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The way Church of All Worlds Tradition Network [Association] (CAWTN) Nests work gives us far more latitude on how a nest can be operate! This may seem arbitrary, but everyone's interests have to be respected and it's not carved in stone. It's far more informal and casual than a CAW proto-nest. If there's something you don't like about it then tell me, but no one actually reads the *&^% thing!

The "CAW Tradition Network" Dis-Organization Thealogy proclaims that discorporated entities, like SISL Martians and humans that have passed over, organizations, groups, councils, and Nests, continue to exist after formal discorporation [[ --this comes directly out of SI(A)SL (Some say the abbrieviation is SIASL, but I prefer SISL.]] - so there!...


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nofear The Purple ribbon is the "Campaign against Fear" Ribbon. Urthrites is an old campaign ribbon...


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