Gaia's Fists

From Under the Editor's Rock Beltaine 2004

Oberon Zell Ravenheart, CAW Founder and former High Priest, has a new book out about Apprentice Wizardry: "Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard". Price: $18.99. ISBN: 1-56414-711-8. Paper. 360 pages. Pub Date: 02/04. Though he has left CAW, he's still my waterbrother. I'll probably be picking up a copy soon.

malthus To recap: the production of domestic oil reached its peak in the 1970s, the US is searching for ways to secure enough oil for its long term economic health through guarding the oil fields of nations that are just peaking in theirs, and attempting to deny it to other competing nations. The world is running out of cheap oil, and the crunch will be permanent. Most industry, farming and transportation is totally dependant on cheap oil to maintain the standard of living most of us are used to, so its "bye bye Ms American Pie...". Alternative energy sources may take upto 20 to 30 years to become mainstream, and the present adminstration has no intention of doing anything, much less anything else. So, there will be higher prices at the pump - large increases in prices, outrageous and over the top increases, and the US Economy may slide into permanent depression in 10 to 15 years - just about the time the Stock Market busts because of all the baby boomers having to take out assets from their retirement plans. "It's the End of the World as we know it..." - have a nice day ! :-(

The Coming Global Superstorm

An upcoming movie based on Art Bell's and Whitley Strieber's "The Coming Global Superstorm" on the very real result of Global Warming is not only real, but that recent signs show that it will very soon bring us another Ice Age, has or had certain elements of the Bush Administration in a panic. Drudge Reports, as of yesterday, reported that NASA officals put a gag order in place to stop its scientists from commenting on either the book or the movie, and within three to four hours, suddenly reversed themselves. It's interesting that two talk show hosts could cause such a major blip on the Bushite radar screens by simply asking the scientific community to verify or not verify their insights by hard science.

This gaffe will soon be well known, and the Bushites, as well as the Clintonistas before them, need to be asked some serious questions of why they haven't taken any steps to determine if a major climate change is coming and make preparations for it if it shows up on our doorstep - because the signs that there is something seriously wrong with the World's weather have been there for decades. It's obvious that once the Bush Administration decides on a course of action, changing course or deciding that they've made a mistake is extremely difficult for them. At the very time that the Adminstration has decided to slash and burn the budgets of the paleo-geology department and the Hubble - which may be able to find how quickly and how severe the weather changes that are happening NOW will change our relatively stable world weather into Chaos...

The Yellowstone National Park Super Volcano

Yellowstone to most people conjures images of Old Faithful, and other thermal spots surrounded by a very beautiful wilderness area. But, scientists have recently made a unsettling discovery that either didn't make it to the major media, or it has been substantially ignored or have barely mentioned.

Yellowstone is something very rare geologically - a Super Volcano - a caldera whose magma lies in a very large pool under most of the park several kilometers deep, and which comprises most of th Yellowstone national park. Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Pinatubo and other volcanoes have erupted recently, but they're only local catastrophic events, as bad as they were. If Yellosstone blows it will make Mt. St. helens look like a firecracker ! There used to be jokes about "Gaia's Fist". Yellowstone and other places like it are the true Gaia's Fists - if it erupts the World will face an Extinction Event. One of the problems is that no one's ever seen a super volcano. The last one was 70,000 years ago, and may have left only 6,000 to 7,000 humans alive on the entire planet. Scientists have don't know what the signs will be that sez it's OVER. There will be no eyewitnesses this time either, because none will survive to to tell the tale. Would the government tell us if they knew a major catastrophe was in the works - I doubt it.

Old Faithful erupts on a regular schedule. If the super volcano also erupts on a regular schedule, then we're overdue. It may erupt in 6 months, in 6 years, in 60 years, no one seems to know. But odd things are going on there. The land in certain areas is rising ever so slightly, ground in other areas is getting hotter. It's more than one of those awful things that might happen. Like the San Andreas Fault it will happen - someday. Just another anxiety to worry about, but nothing to lose sleep over, right ?...

How much stock does one put in prophecy and prophets ? There are several very good ones with good records of being right that are saying that in 2005-2006 the changes in the weather will lead to super storms, multitudes of earthquakes, and other earth changes are going to make things interesting. Oh, did I mention that most of them say that the economy will "hit a brick wall" and that dark times are ahead. Some say we're headed towards global warming. Others say that the warming will bring an unexpected response from Gaia - a new Ice Age, so should we believe them ?

Naah (;->) ! I remember all those doom and gloomers from the 1980's that said buy gold and silver; prepare a place in the wilderness to house your loved ones; buy lots of guns and prepare to fight off the hordes of desperate people surging out of the cities; and store six months to a year of food, for the US economy is unstable and the government owes a staggering amount of debt, and outo of consumer credit spending would lead to a market crash, hyper-inflation or a Greater Depression, and what amounts to the Long Emergancy and the unraveling of society ! They weren't right in their predictions of imminent DOOM, but, unfortunately they were right about the state of our economy.

As John Maynard Keynes once said, "In the long run we're all dead anyways."...

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