From Under the Editor's Rock...'98
By Sheik Sebir
Cross Dressing/Pope Apologizes/

I've noticed that there's a general distaste for cross dressing and the people who do it in 'Merica, as though there was something wrong or unnatural about men wanting to wear or wearing women's clothing. Is he gay? Is he unmasculine? Is he planning on having a sex change operation ? Is he getting off on it ? How dare he do that in public... Could it possibly be that a dress is often more practical than pants in some cases ? Or that much of 'Merca is really afraid of diversity, that much of it is an uptight, prudish, place to live? Seeing the Things that some States send to Congress pretty much confirms it.

     In our society, no one dares tell some crazy that he can't loudly beat the walls inside of an RT Train while singing rap music loudly offkey, or other obnoxious people that they should be less noisesome, rude, scary or agitated. After all, they might just start in on you ! In most cases its either less hassle to ignore it. Heaven forbid if you say even a word. But the fear of criticism for being unMacho and confining of "cross dressing" to Gays stops most men from even considering it. It might be too feminine, or some pimply faced lowlife might mistake you for being gay or unmanly and try to stomp on you for questioning his masculinity, or something...

     This fear of condemnation over crossdressing doesn't go the other way however. Women blatantly cross dress without a moment's thought anymore - there's nothing in a mans's wardrobe that a woman won't or can't wear in this country. but they probably would censor you ofr the same practice. This is, of course, the rank Hypocrisy and it's far time it ended. For years fashion magazines have occasionally run the idea up the flag pole, just to have it shot down in flames. But the same old fears keep men from trying it. This was once a "religious" concern, but the days of Joan of Arc are long past -- allegedly "we" don't burn people for cross dressing in Western Civilization anymore, but "social forces" are against it. Of course, Priests dress in clothing which looks alot like long dresses, but their privledged.      But the most stubborn resistance comes from employers, those petty dictators of what proper and "business" attire is. Who knows mebbe the young will decide to shock middle 'Mercana to their roots and encourage men to wear manly skirts...

Pope Apologizes for Inquistion

     The Pope wants to apologize for the Spanish Inquistion and other nasty practices of the Medieval Church (like Witch Hunting ?). Its good that he wants to, because it was one of the more insane things the Church was engaged in during that time. But, there are several questions that have to be raised:

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