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The Vast Worldwide Iraqi War and Peace
Conspiracy Theory #1,389,671...

Does anyone have a Clue about how the Iraqi War became the Iraqi Peace in record time ? Why the Anti-Amerian protestors barely got their obsolete 60's ideas, slogans, and signs out of storage before it was over ! Why it was so short and relatively painless ? (Yes, I know that this rant won't lessen the real pain of the War dead's families on either side if it's true) is this article is just another Nutball,"Truth ? You can't handle the Truth !!" ;-P "Worldwide Conspiracy Theory" screed - but, I think that it's the best one I've heard of yet ! If you can't handle the "truth" then you probably shouldn't be Here in the first place, because it's often something that's dangerous and unknown. It's my sirius opinion that the opposites of Good vs. Evil, Brightness vs. Darkness, Order vs Chaos, Left vs. Right etc., aren't the polar opposites that some religious and political Leaders would have you believe...

"SOME People say..." that at the very beginning of the new Great Cycle of "The Great Game", the "Rivals-to-be" have a short conference to work out what the next Conflict will be about, and small wager on its outcome is made. Now, I know that this soulds like a "Mission Impossible" script, but I believe its the Truth. :-) This happens before They raise the taxes on their subjects; recruit young and naive men with strong trigger fingers and dreams of glory by getting them to volunteer willingly or by simply drafting them into the competing armies wholesale. Then the Parties go at each other tooth and nail, at least that is the way it appears to the ignorant 'man in the street' who comprise 95% of the World, and who get their information from the Mass Media and the Oligopolies's that own them and the News. This secret agreement they agree to spells out the Rules of Engagement and each side cooperates with the other to determine the final results, which always have a real impact on the lives of ordinary people.

Doesn't the fact that Saddam Hussein and most of his cronies, in the recent Iraq War, are still alive and couldn't even be killed while in out in the open in a restaurant ? Some say that a Magician portrayed and represented him - and those Anti-American Firsters, both foriegn and domestic, who can't think of anything about America that's good, in a Magickal and Arcane Ritual, allegedly inspired by Aliester Crowley. The PIQs (Perps in Question) held the Death card, as a guarentee that the parties he represented, so to speak, not only wouldn't die, but also wouldn't be killed. But, the Opposition also draws Cards, first a Meeting Ground card, and then the Trumps that govern the encounter. The Coalition's Cards simply beat 'Saddam and Company's' cards. So, Saddam, at least, lost in record time with no 25,000 American war casualties, no bombing of Iraq back to the Stone Age, and no G@d d@mned Thermonuclear War ! In this particular scenario, the "perp" managed to escape his confinement, and Coalition forces succeeded in reconfining him again. While the "perp" was free he threatened all kinds of things, but for some reason he couldn't deliver. In the Real World, Saddam lost much of his money, his power and his ability to threaten regional instability and armed conflict. His U.S. and foriegn supporters lost their ability to influence the American public, were prevented from meddling with the Peace, and were confined to the political loony bins they so deserved. The Anti-America First crowd didn't know what the Hel hit them, and they'll not have any more power and influence to discredit honest protest. I say this Game is real and has real and often fatal consequences - for real people do die in the conflict the Powers-that-BE agree to beforehand.

There are and will be legitimate protests - both against the next War - and "Rallies for America" and the Troops ! But, the Loony people who have discredited the Left and so entagonized the Right will be caged in metaphorical 4 X 6 prison cells, for both Sides are thouroughly sickened and disgusted be them ! Protesting the War, or Enviornmental degradation, or any other Issue is fine and dandy, but it's all for nothing if the violent, rude, ignorant big potty-mouth whackos are in charge. Well, as of right NOW they aren't .. in charge...

SOME say that certain, allegedly very powerful, Secret Societies who noramlly loathe each other in public are sick and tired of the Right to Free Speech, Protest and the Anti-America-Firsters going hand-in-hand. These sick and perverted people ruined the Peace Protests over the Vietnam "police action" by liberally waving Viet Cong and Communist flags around, made trips to (then) North Vietnam, posing with the captors of American Soldiers, and treated those soldiers with contempt and loathing when they returned. The many legitimate concerns over the War were easily brushed aside as Anti-American by the Administrations of that Era because of these thugs. Both the Right and the Left have long memories and have a great thirst for Vengence on the b@stards that ruined honest Political Activism, made it possible for one side to shut down Alterative Lifestyles, and much, much more ! They are hereby shut down !.

Many people like a really good Conspiracy Theory to ponder over - and usuallythey get what they want to read. So, this time, the only people who really lost the War were the anti-American First Hollywood Liberals and their pals in government. The Great Satan was loosed and there was "Hell to Pay !" That's Politics and Diplomacy for you...

In the late 60's and early 70's SOME People watched the radical Red Diaper Doper Babies, the "Anti-American Firsters" , usurp what legitimacy the Vietnam anti-war protests had for Themselves. Then these bottom feeders helped to ruin what was left of the Underground (Alternative) Culture and it's credibility, alongside the drug dealing parasites, and other sharks, that swarmed for a feeding frenzy on its alledged carcass. The political and religious Right didn't destroy the Hippies so much as they were destroyed by their own naivity. The scum who did this are still with us, and they stand for Anything that tears America down, and they resist anything America does or espouses, even when it's reasonable or sane. If they think Radical Islam helps their cause because it Hates the Great Satan, then they support it, if they think the Axis of Weasel ( France, Germany, China, and Russia) will aid their Agenda then they'll support that. In their eyes, America is always Wrong no matter what it does or doesn't do. They are very efficient organizers, but their "help" came with a heavy price - the destruction of any credibility the alternative culture might have developed with Mainstream America over time. You know, Fly Over Country. To have legitimate and effective protest in this country once again then They have to be locked out of it.

SOME people from both the Left and the Right think these parasite's abysmal treatment of the returning Vietnam Vets and even Vietname Era Vets was disgusting ! They've written books to deny it ever happened, much like the Fascist "Holocaust Deniers" do. Many of them never met a Jew they didn't Hate either ! The nazis are back, but this time they claim to be from the Left. Well, SOME people say that cutting open an Internationalist reveals The 'Brown Shirt' within. Their constant harping about how awful America is, compared say, to the truly Enlighted Regimes like those of Fidel Castro, Qadafi, Arafat, and Kim Ill 'What's his Face'. They supported Saddam Hussein, the Butcher of Baghdad, and they'll poison any truly effective Opposition to the present Administration and its upcoming "PATRIOT Act II" if they're allowed to. They'll support any *&^%$ SOB totalitarian, statist, murdering, tinpot dictator who has the balls to crap on the U.S. regardless of any facts, logic, or reasoning to the contrary. There is a legitimate Left and there's a legitimate Radical Left, but their voices are silenced by these People. There are SOME People who aren't "going to take it any more !"

Many of Anti-American First crowd come out of Hollywood and call Themselves "Liberals". As Tim Robbins and his 'Significant Other', Susan Sarandon, and their ilk have so loudly and vociferously complained, there IS a very Cold Chill in American Politics right now, but it's NOT coming from the Radical Right or the Administration so much as it's coming from the Legitimate Radical Left ! In short, Tim Robbins; you are now a political Pariah ! NIBIRU has Fallen on you sorry, irrational, Politically Correct pinheads and your political future is a " Siberian Winter for Two for You ! ", hopefully for a very long time ! If you want to play in the Street from now on, you'll play by our rules or you'll do it on your Lonesome !

SOME People say that many of the Leading Lights of the Alternative Lifestyle Movement "Sold Out", some of them quite literally, and that's OK - good riddance. SOME People are concentrating on the Fellow Travellers who still remain among the remnants of the Alternative Lifestyle and know now that they were never really with US. They truly deserve the "Flying Middle Finger of Fate Award" ! They think that other people are Useful Idiots, street fodder, to be exploited and used up to promote their Hidden Agenda. NO MORE !

"Respect the Music" ?

Hey, Hey we're the Sell-Outs
And we've been coming around
As slaves to our Corporate Masters,
to bring your Music down.

We've stolen your genres --
Your lifestyles and values too,
For We're the Greed Generation
And you can't even say "Boo !"

We've made multi-millions,
by trashing our former friends.
And by becoming Corporate stooges
'cause the Means outway the Ends

We've ripped off your culture,
Sold it to the Establishment you feared.
There's no more independant Music,
Just AOL Time/Warner, Disney and Sears.

Hey, Hey we're Anti-America Firsters
And we've come snooping around
To destroy your political Freedoms,
and to bring your Country down.

We've stolen your Slogans --
Your values - your politics too,
Because We're the Statist Generation
And you can't even say "Boo !"

We've ground your politics to garbage,
by trashing the trusting Teens.
But, we really bow to our Foriegn Masters
'cause the Ends justify the Means.

We've ripped off your Protests,
and sold it to the Statists you've feared
There'll be no more Independance, or
Free Thinking, Media or Beer -- Just Tears.

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