Letter to the Editor

Drink Deep and do thy will. Hello Don, I finally got a computer and you are one of the first people I'm contacting via e-mail. Your site is no departure from the old Kinkos(R) versions I remember, good ! Religion and Politics are the buttons, its a good thing only about three hundred and fifty people Know you are pushing them. As for your unemployment situation, the Monoliths of the state are beckoning! Come, Join us, it's safe in here.

The paths I'm chasing are Zoroastrian Yezidi and their infuence in the West. Especially that of the Esoteric Orders (those references to the Order of the Peacock Angel by A. Darrul just won't go away). The Cult of Mithras\Sol Invicitus spread from the middle of Europe to China. The Angelic Heirarchies Of the Zoroastrians Overwhelmed the tattered faith of the Exodus Jews. without it, there would be No Qabbalah.

Mithras and the Druids had little quarrel and may have been lost cousins of the same Mazdain origin. The shamanic practices and imaginal world constructions of the ancient Norse are too similar to those of their Persian relatives to be coincidental ! At the birth of Jesus, who shows up, three Zoroastrians! I am of the opinion that Zoroastrianism of the ancient Persians is the Matrix upon which most Modern religions have evolved from and also functions as a bank of unconscious symbolism that has been used to manipulate the mass psyche in state ceremonies.

On the summer solstice, 2000 CE, Prince William V will be of Age, in all likelyhood he will become the King of England. Watch what happens. I hypothesize that The royal families of Europe have preserved a inner cult of the Solar god that has been revealed in medieval chivalry and manifested in the Templar Knighthood. Their Banner, the Beausaunt, a Black Square surmounting a White Square is suggestive of a dualistic perspective probably aquired by contact with the remnant of the Zoroastrians which Henry Corbin demonstrated in his writing had survived in and through Mystical Islam. Zoroastrian ideas continued to be propagated by the less than perfect medium of Freemasonry in its high grades.

Albert Pike, who reconstructed the Scottish Rite system, placed the tenets of the Zoroastrians in among the highest degrees (Knight Prince Adept of the Sun), which are seldom performed, but merely communicated, because of their tendancy to offend simple Christian members. The central emblem of the Scottish Rite is the Two Headed Eagle, which also belongs to the united royal houses of the European Aristocracy. Elphais Levi saw within the two headed eagle, the Baphomet of the Templars and his image of the "sabbatic goat" is now infamous. The Emblem also appears on tapistries from Iraq and Iran and is clearly associated with Zoroastrianism. Freemasonry's red-headed step-child, the Ordo Templi Orientis, now comes into the story. Its founding member traveled extensively in the Middle East with the specific intent of uniting the diluted threads of the Zoroastrian faith.

Aleister Crowley, who became its Outer Head in the English speaking world, also recognized the common symbols lurking within all western faiths and united them in 777. The Lamen of the OTO, which is derived from symbolism in the Wagnerian Opus "Parsival," is a clear example of this universal symbolism. Most people who see it think it looks like a Catholic or Angelican emblem.

The Grail in Parzifal is guarded by Templar Knights. Parzifal is one of the most difficult pieces of medieval literature to decypher. Originally dictated by a troubadour, Wolfram Van Eschenbach, it is one of the key documents that formed what we now refer to as the Arthurian Myth Cycle. The Arthurian myths have very little to do with Christianity and have never been recognized by the Catholic church. They were never persecuted or suppressed by civil or church authorities, and were heartily propagated by the aristocratic families of Europe. That's It for now, throw me a message back and tell me what you think !

Love is the Law, Never Thirst.

I'm glad to hear from you again ! ; Sheik Sebir

To The 'Rap