Thou Art Goddess

By Sheik Sebir

"Thou Art Goddess comes from SISL's phrase "Thou Art God", and has essentially the same meaning. God/dess is immanent, or within us, and at the same moment is in the World, the Universe, and Anything beyond it (The Multi-verse). The Western Tradition, dominated by Xianity, sees God as being only Transcendent, and apart from "His" Creation. This deity's victory in the West was accompanied by a giant sucking sound, as the sacredness of Earth and Nature was demonized, and magick became the monopoly of the Xian priest. It wasn't until Galileo and Copernicus that the Church's doctrines, created ironically from Aristolian science then canonized into an unquestionable dogma, were challenged successfully.
      The nature of that challenge hasn't been examined too closely, for even though Galileo was an early scientist, he was also a man of Faith, which is why the church recently forgave him. The real question was about the validity of a Faith derived from Revelation and oratory as the only Way to TRUTH. The Catholic Church of that time had practically sainted Aristotle and made his methods of doing Science, (discourse, declaration, and observation rather than by field work and experimentation) into holy dogma. For Aristotle, work was what slaves and serfs were for. The very idea of actually testing one's philosophy against reality was uncouth. So, generations of young scholars studied the works of The Great Man along with his musings, guesses, and predjudices, and accepted them as almost holy writ, because they soon became entwined with European Dark Age Xian fantasies.
      We have a different view of things. In some ways, all living creatures are collectively deity, and the Holy Biosphere is Gaia - a Goddess. Thou Art God/dess - you've been given something you can't refuse. You can choose to stay ignorant for only so long. Thou art God, I am God, and all that groks is God. God knows the sparrow has fallen because the Sparrow partakes of God.
      This isn't a message of cheer and hope -- Its one of an unafraid, unabashed assumption of personal responsibility. It's a prize that's given without a contest or a Conversion. God/dess isn't someone who yearns to take every moron to His/Her breast and comforts him for free. The idea that the whole effort has to be one's own; and that any trouble one gets into is one's own doing is bittersweet and unacceptable to most people. That's why the Xian fable that God's done it all for you, and that you can do just about anything you want as long as you Pray real hard about it afterwards is a main root of Society's Sickness.
      Much of our society subscribes to the notion that one isn't personally responsible for the consequences of one's actions. The Xian Church's ritual for the forgiveness of Sins has a new rival. The Celebrity Sinner new makes his/her rounds on the secular media's Circus and Confession Circuit of TV Morning and Late Nite talk Shows, who gleefully help both the Great and Small confess ALL to the True Audience. Getting involved in some nasty political shenanigans or evil schemes and about to be crucified ? -- Time to Confess before Congress, on National TV, get SAVED and find the LORD, write a book for a couple million in royalties, and mebbe even run for Congress on a Reform Platform. Have some weirdness to feed to the True Audience ? Go to the True Confessor and tell them Everything, along with others of your Ilk, and be sympathised with and comforted, or castigated and Sacificed to the True Nielson Rating. You takes their money and you takes your CHANCE for 15 minutees of FAME !!

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