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This is the 1040EZ Short Form Questionaire for 2020. You'll have the chance to ask me almost anything. ( A "CAW Tradition Network Nest" is ** NOT ** formally affiliated with CAW Inc., and CAWT is NOT a non-profit 501.3c church.)

But -- first I need some Information...

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"Barsoom" is:

  1. Michael Valentine Smith's Martian name.
  2. Where Cthulhu awaits the return of the Elder Dark Gods.
  3. The name for Mars in Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter on Mars books, and a spaceship in a Robert Hienlein novel, and the "The Barsoom Project" novel.
  4. The Siguil of the rude Heathen God, mentioned on page 666 of the Revised Necronomicon in connection with RA-HOOT-KOOMI, Lord 777 and High Watoom of the Aeon of Horus the Avenger, and the Worshipful Key Master of the Seventh Seal of Lost Quadesh.
  5. It has no meaning at all.

    I'd also like to know your Religious Affiliation

    Dear Rev. Sheik Sebir:

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