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It's getting Spooky/Scary Out There

deermanBut, it has almost nothing to do with the paranormal! The US has a Maga SCOTUS, a Christian Nationalist Speaker of the House, and MAGA Republicans have enough votes to freeze government spending and even default! There are important but scary people in the world and they plainly want a World War - more for them, nothing left for us. So, another World War is in its early stages, and Biden wants to confiscate guns. If we need those guns to defend the US and They restrict them, then who should be hung when we're invaded? Such a notion may be crazy, and I may have a wild hair up my rear, but we're entering some very "interesting times", and that's not good - it's almost never good!. There are at least four hotspots that are problematic: Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and India. Israel has been attacked by Hamas and has begun its invasion of Gaza, and "Palestinians" are rioting against Jews and are out to kill them in some nations. Ukraine is now a dictatorship who has banned the Orthodox Church and disbanded the "Opposition" parties They claim that they're "winning", but Winter will be here all to soon! Taiwan has China's fleet doing "manuevers" very close to them with fly-overs buzzing them. What will happen if the US turns its back on them? India has religious conflic between the Hindu Nationalist and the Christians and others, plus a coming confrontation with China. Can "we" meddle in all of them? More information about the The Arch-Xtian Nationalist Numbnuts Zealot Crusader House Speaker

But, it's Hallowe'en tororrow and Samhain, and it's that time of year when we venerate our ancestors and prepare for Winter. It's getting late, so I don't have time to add images, so that will have to wait for tomorrow!

We're Still alive! And still looking into the Right Christian Nationalists

I havent posted for awhile because I've been busy with other projects, but this is a 'quik' reminder that I'm still here! Unfortuneatly, so is the Right Christian Nationalistas and their Trumpianity It's also still alive and growing and these people scare me every time I look what's up with them. It's like watching neo-fascism take over the Christian Evangelists. These people want a Theocracy and they still support the Orange One even after he's been indicted on a number of chrges - each new charge brings him . I'm glad I left these people behind 35 years ago. I accused them of being book burners, and they've recently gone and done it again! They are taking school textbooks and burning them because they don't like what's in them! Led by Gov. Desantis these clowns are banning books from school libraries, and are ready to go after public libraries next. These "Conservatives" are setting progress back to the 60's and will soon oppose laws that made this country less racist. Trump got his "conservative judges on SCOTUS, and they too are on a roll, destroying laws that have set precedents for decades. And they've shown that they're corrupt little weasels by taking money and "toys" from their $billionaire buddies. Religious "freedom" now means that if a store owner doesn't like your politics or sexual preferences, then they can refuse your order as a matter of "free speech". Then were abortion rights and the SCOTUS is "giving it back to the states which means restrictions, or outright banning it in "Jesusland" states! More when I learn this new system better this will site will get, but the new regime at Turbify will take time to learn...

Quick and somewhat biased History

Rome was a caste society, and the Roman State religion was headed by the rich nobles, and there were no leadership positions for the commoners. The word "Cult" has a twisted redefinition because of the Christians, it's definition time: A Cult is a religious SECT - that's it!</b></i> It's not a vicious word to smear against religious groups that one believes are false and don't like, or churches that do shady and illegal things to their members and others..
Beneath the official Roman State religion were the cults which usually took the form of burial societies where rich people paid for the burials of their cult members. The chances of a commoner rising to any sort of leadership position in these groups were nil. Early Christianity changed that for only three and a half centuries. The Roman State Religion saw the organization of the Christian church as an attempt to create another government and of course it was. Earlier the cult of Bacchus tried to overthrow the government, so they were very wary of new religions springing up - they liked OLD! So, the Jews qualified even though they were an odd and obnoxious bunch. Isis, Cybele, and Hellenism weren't part of the State Cult either, but they were allowed because they, again, were OLD. “All roads led to Rome.”
Once upon a time, there was an obscure, and mostly forgotten, Rabbi and Mage who said that the millennia-old custom and practice of allowing the privileged Rich Nobles and their Establishment(s), their governments, their temples, their priests, and their prophets to define, monopolize and rule over all religious practices for their own purposes and for their benefit, and not for the benefits and needs of the common people, should be challenged.
When Christianity divorced itself from Judaism they became a new cult! The early Christianities were counterculture movements that attracted ordinary people by offering an opportunity for the common man to become recognized and prominent in their communities. They were secretive, they skulked around and met only at night, they were nonconformists. The other thing that Rome wouldn't tolerate was their refusal to give lip service or a libation to the Emperor's Genius, another word that's lost its original meaning! "In Roman religion, the genius ... is the individual instance of a general divine nature that is present in every individual person, place, or thing. Much like a guardian angel, the genius would follow each man from the hour of his birth until the day he died."( Wikipedia).
"Beginning as a despised, illicit religious sect, Christianity endured 300 years of hostility to emerge as the dominant force in the Roman Empire." Everyone has heard of Nero and his alleged actions as a Poet and playing the lyre while Rome burned because he needed a slum clearance for his new palace. He was probably <strike>innocent</strike>, but he was blamed, so why not deflect the blame on the generally despised Christians? So, he did. He needed light to eat his dinner by, so he burned Christians as torches. He needed more entertaining executions, so he had Christians fed to lions in the Arena. But, the Christians went bravely to their deaths which impressed the Roman mob.
"The Diocletian” or Great Persecution was the last severe persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. In 303, the emperors Diocletian, Maximian, Galerius, and Constantius issued a series of edicts rescinding Christians' legal rights and demanding that they comply with traditional religious practices. <b>"Traditional Religious practices" - I told you that they liked OLD! </b> But, they were a secret society, and that's what they should have remained - they were the only counterculture of that time! Soon, the Orthodox Christians would do the same thing and more to anyone who disagreed with them.
The various Christian offshoots and sects began to be grudgingly accepted, but the last persecution wasn't executions, it was denying them the opportunities for State positions by requiring a thorough knowledge of Roman Mythology under Julian (the Apostate), but Julian went off to a foolish war and got himself killed. But, by then the early heterodox churches were going to be replaced by something else. The Emperor Constantine “Urged”  the Council of Nicaea, an assembly of Bishops, to meet. The Church had taken her first great step to define revealed doctrine more precisely in response to a challenge from a heretical theology"- Arianism. The Proto-Orthodox left all the other sects out in the cold  and created a single orthodox Church, because being “right” was more important than being .The inevitable waves of intolerance were going to be massive! The leaders of the Church would no longer be the “poor”, and the State would soon have control of all religion back and more.
The heretical Christian sects no longer would have a place left in the now Byzantine Empire under Justinian and Theodosius (who banned heresy). These grous had to leave, so they put their holy scriptures in jars and hid them in a desert cave at Nag Hammadi. The rich nobles were firmly back in charge, this time as “christians”! The Roman Caste system would come back with a "holy" vengeance! The "pagan" remnants of the former Roman State Religion were systematically destroyed. Philosophy and mathematics were considered “pagan” (Non-soldiers of Christ and country bumpkins) and the leading female mathematician and Platonist philosopher, Hypatia, was dragged from her chariot had her clothes torn off, and the mob armed with abalone shells flayed her flesh from her bones, then murdered her. This “christian” mob was under the direction of the Bishop of Alexandria and Peter the Reader ended Hypatia’s leading role in the intellectual and political scene of the moment, a role then forbidden to women, including those of the elite or the aristocracy was something very strange to them, and observed with suspicion, as if it were a public threat,” . Women usually didn’t have any kind of independence. “There could be women who were more educated than others, but their fate was to take good care of the home, the children, and the husband.”
Hypatia was a woman who spoke and gave her opinion in a world of men. She was also an excellent teacher, publicly recognized despite living in a patriarchal structure, but structures that allow a certain freedom of action are one thing, and challenging them is another,” Hypatia was also an important intermediary figure between Jews, Christians, and “pagans”. She lived in a particularly eventful era, during the decline of the Roman Empire and its internal struggles. At the time, Alexandria was the great Mediterranean metropolis, a place of pilgrimage for philosophers and thinkers of the world, but the “streets” were very violent. The polis resembled the Athens of the fifth century B.C., where politicians visited influential philosophers to receive advice on matters of state.
But starting from the year 400 C.E. Alexandria became an increasingly divided place. The “christian” leadership ordered pagan temples to be converted into churches or destroyed. These tensions were exemplified in the relationship between the pagan prefect Orestes and the “christian” Archbishop Cyril. While the former remained faithful to his paganism and cultivated a close relationship with Hypatia, Cyril wanted to erase all shadows of paganism from the city and he blamed the philosopher for the prefect’s refusal to submit to the “true” faith. It was in that volatile context that Hypatia was murdered. In dogmatic times, she was considered to be a dangerous enemy to them. But, paradoxically, she ended up winning, and: her trail of freedom is still alive. Many Christians were horrified by her murder, but they no longer had much say in what the Christian Church did.
“It was not a matter of pagans against Christians. Hypatia had many Christian students and was not a pagan radical,” she explains. But Hypatia defended the tolerance, while the bishop wanted to concentrate all political power in their hands. After Hypatia’s death, intellectuals and philosophers fled in the city to Athens in search of safety. She represents the struggle of reason against fanaticism, a struggle for which she gave his life. That murder was the real beginning of the Dark Ages of enforced Orthodoxy by the State, and Western Civilization was now being run by ignoramuses.
The Church in the Middle ages became the Power that would legitimize Kingship - a new Divine Right of Kings because Divine Providence now gave them their right to rule. Who spoke for Divine Providence? The Bishop of Bishops, the Bishop of Rome - the Pope. The freedom to think outside the "guidelines" of Orthodoxy no longer existed. Now I'm going to jump ahead to the Reformation.
Some people wanted a Bible in their own language to read for themselves and those that published them were killed. The Eastern Orthodox Church kept the ancient writings and when they were reintroduced into Europe they sparked the Renaissance, and there was now a small crack in the power of Rome. Then King Henry VIII wanted a divorce, and when the Pope denied it he started his own national church, the Church of England. Then, Martin Luther, a German monk wanted a scholarly discussion of some things that he thought the Church should consider changing. So he wrote 95 of them and posted them on a church door. The reaction was a peasant revolution. The Church was after him, but he found protection from a prince and that was an incredible act of bravery on his part, but Protestantism would be in the hands of the Rich Nobles.
Protestantism were government-controlled churches from the beginning! Then the conflict between the two factions in Europe caused massive upheaval and misery. The crime of witchcraft was invented, and most of the "witchcraft" was centered around disputed areas like "Germany", but Witchcraft trials would soon become the rage. The Bad Old Devil was stirring up his minions, and heinous acts were being committed to vex good upright Christians. In England, every time a new monarch was crowned the religion of the peasants changed accordingly. Protestant king – priest holes for the priests; Catholic Queen - time to change one's Spiritually Correct thinking, and get the priests out of their hidey holes!
Then some fanatical people who had spiritually incorrect thoughts decided to move to The Netherlands to escape the Church of England. They soon grew tired of Holland's alien culture so they hired a ship, the Mayflower, to take them to the New World, and they went off course and ended up in Massachusetts. There weren't two groups of colonists who went there - there were three! They were the Puritans, The Pilgrims, and Merrymount, founded in 1626 CE by the lawyer, writer, and colonist Thomas Morton, best known, primarily, from his book "New English Canaan" which was a treatise on the Native Americans of the region, natural history, and satiric critique of his colonist neighbors. He was described as a heathen. “Maremont” was destroyed by a Puritan and Pilgrim alliance. 
It took 1,400 years to reverse the damage that the Council of Nicea created, and that was done in the US... It took longer to get them to give the rights to others that they demanded for themselves and to allow other religions that they despise to exist. The founding of the USA started the liberalization of religion and the common people would eventually be able to make up their own minds about religion and decide for themselves what to believe. now there are some people who want to take that away again. Meanwhile, the governments of various other nations are trying to regain absolute control of religion again.
The Thanksgiving Story is an absolution of the Pilgrims, whose brutal quest for absolute power in the New World is made to seem both religiously motivated and eminently humane. Most importantly, the Pilgrims are depicted as victims – of harsh weather and their own naïve yet “wholesome” visions of a new beginning. In light of this carefully nurtured fable, whatever happened to the Indians, from Plymouth to California and beyond in the aftermath of the 1621 “dinner” must be considered a mistake, the result of misunderstandings – at worst, a series of lamentable tragedies. The story provides the essential first frame of the American saga. It is unalloyed racist propaganda, a tale that endures because it served the purposes of a succession of the Pilgrims’ political heirs, in much the same way that Nazi-enhanced mythology of a glorious Aryan/German past advanced another murderous, expansionist mission. The first official Thanksgiving was declared because of the successful genocide of a tribe of Native Americans by the Pilgrims and Puritans, who were known as ‘Wotowquenange,’ which in one of their tongues meant <b><i>Cutthroats and Stabbers!”</i></b> Thanksgiving is quite dangerous - as were the Pilgrims. They were also responsible for creating the American slave trade, as they sold the Indians they captures “down the river” to the West Indies.
The Pilgrims and Puritans also made a military alliance to crush Merrymount because they didn't like their Maypole among other things. The two colonies left were Theocracies, and Church and State were still one entity. Then a Madness broke out. Some girls heard some "scary" stories about witchcraft from their slave woman, then they were "possessed" by evil spirits, so they withered and jerked, and went into fits, so the good pure, innocent, and pious Puritans had so much Faith in their Omni-God's ability to protect them from the Bad witches that they immediately brought in the government and the courts to root out the Bad Ol' Deb'bil for them. Naturally, the expert witch-hunter Rev. Cotton Mather got involved, and laws were hastily rewritten to more efficiently discover the Evildoers. They invented "spectral evidence" to convict these victims. If convicted the "witch's" property was divided between the accuser and the church. One man was pressed to death because he wouldn't confess under torture, and the women were hanged. It was a shining and truly exemplary example of Christian Faith in action! To their credit, Cotton Mather, and Salem may have understood that the centuries-old practice of witch-hunting, and what they did, was wrong.
Skipping forward, the 1st Amendment protected religions from the government's establishment of religion. But the struggle for religious freedom didn't stop. The Mormons had to flee New York to Utah; the good Christians decided that liquor drinking was so evil they had to have a Constitutional Amendment to stop it; they tried to stop the teaching of Evolution and succeeded; they tried to limit free speech and books that they didn't like and still don't. Alternative religions had to fight the Satanism Scare, and the Neo-Pagans and other marginal groups had to fight for their right to exist and will have to fight some more to continue to exist.

Looking Over the Fence @ the Xtian Nationalists
And I'm Not Liking What I'm Seeing!

 Inanna, Queen of Heaven Quik Note: Yes, I'm still here!!! Working on a FUTER right now. I'm going to trim the obsolete articles.
Sometimes I peer over the Fence and try to figure out how much danger we're in, in the future, and it's looking very Dark on the Horizon, and it's just a little bit scary. These days Xtianity is not well!, and it will soon spill over and affect everyone, not only Pagans and Neo-Pagans. I'm not the first person to note the dire trends that are ahead and they are multifold. They're Donald Trump and the Christian Nationalist Movement, otherwise known as the Right Christians (Trumpitarianists). It looks like Trump has a major grip on the Repuglican Party and his bale influence is unmistakable, even in religion. Many of the candidates he's funding are winning their primaries and these people are very toxic. Interspersed with is a radical fringe group of "Christcucks" (Overly Aggressive Proselytising, Evangelical, and Fundamentalist fanatical Zealots) who believe that Trump is a Messiah! They want to take this country (USA) down the darkest of paths - Theocracy! Specifically, These same people believe that the United States is a Christian Country, instead of a country with a lot of Christians. They believe they have a "moral" obligation to enact only "Christian" laws! They reject the Separation of Church and State and are out to destroy it! Since they believe that only they are the only True Right "Christians" they're planning to infiltrate and then dominate all the other sects. They believe that "Between the godly and the godless, between good and evil, and we will win this fight or America will step off into years of darkness. These years of Darkness will be brought to us by he NAR ifthey're given half a chance!

"The closing frame of the deeply disturbing House Committee video of the violence that day featured two insurrectionists standing side by side on the scaffolding built for Joe Biden’s inauguration, each waving a flag. One was a Trump flag. The other was the Christian flag that stands on the dais behind the pulpit in Protestant churches across America. "... [To] put this all in black and white, and the scene could be mistaken for a Ku Klux Klan event from a previous era. Indeed, given the resurgence of white Christian nationalism in American public life today, you might be forgiven for thinking our cultural clocks had been turned back two centuries." MS Start More and more churches are being taken over by these political hooligans disguised as ministers and they are turning those churches into radical political tools for "conservatives"! Christcucks are whackos, there are a lot of them! Radical movements among them usually remain on the Fringe - but not this time! See, SCOTUS made a very radical move on abortion - they took away something their colleges had declared to be a Constitutional Right"> - and that's the Real Danger! These "Christcucks" have now been righteously emboldened by SCOTUS to try and change more decisions they think are wrong! Gay marriage, interracial marriage, and a lot of others! The political landscape has changed dramatically, and political violence is becoming accepted as a legitimate tool for political "discourse". The Donald has his fingers deep into this movement, as they support him, and want this non-thinking, walking ignoramous, and 'mental disaster area' back as President. Meanwhile, 30% of Repuglicans believe that a Civil War will be necessary to bring the country back to their way of null-thinking!

It's BAACK!...

Lugh's Magick It's time to recharge the Mandela because it's needed again! Touch it and send energy to it! I think the lockdowns and the inability to have meetings have dealt Neo-Paganism a severe blow, despite the lifting of the religious service's ban. Is it time to use ZOOM etc. to have meetings while the uncertainty of trying to schedule meetings in an uncertain COVID future continues? The ZOOM idea has been shown to work. Nest meetings can theoretically be scheduled, but the uncertainty still remains. Meanwhile, a new message board has been set up with Google to replace Yahoo!'s continuing decline as it slowly nixes its free services like Groups. Hopefully, CAW will be sending out invitations if they haven't already. I'm not sure that Yahoo Mail will be around much longer, so if you want to contact me it's Have a Blessed Mabon!!

The cartoon -- Dr. Strangelove Revisited

The cartoon about what would happen if Trump actually had the (Nuclear) Football in question after the Inauguration of Biden, was poorly received. I think I know why! The reference to the General in Dr. Strangelove, played by George C. Scott in the movie, wasn't understood by those who saw it! The younger generations have no idea what those two panels meant because they've never seen the movie! , and the point was dulled. In case you don't know, the movie was about a General who went a wee bit "precious bodily fluids" crazy and launched all of "Our" B52s towards the then USSR, and the failed efforts to retrieve one of them, who went on to destroy the world because of stupid planning. The modern version only took 4 panels! The modern version of total destruction is over in 10 minutes! I often forget that I'm old (I'm 2.5 weeks from being 70!) and the profound ignorance of Classic American Culture is terribly saddening!

            The other cartoon will also be equally be misunderstood because few people understand Julius Caesar's death scene, or what CPAC is! Will they even know what the painting scene refers to? Who [s Pen-say, who's Trump, and why the woman is saying what she is saying? The young are clueless!!

The cartoon -- Dr. Strangelove Revisited

12-11-2021 FUTER is slowly taking over the Notes, but I'll straighten it out! Yes, my birthday was on April 1, 2021, and I'm 70! Damn time flies! The Startup Visualizations have been moved to PageTwo to get them out of the Way!

Update 02-11-2021 The 2nd Impeachment is underway, and so far, the evidence is very damaging to Trump. His Pro Bono lawyers [No, they don't know that they're Pro Bono, just like Rudy Giuliani - The Hero of NYC in Sept 2001 - didn't know] are hurrying to try and stitch together a video of their own. The question is; will the Republicans be brazen enough to not vote for conviction and receive the scorn and ridicule that's most certainly coming their way if they don't? Amazing, Giuliani was paid!

            Meanwhile in Kalifia, the good news is that CAW, along with other churches, got a reprieve from not being able to hold meetings due to the COVID from the Courts. The bad news is that there's at least two new strains of it and from all indications, they are worse.

Strangelove "We" have a new President, but the Fraudulent Election Conspiracy folks are still hammering away at this late day in the game to try to get the election overturned by the Supreme Court. The insurrection/demonstration/party that invaded Congress wasn't enough to give people pause to come up with the obvious conclusion; 48% of the American Electorate is as Dumb as Dirt when it comes to National and State politics, and discerning the character, and what honesty can be found there, was seriously misjudged. There are some things that I don't like that President Biden is doing, but the Washington DC scene has returned to sanity. No more waking up worrying about what the crazy orange man (a serial victim of a tanning machine) in the White House is going to do next. What understandings we have with other nations were constantly in jeopardy of being ignored or abrogated by the insane man in charge. ANAND IMHO, he was bat sh!t crazy then, and he still is. I still think that he suffers from [Malignant] narcissistic personality disorder "Malignant" is not part of any clinical study or classification, but if it was one then he's would be a prime example for someone that has it. Meanwhile, the House has turned its spotlight on another bat sh!t crazy Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Green, and her outlandish opinions and threats of violence toward Nancy Pelosi. They've stripped her of her committee assignments, other congresspersons do not want to have to work in the same office building next to her and she's extremely close be thrown out altogether. Personally, I think that her brand-new congressional district was gerrymandered to include as many fruits and nut Republicans as possible that they could stuff in there.

            Meanwhile, during the COVID meeting for religious purposes has come under a withering attack from many state governments, and CAW isn't alone in feeling the pinch. It it gets worse again (and it's now ~ 3000 deaths/day. Now other variants of it have popped up to threaten the vaccination program because at any time it could become randomly become deadlier - and it has already become more easily transmissible. This virus was a non-contender, and it shouldn't have gotten as far as it has now. But, You Know Who and his Party sat on their elected butts and only stopped the Chinese from coming here (and he was given a lot of flak for doing that!) The Mandala should be a reminder that this isn't even close to being over, and things aren't going to be "normal" for the foreseeable future. I'm also monitoring 4chan /pol/ and /x/, and occasionally posting...

            So, what am I up to? Yale OYC is offering free online courses on the OT and NT - and it's worth auditing so you know what you're up against if you don't already know! I'm now in the middle of auditing a beginning Psychology class. I'm working on doing exercises in Shamanism, and I've got some books to read for a while. I'm trying to get this website working but the old pages give a colored background and the new one doesn't

President Elect Biden 02-05-2021

Like making hotdogs, democracy isn't pretty up close, especially when it goes awry, and it has majorly gone awry. Not the process, the results in Trump's brain! As I mentioned before, I voted for Biden, but the uncertainty of what would happen from there wasn't clear because a lot could've happened along the way to Biden's confirmation. So, I had to hold my tongue and keep quiet during the CAW Samhain ritual. The first thing that has to be done: "We" have to deal with Donald Trump. He has a severe case of [Malignant] narcissistic personality disorder and he's quickly "Losing It" in a major way. He's now in such a state of Unreality, something has to be done equivalent to putting a net over him and gently coaxing him away from the ledge to a Rest Home - Instanter! It's time to hide the Football again! I hope whatever aides he has left will decide to relieve him of his duties and get him the Hel out of there! Now, everyone around him is traitors, with Mike Pence being the greatest traitor of all because he did his constitutional job and didn't magically declare him the winner through some magical form of force De Jure. Couldn't Pence just waive his mighty hand and declare all the EC ballots to be of non-effect and anoint him as President again all by himself? No! But, Trump believes he could have and refused to. "We're" seeing a very severe mental breakdown in Real Time, and he still has 12 days left to wreak untold harm. He has to be removed immediately! Meanwhile, his supporters are having their own delusions. It was really Antifa that led the "protestors" to crash the Congress! BS! There is a consensus that the Trump acolytes are getting ready for another major "Boogaloo", this time at the Presidential Inauguration! Haven't these deluded people had enough?

            Speaking of delusion; is the whole country on a similar state after months of COVID-20 - the new one that has a spread rate of 56% higher than the first strain.

Thoughts on Yule

The New Year is Here! I'm a little late in getting things started. Because of COVID, my relatives decided to not meet as we usually do on Xmas - this is becoming the Norm.. There is a grand conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, but the pea soup fog means I can't see it, so I'll have to rely on someone else's images. Yahoo Groups is formerly over, and CAW hasn't yet begun a new site. Yolo Co. is under a stay-at-home-order, which has ruined my daily mile walk. Unfortunately, there is some newer, more transmissible COVID strains of it in England, and possibly South Africa, and the barriers of getting things there, or people out of there are now much higher. Nationally, deaths have risen to approximately 3,000/day. I'm pushing 70 years of age, and if I catch it I may not survive it.

            This is not the time to engage in politics so this month's rant also won't be forthcoming will be as short as I can make it. All I'll say about it is that politics right now isn't all bad news. Actually, there is, sorta, good news. The Stimulus has been passed, and most of us will get a Grand $600.00 while Israel gets some $300,000,000, the poor rich business people get a Free School Lunch Program, and there's some new law that snuck in about rules for uploading videos. Joe Biden was elected by the Electoral College, but some 'Publicans plan to make a scene at the official vote count on January 6th. Sidney Powell is taking insanity lessons from the Prexy, and almost all of the Prexy's court challenges were shot down in ignominious defeat. Giuliani, a Pro Bono lawyer who isn't yet aware that he's working for free (The Prexy doesn't usually pay his lawyers - that's why he can't find good ones. His favorite Chinese food is Sosume), is being investigated -- how the mighty have Fallen!!

The Election Madness

Carry OutRecently I attended a CAW Samhain Zoom meeting ritual and I felt that commenting on the recent election would ruin it for everyone else, so I had to stay silent, but Oh, did I want to say something! I voted for Biden, and I have my suspicions about the final outcome, and here's why. Prexy Trump is a very, very sick delusional man. IMHO, he has a mental illness called [Malignant] Narcisstic Personality Disorder. "Malignant" is not part of the official description, but if there is any example that would support that designation it's Donald Trump's case. Trump has never in his life faced a loss where someone else didn't intervene to rescue him, and he's in a very bad state of mind about it. The Prexy doesn't lie, and that's the scary part about it. He's so unstable that he believes what he has made up in his 'mind' to be True regardless of any evidence to the contrary. So, he would rather fight 'every which way but loose' rather than accept a Defeat, because he's never been in this situation before. Again -- Someone has always been around to bail him out of the financial and personal devastations he has caused. When Push comes to Shove he would rather employ the "Samson Option" than admit defeat. He is firing people in the Pentagon and other places because they aren't "loyal" to him personally, he has his Pro Bono lawyers (though they don't know it yet - Trump doesn't pay his lawyers) scouring the Land for a Trump appointed judge to throw a lot of wrenches into the election machinery because, if he can delay it enough, the mechanisms of the election process start to favor him greatly.

            The "religious" Nutjobs people that he's listening to - The "Victory, Victory, Victory, "Victory, "Victory, "Victory, "Victory, "Victory, "Victory, "Victory, "Victory, "Victory, "Victory, ...!!" 'Let's summon angels from Africa and Latin America to bring about a 2nd Term', "Rev" Paula White; and that Xtian female exorcist and witch doctor, must have brought with them a surreal landscape to DC. There are real fears that he will become a National Security Risk because he is fully capable of blabbing about 'Secret' and higher classification issues to anyone who will listen. Melania made Trump hold an exorcism before she would move into the White House. It looks like this has to happen again in 2021.


The Sacred Economy Comes Before People's Lives

Protect          As the Covid-19 pandemic strips off some of the many layers of American stupidity (it's too deep and too ingrained to be even partially excised), we are reminded, yet again, to NOT to take any medical advice from the Republican Administration that thinks that a measly $1400 check for ordinary people amid the $millions and $billions of funds going to the most wealthy individuals and corporations is "We're all in this together!". This is the rankest &#&%$*&^$#@ bullshit propaganda produced by the same greed-head, amoral corporations that are getting most all of the "bailout" AND the funds that were meant to help small business. 'Mebbe', we ought to bring back shaming. After all, the stock market and the derivatives gamblers just must have absolute priority to get their money from the failing "too big to fail" banks regardless of how much infinite funny money is injected into their ledgers and "our" economy. The lowly checking and savings saving depositor is left out in the cold with the other unsecured creditors.

          Meanwhile, Dr. Trump recommended that ordinary people inject themselves with bleach or disinfectants; take unproven and bogus snake oil remedies; recommends using UV light, an anti-biological light that kills life, both internally and externally to "kill" a non- living virus all to reopen businesses and travel prematurely, all in the name of the sacred "Business as Usual" normality bias - until he has to back off when even he realizes that he sounds like a stupe. He wants to force elementary schools to open Oh, his remarks were misquoted, he was extemporaneously using sarcasm, he told a joke, or the MSM just made it all up? It's just more %$#@*$%& coming from a person that has [Malignant} Narcisstic Personality Disorder. He's a greedy, self-centered, ignorant, nepotistic, class ridden 'Resident, who is living in a gigantic delusional bubble of his own fantasies, and his inner circle of blind sycophants are leading him on into the proverbial ditch - time and again! BTW, Dr. Oz says that a 2% or 3% mortality rate is acceptable among our children in order to reopen "our" public schools. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is aiming for godhood as world dictator. I won't take a "vaccine" made by, influenced by, or funded by this man's shady, eugenic, population sterilizing Foundation, or his injectable monitoring devices - Bill and Melinda simply can't be trusted not to do a little eugenic social engineering on the side for 'everyone's' "safety". If I have to take it, then they can go first! 'We are NOT in this together!'....

The Coronavirus (or the Wuhan "Flu")
Or the Kung Flu

walmart future brigit holds fire After 3 months of isolation, due to COVID-19, people are stir crazy, and weird political things have erupted in several cities, mostly by CHOP, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We're moving into very tough times in the near future: The Rent Moratorium is going to be over soon and millions won't be able to stay in their rentals because they can't pay the rent; car loans are also coming due, just when the unemployment insurance enhancement is due to expire, and "We're" slipping deeper into the Greater Depression, and there's nothing that will stop these trends, because "we're" in a downward sloping ground of ball bearings and the cliff is right in front of us. This is a reminder: WE are NOT All in this together!.. There's plenty of privileged characters ahead of us in the line for Govt GIBs. Some banks may fail - a lot of banks will fail - and you savings and checking accounts are considered to be "Unsecured Assets". This means that the gambler's losses will be covered by what you thought was your money.

Trump blasts protesters with tear gas to create a clear area for a photo op showing him holding up a Bible in front of a burned out church. He is a narcissistic bore that lives in a big perceptual, delusional bubble of his own making. He already knows what the "truth" is because he already knows everything and he can do everything better than anyone else. He doesn't pay attention in intelligence briefings because he knows what they'll say already, and deeply distrusts the "deep state" because they're out to get him. He's now permanently cut off from reality by his mental illness, and he doesn't lie. To lie you have to know the truth, and he doesn't. He believes everything that he says is true even it is objectively false. Biden is a poor, senile old man who's gotten into something that's way out of his depth. It is possible that one of these individuals will be the next president. Both of them need to be replaced by the VP as soon as the election is over.

FYI: The Corona Virus is not a germ!!. It isn't alive, so It. Can. Not. Be. Killed., only destroyed. It's only a piece of DNA wrapped in a protein shell. Disinfectant doesn't work against it, and the most common masks only protect you 95% of the time - that's what "N95" stands for! You wouldn't think it, but it's really amazing what an essentially paper mask can do to filter out virus sized contaminates. Disinfectants don't work at all against viruses - but bleach and Lysol do!, If you still get It, then Lysol breaks up that shell. Color safe bleach is NOT bleach. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have some disinfectant around - it still mostly takes care of germs. Alcohol wipes can be made by soaking at least 60 proof rubbing alcohol in a bag with rags or baby diapers. Wash your hands, of course; it does help...

BTW, INSTRUCTIONS for using bleach as a spray: You'll need a regular, standard size, spray bottle (It's approximately 1 quart). Fill the bottle with water leaving room for 1 cap of bleach. Put 1 Cap of Bleach in.DO NOT, under any circumstances whatsoever, mix anything with bleach except water!!!! DO NOT mix ammonia with it! Bleach reacts with just about everything. Mixing ammonia with it produces a deadly gas. DO NOT use fragrances to make it smell better! DO NOT bring acetone or something made of acetone in contact with it or you'll get a fire. GROK!?

Here's how to get food safely delivered

          In China, they're turning on the factory lights, but no one is working, and production is still idle, to fake Prosperity. Several countries have stopped air travel, many stores are closing, shopping malls are deserted in some areas, restaurants and other businesses are limiting the amount of customers, and companies are trying to get those that can to work from home. Meanwhile, the virus is still on the move and has been mutating into another, allegedly more aggressive strains. Trump has appointed 'Praying' Mike Pence as the head of the effort to combat the virus, but his experience consists of screwing up the last HIV outbreak by withholding the recommended needle exchange program that would have reduced infections and saved lives until he was forced to relent.. The infections spiked as predicted. He didn't like it because in his sees drug addicts, the homeless, and Gays as lowlife scum that aren't worth saving. His main assignment is to stifle both the MSM and the independent news by cutting off CDC information by bottle-necking it, and by withholding any real news. In crises politician know you're distracted ,and you aren't paying attention to what else they're doing: Watch for Their sneaky and underhanded schemes and furtive maneuvers while your attention is elsewhere.

          There goes the Dow falling like a rock for over five days . It was at its highest point ever - it really had only one way to go eventually, and that is DOWN! Pity the poor fools that bought on the dip. (While Someone did a lot of short-selling and profit taking) "It's under control" means "It's NOT under control!" It's a smoke screen for the worsening economy and the bankruptcy of some large trucking companies. What's been happening is that this is going to be the favorite excuse for the store shelves being empty, spot shortages, quarantines, deserted shopping centers, and Draconian laws favoring Globalism and 'moar' Tyranny - which were in the cards even before the proto-pandemic started.

          This crisis is going to have a major impact on festivals, gatherings, and face to face contacts. Things are starting to get crazy as Governors have started declaring "Emergencies" when it has barely just started to spread. We haven't seen anything yet! Register to "Vote by Mail - They keep on extending to time the virus will be around. This caught the Gov't flat-footed, so they've passed on the panic to everybody. The "shortages" will continue until everyone "has done something. They may not be replaced.

What was in the Cards Before the Virus

          Is 'Merca Doomed? The long term answer is "Yes", of course, but long term is nebulous term at best. Eventually all things come to an end and are replaced with something else. The next question is; will it come to an end fairly quickly because of massive manipulations of our rapidly deteriorating society by the politicos and the bankers? Or, can economic momentum slowly slide for a few decades? Can the economy be saved by the US Treasury and the Central Bank, and other, more shadowy figures, to forestall the end to another time in the future were everything will miraculously come to a "soft landing"? I'll answer those right now! The problems with the economy are far from over, merely hidden through massive injections of liquidity, and the progress we see in the "improving economy" only helps a select few, especially under President Trump! There's probably going to be a very hard landing, and it's going to hurt a lot. Some people will face issues like they've never faced before like homelessness for those in the middle class, real starvation, riots, an end to entitlements, an end to basic freedoms, and possibly a second "civil" war or 'revolution' if things get bad enough. The start of the economic collapse as begun and it will be very noticeable as early as early as 6 to 9 months from now depending on the elite's plans for the rest of the world for that's when the current credit inflation and its consequences will start hitting the 'Mercan consumer's wallet in a big way.

dark age brigit as fire           We're now in another election year, and the rudeness; the attacks on people's character; the "whistle blowers" and bimbos suddenly coming out of the woodwork again has just begun. Trump's impeachment, and the all the bias, dishonesty, and tattletale telling is both over and just getting started. It's clear that the Liberals and the Leftists aren't going to be "tolerant" In a country where "inclusion" has come to mean exclusion. "Fairness" has come to mean bias; and cartoon frogs, "OK" signs (which is the wrong hand gesture for OK - it's actually a 666 hand gesture), and Cancelling, has shown that the Politically Correct are eating their own already, and "We" have a long, long way to go until November.

          All Empires rise and fall and 'Merca is no exception, regardless of what the 'Mercan Exceptionalists and the New World Order promoters loudly proclaim: 'Merca is the exception to the rule and that "We" can carve out "Our" own destiny and Empire, New World Order style, and never see a serious decline, even when we have already done a lot of things, and are doing alot of things, that have bankrupted and broken countries and empires before "Us" without fail long before the stage that "We're" in right now.

          Why do great nations fall? The Ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire, the British Empire and soon to be the United States of America -- They all made the same mistakes, turning their backs on the principles that made them great. America tried to spend and tax itself out of a great recession. Enormous so-called "stimulus" spending, massive changes to health care, government takeovers of private industries, and crushing debt. The American Federal Empire will fall for the same reasons that many empires fall - it will go spectacularly and publically bankrupt.

          "We" have been able to be a Consumer Society for the World because "Our" dollar is the World Reserve Currency for the world, and that will soon come to an end. Then 'Merca will be in a royal clusterfuck, and the "American Federal Empire" will start collapsing piece by piece, and the Chinese Yuan, the IMF's SDRs, or a basket of currencies may take over and that currency may become the new World Reserve Currency and then they will gain control of the NWO from the uber-wealthy white men who control it now. The massive foreclosures, lawsuits, the repossessions, and bankruptcies are still over the horizon - but they'll soon be hear in spades...

We are entering a time of financial stress in America. The federal government is broke. Most of our state and local governments are broke. Record numbers of Americans are going bankrupt. Record numbers of Americans are being kicked out of their homes. Record numbers of Americans are now living in poverty.

The debt-fueled prosperity of the last several decades came at a cost. We literally mortgaged the future. Now nothing will ever be the same again.

          Many of the problems that 'Merca has and will have in the future were hatched over the last 40 to 80 years, and unless there is a radical about face, a turn-around - a repentance,. the end of our economy and our rapidly deteriorating society will arrive much sooner than it has to. It's easy to put the blame on the government, on the big banks, or on large international mega-corporations, but the main culprit is the face "We" see when "We" look into a collective mirror. "We the People" once had humility, grace, civility, honor and with a tremendous amount of respect for others, but now "We" have become lazy, uncivil, rude, violent, apathetic, gullible, ignorant, dumb, and complacent. "We" need a very loud wake-up call! NOW! - "We" need several loud wake-up calls to salvage what we can of what's left of the 'Merca of our forefathers! We need not become serfs in the land our forefathers fought for, created, and died for!! That wake-up call can be done easily now, or by the hard way through the College of Hard Knocks with a PhD Disaster...

Have you noticed that most Americans seem to know far more about American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Justin Bieber and their favorite sports teams than they do about world affairs? Most Americans cannot even find Iran or Syria on a map, and if you told them that, say, food riots are happening in those nations right now most of them would not even care anyway. We've become a very self-centered, self-involved and self-absorbed nation.

          The first problem this nation, like may others, has is its money system has been largely debased over time by the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) to pay for what "prosperity" we have had during the "good years" at a hefty profit when there was a (sort of) common morality, "full employment" (jobs were considered to be plentiful), and homeowners had enough home equity appreciation on their homes to be able to borrow against it for frivolities like vinyl siding, boats, home 'makeovers', and new cars every year in some cases. There was a time (the Sixties) that $6,25/hr was an executive salary - now, it's well below the minimum wage! Things like unemployment have also changed radically, and its possible that they're long term, permanent changes - the problems will no longer just go away if we refuse to heed the warnings of the trends forecasters. I can hear it now ... 'Nah, nah, nah - I can't hear you - Nah Nah Nah! - I can't hear you!' However, the debasing of the value of the dollar has become noticeable even to the 'common citizen' by now - and it's been brought to you by your friendly Fed all along...

          It is politically and mathematically impossible to repay what the government owes others. Even though the Fed just changed some accounting rules that will technically keep it going for much longer than it should, but it will be the lack of faith in the dollar by "Our" creditors that will bring it down. It's getting to the point where "we" can't even pay the interest on the debt! That's how bad it's become -- and no mere tinkering with the budget deficits will save "us". Negative interest rates will only work for some for a short term, and it ends in disaster..

          The problems 'Merca faces are more than just economic ones, it's about the pervasive fraud, lying, cheating, immorality, and dishonesty in government, business, and in our personal lives. It has become pandemic, and it's showing 'Mercans that they too should lie, cheat and steal if they believe they won't get caught. Painting a false picture by massaging balance sheets of the financial health of big business and gov'mint is rapidly growing, especially in the financial sector in general and banking in particular. Both insolvent gov'mints and private institutions that are near bankruptcy are using creative accounting to hide their dire straits, hoping to push the Day of Reckoning to the far future, which to them is just a couple of years away or an election cycle away. Selected government and private entities have been propped up with bailout money from the US Treasury and the Fed because they've ben deemed too-big-to-fail or have political clout in Washington. They are walking zombies, dependent on handout loans to stay afloat.

          These loans are about to come to an swift end as the US Government and other lesser 'gov'mintal entities, like states counties, cities and towns, hunts, scavenges, and canvasses the world for more 'Greater Fools' to buy their questionable junk bonds at whatever low interest rates they can still garner now, as interest rates will start becoming scarce in the near future, drying up what loans are still available to Main Street. The point may come where the gov'mint won't be able to pay the interest on the National Debt without issuing a great deal of naked funny money (Quantitative Easing = Inflation), and that will finally end when its creditors lose faith in their investments dollar's value because the situation will be so dire that even the 'Pollyanna' MSM won't be able to whistle up a cheery tune...

          Most of the ideas that I've heard from these politicians about spending $billions for this or $trillions for that is because "We" can all have all this free stuff without actually paying for it because we're rich and powerful. "We" can just Charge It! on the National Credit Card! Sorry, that will be so OVER soon! "There is no such thing as a Free Lunch" - some nobody has already paid for it or will pay for it eventually - and it isn't the 1%!

          These "Freebie" proposals miss and boldly ignore the stark fact that "We" literally can't afford it - it's too expensive. Being 'too expensive' means that the Illusion of the Fiat dollar being worth something between the time you earn it, and the time when you get paid and spend it will fade even faster. That's price inflation and it's caused by losing faith in the dollar's value because of monetary inflation. "We" can NEVER pay off the National Debt because "Our" currency is itself monetized National Debt! It's like a check made out to 'cash'. Even all the public and private hard assets like real estate, gold, and silver would only cover a minuscule fraction of it. When push comes to shove "We" will default on Everything, and there will be NO credit for anyone anymore.

Common purpose is AWOL in our politics lately because whatever terrain of the issues is not occupied by sheer lying is filled by cowardice and ignorance. We lie to ourselves incessantly about the nation's condition. We've suspended both the rules of accounting and the rule of law in banking matters (lying). We're too frightened to go into the vaults and find out exactly how much we've swindled ourselves (cowardice). And we aggressively misunderstand issues that will shape our future, such as how much oil is really in the ground - all of this prompting us to march off the edge of a political cliff where we hang today, the cartoon coyote of nations, undone by our ACME techno-fantasies.

          One can watch the old "Jerry Springer Show", "Cheaters", or the "Maury Show" to get a sense of where this country is headed among the lower classes. The lack of manners, basic morality, dishonesty, and obstinate obsessions over sex and relationships, or the lack thereof, aren't that disturbing anymore - "we" have become used to it. Almost everyone knows this stuff was going on, but it took exploitative TV hosts to bring them into the national social notice. Their audiences need someone to look down upon, and there's no end to the string of guests that fulfill the yen of the audience to judge others less fortunate than themselves, yet in a few short years this lack of ethics has spread throughout the country from the bottom up - but also from the top down. The weird part is most of the guests on the "Jerry Springer Show" are from the Bible Belt. Their lack of basic morality and civility can be put at the doors of both the public school systems and the country's major religion's inability to instill it on its subjects congregants sheep parishioners, (probably because the average preacher has little no clue about what morality is really about because it stems from Philosophy, not religion), or the Christian Church isn't that powerful anymore in 'Mercan society.

" ♫...Tell me sweet big black humongous little lies...♫ "

" How do you know that a professional politician is spouting lies? When s/he opens her/his mouth to speak:...

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." Joseph Goebbels

          "Our" government lies to us. ! Surprise! Anyone who hasn't been comatose during most of their existence on this Earth realizes this eventually. In fact most of what comes out of government is a lie of one sort or another, or at least something less than the truth. It covers the gamut's from diplomatic cables to the 'classification' of secrets itself.. Let's say there's a weapon system being produced by our friendly neighborhood Military Industrial Complex and an evaluation is due to be released. The ranking of lies, er Classification Systems goes something like this:

  • Unclassified: These weapons are great new tools to stop the enemy in their tracks and it is capable of destroying as many as 1000 multiple targets and shoot around corners, at the same time. No enemy countermeasures are effective against this new weapon. It is safe to operate by it's users...

  • Sensitive: Not to be released to foreign governments. It can only track 250 enemy targets at a time with any accuracy. It's operation may sometimes harm its operators...

  • Secret: An actual use on the battlefield shows that the enemy can sometimes hopelessly jam the weapons. It can only target 200 enemy targets at a time. It's operation can harm its operators.

  • Top Secret: The weapon is a piece of trash and the enemy can actually fool it into hitting the wrong targets, including its operators. It is very dangerous for the operators to use. The only reason the weapon is still alive is because a VIP Senator has most of the production contracts in his state.

  • Above Top Secret: I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you!

What Can We Do?"

          The most common answer to the economic problems that come from the TV and radio advertisements is to buy gold and silver. That will only protect what you currently have. The general drop in your living standard will still affect you and your family. According to Gresham's Law bad money drives out good money, so spending that horde of silver or gold coins will usually be done under economic pressure and at some point you'll be in a panic and have to sell which will lower the resale value, so you'll lose most of the value, or worse, you'll have to use them at face value. If gold and silver are going to the moon in value then why is God/dess' name would anyone sell it to you now? The truth is that actual gold and silver coins (the best way to own them IMHO) are scarce and aren't easily available at this point in time except for a hefty premium. Relying on silver and gold to appreciate once you've bought it is to believe there are people down the road (the greater fool) who can or will buy your stash after it appreciates in value. It's a fool's way to wealth. In gold's case it will be worth too much. It's also having to buy retail and then having to sell under duress at wholesale prices, and you'll have to pay income taxes on the transactions. In a great panic the government may make your gold coins illegal again, so when you most need it you'll not find a market for them. You're buying retail, and you'll be forced to sell it wholesale. If you feel that everything is going to Hel and it's time to bug out, then gold might pay for your flight out of the country - at premium prices. Then, your pilot may be a policeman trolling for hoarders or gold bugs. Your wealth may be commandeered or arrested for the greater good, or some such gov't nonsense.

          One way to stave off the inevitable price increases for a while is to stock up on things like oil, food, and other commodities in advance, but that only works if you know the proper way to store them and have a place to store them. You can use them even if you haven't got an emergency on your hands over time. You may find out that when you're money isn't any good anymore that you can barter for stuff using your stash of goods. Then, again, there's always the threat of the government deciding that you're hoarding and they'll confiscate what you have. Buying seeds to plant assumes that you'll have a place to plant them. This also depends on the public's knowledge of and willingness to barter, and most people in the US haven't done this except for small amounts, or don't know how to do it, so you're again dependent on others to determine the value of your MREs. Sorry, the lone gunman and his hoard of supplies or a small nuclear family making it on their own is only a pipe dream - you'll need cooperation with others to survive.

          When TSHTF you may be in a situation where you have to relocate, whether it's the situation itself, like an earthquake or flood, or the government (again) wants to evacuate the area you're in. You may even be somewhere other than home. Plans to have a stash of stuff outside your home sounds good, but it assumes that you will have a way to get to your stash in times of emergency and having a "safe" second place to stash it... or it could be confiscated by rogue cops. The "authorities" already know your secret paths you want to use - they'll be waiting for you.

          You may have noticed that I don't have much hope in the System righting itself or being able to fix the Systemic problems we have in our country, much less our world. There just isn't the political will to do so - there will never be the political will to do so, no matter which DemoGrafts and Publicans we elect - even Trump can't slow the tide down. The US is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the international mega-corporations that feed the Beast at election time. Trump has deliberately put people from these companies, like Goldman Sachs, and the other banks in charge of the playground in Washington DC - the rot is too deep to reform it in any meaningful way- we're still headed for that 20 foot thick steel barrier at 100 120 140 160 180 200 mph with cliffs on both sides of the narrowing roadway.

"I think what should happen in the US is for the president to tell the US, you have to tighten your belts. 'We have to go through hard times for 5 years to repair the damage that was committed over 20-25 years by the Federal Reserve, by the Treasury, by the politicians, and somebody has to tell the truth. But the politicians keep on fueling the illusion that you can spend yourself out of the misery, and that by printing money you will improve the economy, which is not the case." Marc Faber

          To Recap: Eventually, whether sooner or later, the wheels of "Our" economy will either slowly grind to a halt or hit a proverbial '24 feet thick brick wall' and conformity will become the new trend to watch. "We" already have a National Debt that is unpayable, and as it soon becomes clear that it will never be paid off, even if the Gov'mint takes everything we have. Even the interest YoY on this debt is becoming a huge burden, which is why interest rates for the wealthy is just above .05%. 'Merca will inevitably slide towards the Greater Depression and possibly into the "black ages. Those who don't conform will be labeled terrorists or worse, and will be rendered either to a foreign country for torture or kept right here at home in one of the many FEMA torture Camps ostensibly set up to contain illegal aliens. They're really for protesters and people who believe in the Constitution and those that still have Constitutional Rights. Some people are already labeling free speech as terrorism, so watch what you say, Loose Lips Sink Ships, because you can be sure of who's listening in. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. It's only a matter of time to when the slightest deviation from political and spiritual correctness that will soon be foisted upon the citizenry will be excuse for draconian responses from the Government. The antidote to such thinking is Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous line, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"....

          I'm going to make this short and sweet. "Houston, we have a problem"'. It's unfixable and will get us all without notice. It's called CO2 and we're dumping approximately 36-40 billion tons of it into the air every year. It's has been about 360 tons per decade. CO2 is a gas that doesn't combine with much else because it's energy level is so low - chemists and biologists use it as an energy dump for their reactions. So, getting rid of it would be very, very expensive. CO2 is what made Venus the way it is. It takes 1000 years to be fully absorbed into the ecosystem. All the carbon credit swaps, environmental taxes, and hand-wringing means nothing, and nothing will do any good. Stopping these releases will push "us" back to the 1500's. I haven't even gotten to methane yet, which is 20 times more potential a green house gas capacity then CO2, and its a St. Greta Non Grata's histrionics won't make a difference. Nothing will make a difference! "Don't worry, the planet will go on just fine as it always has been - but we're screwed!"...

The last FUTER

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12-10-22It seems that time is moving along at a faster pace and Yule the Xmas is two weeks away! The problem of getting the online GE is resolved! I'm not doing much over Xmas because I've moved to the outskirts of Stockton and won't be seeing my relatives this year. I'll try to do more with the 'Rap, but I still have no idea if I have any readership! But, I'll plod on!

11-24-22 Things have been rough these last couple of months, as I had to move two times because someone that lived with me had to go to a mental hospital because she was possibly suicidal. Her father went door-to-door complaining about us in a new neighborhood, so we lost that house too. Meanwhile, inflation and shortages of things because of Covid didn't make anything any easier! I had to create a new turkey banner, so I'm late again! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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05-30-22This is Memorial Day; a time to reflect on the sacrifice of soldiers, seamen, and aviators that didn't come back from the wars. There aren't a lot of people attending the planned events and that's a shame! Remember the fallen! I apologize for not keeping up with this site, a lot has been on my mind lately including a visit to the ER because my leg wounds (I have leg ulcers due to edema) were bleeding plasma and they wouldn't stop. I'll do my best to be on time for June 21st...

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04-06-22Further "No" News. CAW is awfully quiet, and that's alarming in itself. The new COVID strain isn't spreading as fast as predicted, so something is going on with it.

03-11-22 An Inconvenient Disaster struck my household! Someone moved into the house, slept in my room, and brought in clothes to my room from the garage without asking and they were infested with bedbugs. So, I had to throw away all of my clothes, 2 chairs, 3 surge protectors. my knickknacks and other things. The cockroaches weren't much of a problem, but the bedbugs became a major problem as they migrated to other rooms. They're a bitch of a problem to get rid of and if you don't catch them quick enough it'll cost you $thousands!! The chemical sprays for a DIY eradication are expensive enough!!

It looks like Covid isn't getting any worse, for now, so I'll take down the Mandala soon.

01-29-22 I've decided to get active in the Google CAWmunity to wake it out of its slumber and I'm about to begin a small introductory course for 2nd Circle folks. There's a new fast-moving variant of Omicron that's starting to take over, so The Mandala is up again!

01-01-22 On a personal note I've had to stop walking because what's wrong with my legs is moving into the bottom of my feet. COVID Epsilon quickly was quickly changed to "Omicron" which has an easier transmission - about 2 times as fast. Symptoms show up in 2 - 3 days instead of 15. The death rate has fallen and is 3/5s as much as Delta, but this is still not good!... CAWmunity is now on Google, and as of 01-01-22, and as of late, I'm the only contributor as of late. This is frustrating, but I don't intend to stop now. I'll do what I can - which isn't much - to keep CAW from going extinct.

The COVID-19 Panic has hurt many churches, covens, Nests, etc., just because we can now have meetings because of the courts it doesn't mean that the damage that was done wasn't extensive and long lasting due to the Federal and State governments restricting church meetings. For instance, CAW Australia is shuttered during this crisis, and Pagan Festivals still can't operate. We will have a very difficult time under these conditions even in the US, because the uncertainty of the future is still very much on people's minds; and planning ahead and scheduling is going to be very difficult. New variants are showing up, and it's moving from "Delta" to "Epsilon" at a rapid pace. Technology, like ZOOM and chat boards, can help, but we have to find better ways to cope with this reality. Many people are a lot poorer, while some others reaped a bonanza or a windfall, and the Damndest Lie of all is, "We're all in this together!" It's been made 1t perfectly clear it's far more than not True as much of our government is sliding into a dictatorship.

CAW has set up a Bulletin Board with Google. It's not growing but it's available, so please join it. Because the Yahoo! Statistics has been deleted, I have no idea about how many people read this site, but I suspect it's very low. That doesn't matter, I'll still do it anyways. On a personal note, I'm doing more collecting and reading of mostly magick books; I'm a contributor on 4Chan's /x/, which is often strange; and I've started to walk to increase the circulation in my legs. 09/19/21 hasn't yet responded to an email I sent them about returning to Scion. The is awfully quiet and I'm starting to wonder what's happening. I'll keep trying...

08/13/21 I haven't posted in Notes for a long while, mainly because I've been at home all this time, and nothing was happening until now. I've decided to try to return as a Scion, and I'll be looking into going Inwards again afterward. As if now, I have no need to become a Minister because that need for one in Sacramento hasn't been true in decades. I'm still in retirement and becoming physically active in the Church can't be accomplished because of my physical problems are slowly getting worse. I have to get an abscessed tooth removed and I want my teeth pulled because they're simply beyond repair, so I'm having them all pulled. I hate the thought of dentures, but I have little choice left.

10/23/20 The days of non-style sheet HTML has been closed, and all the online references to the old way of doing things have disappeared. Also, there are several Javascript codes that no longer work in Yahoo Business, but strangely the older pages still work - for now. So, I have to change with the times. I'm currently reading a book on CSS style sheets and will be writing the BFR using them in the near future, at least that's my plan. I've already tried it, but the examples on the web mostly didn't work, so I have to face the dreaded Learning Curve once more. That's why there's no background color anymore - it just stopped working! It's why there are no more includes to make make the index page shorter - and it's a pain. Hopefully, CSS will fix these problems...

10/12/20 I've created a "New Forum at a small "Gallery is a page for images that I've worked on. It's small, but I've got more to add. You may notice that the 'Rap has been tidied up. The "Know Thine Enemy article is now on PageTwo. The link is in the General Information section.

07/13/20 Covid-19 looks like it has entered a 2nd wave in Florida, Arizona, and Kalifia, as well as other states. So the protection mandala will remain up until further notice. Let it be a constant reminder that you need to protect yourself when being around others at least in public!

06/21/20 Have a merry Litha and Summer Solstice. The Mandela for COVID-19 awareness and protection will remain as the lead image, possibly even through a possible 2nd wave.

06/04/20           Trump blasts protesters with tear gas to create a clear area for a photo op showing him holding up a Bible in front of a burned out church. The church didn't give him permission, while the police teargassed two Bishops while clearing the "battlespace" He is a narcissistic bore that lives in a big perceptual, delusional bubble of his own making. He already knows what the "truth" is because he already knows everything, and he can do everything better than anyone else. He doesn't pay attention in intelligence briefings because he knows what they'll say already, and deeply distrusts the "Deep State" because "everybody knows" that they're out to get him. He's now permanently cut off from any reality by his mental illness. Let's be perfectly clear: Trump doesn't lie. Again: Trump doesn't lie. To lie you have to first have to know what the truth is, and he doesn't have any inkling or conception of what truth means! He believes everything that he says is True even it is objectively False, and stubbornly holds on to his bubble until he is proven to be substantially Wrong.

          Biden is a poor, senile old man who's gotten into something that's way out of his depth. They may have to replace him, but if they don't, It IS possible that one of these individuals will be the next president. Both of them need to be replaced by the VP as soon as the election is over.

04/01/20 is my birthday, but I don't feel at all prankish because of the covid-19 pandemic. I'm still an Old Fool though! All the Yahoo Groups are now private members only, so, when I can, I'll post important messages from 'Phoenix' that need a wider audience. I'm dreaming here, but that's OK. The Spring Green Egg is out. I will say that the new Mer'can Reality is going to be something totally unrecognizable in just a few weeks from now. Batten down the hatches - this is the Calm before the Perfect Storm! It's coming and covid-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future..

06/04/20 My apologies for not fixing the errors in the script. The errors are now gone.

03/16/20: California Seniors, 65 YO and up, have been has strongly urged/told-to quarantine for two weeks. Since I am in that category I'm in quarantine. The quarantine has not yet been lifted in Califia.

01/26/20: Stranger In a Strange Land" Is an interesting take on Robert Heinlein's libertarianism and others.

01/10/20: What gives the Government the right to rule, and how much choice do you really get when voting?. The short answer is the Constitution. If it is ever suspended or replaced then you owe no loyalty to Them at all anymore. Their Federal judges will have no authority, and their new extra-constitutional decrees and laws will be voided, and the President will lose most of his legal authority, but that won't stop them! They will try to rule by force, and they will have no right to do so. Most likely we'll have a Republic in name only like we do now, except the titanium gloves will come off.

Commie CNN google inside China

12/31/19: It's possible that a 2nd impeachment inquiry (and maybe a 3rd, 4th, and 5th...) is afoot. Maybe They want to stack them up like cord wood for the future, or save them for a DemoGraftic Senate in 2021. I'm working on a Gallery and I'm hoping it will be ready before New Years. (It wasn't...)My Ishes are usually relabeled again from the passing of a holiday. Have a Happy New Year 2020.

12/21/19: The House Kangaroo Court is now over, and the House is trying to make a deal with the Senate over how the trial will be conducted. If it's so urgent to get rid of the Pres. as quickly as possible then why are they stalling on naming the House Managers. After a partisan inquiry they want a "fair" (biased) trial and are willing to hold up things until the Senate caves. Oh Yeah -- Merrie Yule!

12/10/19: Government VS Liberty

09/27/19: It looks like a fake Presidential Impeachment Inquiry is underway, and the Dems have bet the farm on this next election cycle. By doing so, they're shown that they're willing to throw Joe Biden, the only 'moderate' in a crowd of Presidential Candidates, under the bus.

09/10/19: The FUTER hasn't been trimmed because I get so few readers that I think past posts should be left alone for a while.

04/22/19: I'm against the rising violence in the world and I have no idea what will calm it down. This article hopefully makes a start in the process of trying to figure it out Oh yeah - Happy Earth Day...

04/17/19: The French police won't say what actually happened in the Notre Dame Cathedral fire because they're too afraid to go against their imposed political correctness of the gov'mint socialist traitors who use their power to stifle opinions they don't like (The US is trying to go that way as well, but there's a pesky roadblock called the 1st and 2nd Amendments standing in their way.). The French police decided to declare that it was an accident before the "investigation" even started! So, if a Ramadan worshiper did start it then there will be NO gov'mint or press information about it anywhere, and the evidence will be buried. It must have been done by the work-persons when they weren't on the site at the time. They wouldn't want to offend the Ramadan worshipers with a charge of ARSON even if they are allegedly vandalizing other churches all across that country almost on a daily basis. Christians have become the canary in the coal mine for hate speech and terrorism. If they go down, so do we. However there was, and still is, a lot of celebrating among the Ramadan worshipers and the Left after it happened. So, it looks like they have both motive and opportunity for ARSON. As an aside note: as much as Ramadan worshipers hate the Jews and Christians, they hate Pagans just as much if not even more...

Alleged Leftist Nazi, NYC Fuhrer-Mayor Bill "Adolf" de Blasio, wants to force Jewish Orthodox children to get vaccinations, mebbe he'll want to force them to take some showers next. He is allegedly owned lock, stock, and barrel (which he also wants to outlaw) by Big Pharma, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he wanted to do the same for all of NYC's children. No "Sieg Heil!" for Him!... :-O

04/10/19: Conservative Candace Owens made a speech in a House Democratic Show Trial that takes them to task for their racism throughout the past years going back from the Civil War to the Present.

04/04/19: My birthday was on the first -- Happy birthday to me! - Until I was in a car accident on the 2nd. It was about a 30 mph from behind while we were stopped at a yield sign - a. rear end collision and I got the worst of it, and I'll be sore for the next week, but I was only a passenger..

03/18/19: CNN gets the commie sign because of the hard ultra-left bias in their news reports and repression of indie news sites, and trying to scare away Fox's advertisers because they're jealous of their ratings. The only thing keeping CNN going is that they don't ever have to answer to their ever-dwindling audience - they get paid because they're part of a bundle, not paid by ratings. Google on the other hand will get the nazi glasses because they censor the news, and bully independent news sites to conform or die. censor search results, and generally act like a fascist pig monopoly - using their monopoly on searches to mess around with search results. However, they don't seem to have a prejudice against Israel yet. Other sites deserve to get their own images, but I don't have the patience to have to reload the BFR editor in every other sentence. There's very little difference between commies and Nazis when it comes to their methods. They're both Totalitarian, murder their perceived enemies, censor news, force the people they despise into concentration camps, and generally leave their "citizens" poor and starving. These two haven't yet reached that level of Evil, but they're trying! Youtube deserves its own meme...

03/02/19: It's Party Time in Brazil Just before Lent. Ignore the commentary and go straight to the movie!...

02/13/19: I've updated the Ishtar image because the first image didn't have the left arm changed (Ishtar and Inanna are similar)...

01/28/19: A communist know-nothing, Rep Ocasio-Cortez has made quite a splash in the House and in the Leftist MSM. It looks like Tyranny is becoming popular in the US among the elite in both parties, as Venezuala sinks into the ground of poverty and starvation due to their take on communist kleptocracy. Meanwhile, the US and other nations back another socialist to take Maduro's place. Can you say 'foreign meddling' and attempting to create a Civil War? Which We'll be in up to our eyebrows...

"Baby it's REALLY cold outside ( in the Midwest and New England..)."! Must be that 12 year GloBaal Warning crisis that Rep Ocasio-Cortez is afraid of... ;-D

Fox News goes uber-Fascist - says anti-vaxxers should be arrested. Probably has to due with their new owners - Verizon. I thought that the freedom to have your own opinions and be able to express them to others is a Constitutional right -- has it been changed recently? Oh. its because these censorship tech companies are private? Well it's time to make them utilities... Has the Tech companies ascended to that kind of power just because they have a lot of money?... Sorry, no Seig Heil for you!!...

01/01/19: F*ck not offending Ramadan worshippers -- Jesus is the Son of God> Ha! So, there!...

12/21/18: "♫ Baby it's cold outside..."!♫ No, it's not racist.

12/03/18:. Oh yeah, It's OK to be White... This statement is not racist as it's also OK to be Black, Jewish, Asian, a Ramadan worshiper, etc. Any attempt to disparage white people and singling any other race out for discrimination is simple Racism - no matter who says it. See, a bigoted progressive or communist like CNN's racist Mr. Lemon doesn't get a free pass for being a bitter hard core racist just because he's black and a communist. Yes, believe it, minorities can be bigots too. Again, the SJW's can go f*ck themselves!

1/01/18: Muhammad, the Ramadan worshipers "Profit", was a pedophile. I guess It looks like won't be traveling to the EUistan any time soon... ;-Q

09/24/18:I just finished my second Lasik surgery today and I can already see very well out of both eyes. That doesn't seem like much, but I was functionally blind until it was done. Since I was so blind I couldn't do the 'Rap for several months. I wasn't getting any hits during these months and what ever small readership I had has disappeared. but I'll find some way to get readers.


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