showing videos, or banning the ones They don't like- guidelines ignored. Fortunately, for now, the excretable SJWs and the Fascist thug Antifas, who bash people over the head and pour cement "milkshakes" in their faces for daring to have a different opinion, can't control the narrative in the USA through censorship laws - yet. I hear that they control the streets of Portland and mebbe Seattle . The hard leftist Progressive fascists (Proverbially scratch a neo-Nazi and you'll see the red commie blood underneath) already steal MAGA hats and harass Conservatives in restaurants and others for their political views. That also goes for "microaggressions" - I will commit them anytime I want! They are already with Hel! I refuse to listen to the Greyface conformists, who have no sense of humor and think that Everything must be So Serious, and who want to ruin my life... Hail Eris!

          Certain Progressive (Socialistist) Democrat stupes want to impeach somebody - anybody - and since they have little or nothing that they can pin on Prexy Trump they'll try to pour out their bile on AG Barr and Kavanaugh for following the law against releasing Grand Jury proceedings, and alleged sexual transgressions.. They don't respect the rule of law any more, and there's a two tier strata of justice - one for ordinary people. and quite another one for the rich or well connected privileged characters like the Old Hag (people who are inconvenient to her or cross her seem to die off) Hillary Clinton. Journalists are supposedly protected by the 1st Amendment and They still want to prosecute political prisoner Julian Assage for anything they can think of or make up. It's no wonder that Huma Abedin labelled the computer folder of Hillary's State Department. e-mails as 'Insurance Policy'. "Always Believe a woman." NO! NEVER!

mayan necromancy moloch Late term abortion, up to and past birth is an abomination. It used to be called infanticide in New York, and possibly Virginia who wants to change it to something even worse, after the present law in New York was changed. Since it's changed, I think that abortionists should at least be prosecuted for it being cruelty to animals -- for animals are often being treated better than aborted babies in this country. IMHO this eventually will be no end to it. Soon they'll demand allowing infanticide, er, abortion, to children at one or two weeks, months or possibly years after birth in the future. This is not speculation. There are people already running it up the flagpole. There are two new secular religions in Amerika, the worship of Ba'al/Moloch, and Anunnaki (Princes of Anu) worship.

          However most if not all religions; including Judaism used it in their history. Christianity used it in their religion to say it was the last sacrifice needed. There was a least one Israelite human sacrifice at one time before They censored it. Abram sacrificed Isacc), etc). Christianity is more "reformed" these days.

apple nazi Ba'alist than Judiacist - as both religions borrowed heavily from the cultures around them, especially ancient Egypt, Babylon (the Babylonian Talmud which is the main "scripture" of the "modern" Jews), Greece and Persia). A human sacrifice is what it is even if it's God incarnating as a man. According to the Catholic Church, Jesus is not human -- it's how they got around the human sacrifice problem. They also say in pretty Latin that Lucifer is Jesus Christ's father. 'Luke, I am your father' (alleged "Star Wars" quote). Now We're killing born babies for pleasure and conveience at the behest of only the mother in some kind of 'its my body' trip. I'm not sorry about my opinion, and I'm just expressing it...

          I'UPDATE 09/20/19:/ Farcebook declares itself to be a publisher in court! This changes everything! Now I'll definitely not sign up with Q them! They've given up their legal protection of a open platform for the enhanced rights of a publisher. They've reduced their site to a being a very large Letters to the Editor. dr_farnsworthY'all can expect the same move from the other web sites they own very quickly... I've never used Twitter, Fascistbook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, or Instagram - or any Fascistbook product, and I don't think I'll be starting any time soon. I'll never ever go on those platforms because of their heavy biased censorship of conservatives, Naturalists, and others who are not the MSM; and Facebook's new demand for your email's password. I don't trust Facebook's "reforms"! They think that the public are contemplable idiots and don't give a damn about their objections to their over-the-top invasions of other people's personal data - they'll continue because they believe they're untouchable because They have more money than God. YouTube is worthless when it comes to politics and other banned subjects, and Google hides articles they don't want you to find. They all act arbitrarily! These tech giants have taken a disliking to the Deplorables, which is about half the nation, and they do their best to harass, intimidate and frustrate their providers. However their not as bad as the new socialist Muslim government of New Zealand and their Telcos, and Australia's harsh new censorship of free speech and the press. They don't deserve any more attention...

sumer eagleman baal procession someone's articles they vent their spleen and shadow ban it. They want to dictatorially monopolize control the Internet (that's also Google!); and the desire to get information about everyone whether a user or not and renting it to the highest bidder. They are begging the government to step in and regulate them as utilities. Fascist-book's renting out their users information database to make money is well known, and if you allow these companies into your life then you deserve what you get; but their information gathering (spying) on people who are not their users is worse than even the credit bureaus - their attempts to monetize Everything is becoming creepy. They are also selling phone numbers that they obtained for their sign in app, which IMHO is misrepresentation of what they said they were collecting it for! Their censorship doesn't make any one or anything 'safer', it just makes them totally unreliable. I think the only thing keeping Twits afloat is Donald Trump! If you want to leave these would be tyrants, it's not going to be easy - really getting rid of Facebook in your life is a very difficult task, I hear. I've read that as much as 50% or more of Facebook's users are fake or bots, so they're cheating their customers, which are not you!. Google is biasing its search results, so I'm not using it for politics or independant news sites because They're beginning to heavily totally massage their search results. That makes them Totally Unreliable! Their CEO eostre griffin considers multiple "hits" to be a bug as there should only be one and only one answer to each question.

Dear Gulag employees - Family, family, family, family, family! - BOO!... Apple has threatened Natural News with banning banned their app because of what they were publishing - on another website! I'm getting sick of these censors who try to memory-hole stuff that They don't like. There are other competitors to these monopolies and they've come up with viable alternatives to these MSM Nannies. I've heard that the new Apple iphone censors your text before it's sent out!

It is a crime to mail suspicious letters or packages to people, but the true cause of these incidents are the Demos themselves - not the Repugs. See, when you call half the nation Deplorables and then say that incivility is needed in Amerika, you shouldn't be too surprised when uncivility raises its ugly head and arrives on your doorstep, or in your mailbox, uninvited! Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters wanted uncivility, and when their calls for crassness was answered they had no idea where it came from - look in the mirror progressive (commie) dears! What goes around comes around!.

          Although I voted for Trump, it was because the alternative, Crooked Hillary, was totally unlikeable and probably the worst candidate I've seen in my lifetime. But I'm now having buyer's remorse - but not too much. I believe that Trump's Russian influence on the 2016 election was non-existant - but the Russian influence on Trump's bulging wallet was and is tremendous! They saved his international empire several times in the past.. The people with the most money in Russia since the alleged end of communism are Putin and the new oligarchs who all have ties to the Russian mob. I hate the fact that the Progressives just might be right, but for all the wrong reasons - and Pres. Trump is quickly becoming unfit for office. He can't keep pretending that things are all right when he can't even keep his personnel working for him - many are just quitting or being fired for unstated reasons. Sometimes it seems that he has lost touch with Reality, he isn't listening to advice; and his big mouth in person, or on Twitter, is going to eventually land him in a lot of hot water. Mebbe he's just telling people what they want to hear. Cornered animals often fight to the death when cornered, like rats. I think it's only fair to investigate Hillary"s collusion with Russia which is probably extremely substantial, and her helping sell nuclear stockpiles to Russia - In my book that's called TREASON!! Billy Clinton also sold ICBM plans and possibly parts to China - that's also TREASON!! But "We" have a multi-tiered justice system, so neither probably not see the inside of a courtroom or a prison cell.

          Our national unCivil war has arrived as even certain members of Congress are calling for harassment and violence against Trump supporters, and even other MCs, and members of the Trump Administration by the Progressive/Communist Statist Left, all because of Crooked Hillary's failure to respect half of the country by calling them "Deplorables", and her record of borderline semi-criminal behavior, and her vacations from the campaign trail at the most important time, probably due to her hidden illness. More on this later as things develop. Even some unhinged California congressmen have publically said that they want someone to assassinate him - and that is going way overboard - but the gun grabbers have no guns! How do you have a revolution without guns? Probably by assuming the laws they supported on gun control for others don't apply to them, as they always do! They think their favorite failed policies don't apply to them, as they are meant for only the plebian masses...

st mike Speaking of Tyranny, Great Britian is slip-sliding away into it more quickly, and is no longer a free nation. Free speech and freedom of the press is no longer welcome there, as the Tommy Robinson imprisonment, among many other things, shows. "Hate speech" is becomning just another euphemism for disagreeing with the Establishment or the left. Germany and Sweden are also quickly slipping into it as well as most of the EU, because of the deliberate ignoring of Ramadan worshipping" grooming" gangs and other Ramadan worshippers, sexual assaults, stabbing, genital mutilation, breast pressing, and other jihadic crimes. Free speech no longer exists there . They recently ruled against somebody being allowed to call the pedophile profit Ramadan worshipping Mohammad - a pedophile. The Profit Muhammad, the first Ramadan worshipper, was a pedophile! The way things are going Swedenistan will soon be Sharia law compliant. The Ramadan worshipping EUistan has made a copyright law that erases any fair use of copyright material, including links to other pages on the internet. This draconian law will cause Europe to return to the internet Dark Ages by destroying the Internet as they know it there. So, Soon they'll be finally erased from History for myopic short-sightedness and gross terminal stupidity, and the damage will be done, and it will be unfixable and the EU will be left in the dustbin of History...