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The Notes on BFR are semi-public. I DO NOT Promise that they are current, Politically or Spiritually Correct, readable, or complete. I don't care if it looks funky either => so there !!! ;->

Notes: TO DO: December29, 2019

This page is obsolete, and I'm no longer using it. I don't know how you got here, but it's been discontinued!!

Notes: TO DO: January 27, 2005

  1. Since CAW Inc. isn't operational, and iCAW continues to be very secretive and a general pain in the @ss to get into freely, I've decided to try to fill in the humungous empty spaces where Scarlet Flame, and even Green Egg used to dwell. A Blog and a Yahoo! group are under consideration.
  2. Paraphrase and edit old CAW articles from the Handbook and Magick 1 01 to create generic versions are free from proprietariedness.
  3. The pyrite.gif flag needs to be taken down while I redo the index page.
  4. I need to start writing emails to the various suborgs and nests of CAW Inc to find out what their future plans are. I know the Gold Mountain, Annwyn and Sweetwood Tenemos' email/contact addresses I'll start with them first, and make room for themaon the index page.. <### Begin reediting the CAWTN/CAWTA proposal and decide whether I should use double tree or Gaiarith for it. The Double tree already is being used internally in the 'Rap for new sub pages.
  5. Make parts of the 'Rap transferable, and automate the date modified line using perl statements.
  6. @@@ Create 2 forums. One off Yahoo! and a Yahoo! Group. Call it CAWTn or cawtrad.
  7. *** Decide on special emails to certain selected people for 2RN.

Notes:Moving Inward Again in CAW RINGs 7/03 Update 1, 2005)

This last note blew up in my face when I found ouc CAW Inc. was no longer operatonal, and has been closed down by the BoD resigning: "I've finally stuck my neck 'Out from Under the Rock' and asked CAW about moving inward in CAW RINGs. The last time I moved inwards there was a massive wave of change, interesting revelations, and lots of surprises. CAW has had alot of growing pains and some of the changes, or lack of changes, made many people bitter enough to leave. CAW has changed alot - enough so that former members should consider us again. Surely, by now they've forgotten about the time I... "

The 'Rap is Creaking and
Needs an Overhaul

This site's been neglected of late because I've had to use the Sacramento Library internet computers to do it all, and its not convienent to travel there by bus anymore, since I've moved to the border of Elk Grove where the RT bus service sucks. I've moved to CWNet, and I have my very own internet connection.

I now have an HP scanner/printer/copier - it made me go out and buy a $50 128M ram card because my puny 32M E-Machine wasn't worthy enough ! As anyone who reads this stuff (all 3 of you) know) I can't afford a cutting edge computer (anything sold new at retail) so I borrow or buy used. Looks like most of the newer printers demand at least 64M to even install. Most of the time I've been doing the 'Rap, including the paper version, I had very used equipment to work on. Hopefully, I'll be able to get alot more of my graphics, like "six sky smoke" and lady6tunt.gif - not to mention Cathbadh - on the site eventually (as opposed to hunting for some on other websites, etc. I'm also working on an article on classic Mayan Shamanism, but I'm bogged down - classic writer's block ! Its a hard subject to get,er, write !...

Notes: TO DO: January 21, 2003

  1. The new format has finally reached the "L"s so this log has the new trailer.
  2. Most of the other changes I plan are on the front page, but I may have some easter eggs for those folks, like you, that read the log.
      Notes: TO DO: December 23,2002
      1. @@It's been a long time getting back to these notes for not much is any different.
      2. @@ I'm going to change much of the index page in January so that some of its features are on the new "2nd Page" format I've created.
      3. Most of the Introduction will be retired or changed.
      4. I expect to move "Under the Editor's Rock to another page or put most of the features on one -- its just getting too crowded !
      5. The forms are going to be updated to reflect new changes, as well as adding some sects that I' missed.
      6. Year old notes have being removed. The message board isn't being used but at least it works now...
      7. @@ Some readers may wonder what the DIV stuff is all about. Its was supposed to be for setting up the index page to accept future STYLE SHEET forms. I'm not sure they should be used, mainkly because of the inconsistant standards in current and past browsers.


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