Winter: The Occult on the Internet

An it harm none, do as thou wilt

The original "Winter" site is long gone. However, I continue to edit it here and there, and I've also had to break it up into smaller segments, to fit it into a Geocities container -- its HUGE !!. I'm also leaving some obsolete references intact even though their sites may be down as a reference source.

Sheik Sebir

Magic(k), Wicca, Pagan, and related issues on the Internet.

The generic phrase "[The] Occult" refers to the hidden knowledge one seeks. It does not describe the behavior of those who seek the hidden knowledge. If anything, one is proud of one's convictions.
This is a good occasion to dispel some misconceptions about the Burning Times and Dangerous Cults

Visit our Web-crossing Introduction to Magick and Paganism

There are a huge number of sites, so only a tiny amount of links and information can be listed.

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  • WWW sites with information and links on occult matters

    WWW sites with information
    and links on occult matters

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