From Under the Editor's Rock
By Sheik_Sebir

The 'Lectricity Crisis !

Update #2 !

Update #3

Grayout Davis lost the Special Election and Arnold Swartenegger is Kalifia's new Govenor, and has proven to have built the greatest contribution machine in Kalifia's history. His "Special Interests" he was campaigning to trounce ended up to be Unions, and ordinary working people.

Update #2

Well, now that Gray(out) Davis and the Prexy have met ! As Gray(out) whines about non-existant laws that he thinks exists are in his corner over federal aid and price caps, the Prexy continues his belief that Alaska Oil is sent south to the States instead to Japan as an export! He wants to drill in National Forests to bring out what oil is there. Some say it would be messy, but the oil companies have learned how to do this drilling safely and without causing the mess some would say always occurs, he sez. But, the last Alaska Pipe Line was supposed to ease the last oil crisis - instead Japan gets that oil !!! Yes, Japan !! Whether it's because the Seven Sisters have a better market there or the pinheads at the EPA won't let it be shipped to the mainland USA is moot. No one likes refineries in their backyards anyways, and their present oil refineries are running above 90% capacity - they'll have to build more, but again, some radical Enviornmentalists and the pinheads at the EPA say NO. California complains that it can't get the Texas greedheads to run their generators more, but the pinheads at the EPA give out fines for running those old polluters. Bush has offered to reign in the EPA for now, and California did get some price cap "relief"

Doing with less or doing without isn't in the game plan, though its the Liberal's mantra - people will do without for only so long. Just who is it that we're sacrificing for, or more likely to, anywho ??...

Update #1

Prez Bush said that we can't have low oil prices without more drilling, and cheap electricity without more production facilities, and actually managed to mention alternative energy sources without smirking too much, mebbe we have some chance of getting out of this contrived crisis - with much lighter wallets and mebbe a harsh dose of reality thrown our way, of course. The truth is - voting for Gore did mean higher prices for gas and electricity - he belongs to the folks that want to Conserve our way out of the "crisis" without builing any more production facilities - which he did his level best to frustrate over eight years. His enviormental policies demanded a steep rise in prices - and when it happened these same liars got all weepy - demanding that the gov'mint DO something. Everyone's for having the other guy do the conserving, and that means doing without. Well, California is one of the most conserving places in the Nation and look where its gotten us ?

The Original Enviornmental Diatribe !

Oh, Dear ! What have we Enviornmentalist "whackos" done now ? After all we only wanted clean air to breathe, and clean water to drink, and mebbe some land left in a semi-pristine state so that the State wouldn't become a wall to wall concrete jungle hemmed in by monsterous 15 lane freeways, and we could enjoy at least some of what little remains of Nature. But, Alas We Have Sinned ! Mea Culpa ! Mea Culpa ! Mea Culpa ! Oh, the heartbreak of not being able to use the 2nd and 3rd air conditioners in our homes ! And what of our heated spas and hot tubs ?( which aren't so fashionable anymore anyways because they involve some actual hard work to maintain) Our computers ? Oh, the travail of not being able to turn the TV on all day even if no one is watching it just to pacify the rugrats or have something resembling the sounds of life in our demenses - and its All Our Fault !!, you know. Will the state of our Energy Crisis even allow us to drive a car ? Nooooooooooo ! Gas price be a rising close to two or even three dollars per gallon !

Now, comes the 'Lectricity Police, soon to roam your neighborhood looking for scofflaws, hoarders, wasters and other wicked who would rob precious Business of their Shrubite Prosperity. There will be a terrible DEPRESSION if Business can't have the juice it needs to operate - Either evil, greedy wicked homeowners and renters will be forced to give up their luxuries and frivolities like air conditioners during the Summer, and outside lights at night, so that "We can keep the Prosperity going, going", or - "Why Everything will 'Come Apart' !" - California is the 6th largest economy in the World, after all - If We go then we're taking y'all with us to the poor house ! That's not a threat, its a Promise !! Expect rule changes and new restrictions as the 'Crisis' gets worse. Already there's a bill to make it a felony to overcharge for electricity rates in the legislature !

Oh, the Humanity ! The Dot.COMers have fallen on Hard Times and the prospects of garnering Totally obscene rents in the (San Francisco's) future have fallen only to the Mildly obscene range they were before the Prosperity. This is an Ecomomic disaster folks, and WE (the gove'mint) must do something for these poor suffering Greedheads - not the ones that had to move out, but the ones that made superficial improvements and Prospered the Economy, in their own sweet way, by raising their rents to whatever the market would bear. WE must bail them out, by Jove ! However, can I pass on bailing out this lot ! PLEASE ??

Now, 'We' must ignore the enviornmental concerns of the wicked Clinton Era and Panic, PANIC, PANIC !!, after all, its the ONLY reasonable Thing to do !! WE (the State, directed by Gov. Davis) must buy the Power Grids that drain the private Utilities of their hard won profits, because of the horrid expense it costs to maintain them - that is when they decided to actually spend actual money on maintenance, instead of paying dividends to their long suffering stockholders ! WE the State will do it for them !! 'We' will buy half the grid at taxpayer expense - its only FAIR ! Its too bad WE couldn't screw the taxpayers even more and get the other half, but PG&E beat us to the punch, sliming into Bankruptcy Court, thinking only of themselves and their debtors, and not the common weal ! 'We' must bail out these Poor Utilities, who have nicely insulated their 'Profits Past' from the Bankruptcy Courts with a small, but significant, help from the PUC.

'WE' (Davis) bought Power on speculation, and now he now Hopes against Hope that these aforsaid Bankrupt or near bankrupt Utilites can pay California (the State gov'mint) back some time in the Future !!! So, what if they don't, we have a Surplus in Califia don't we ? Oh, I forgot - we can only spend it ONCE ! And Davis has ! Unlike the Shrub Administration and their alledged Surplus ! Why, them Federales are planning to spend it all on tax cuts for those who already have alot instead of remembering Californians, and National Power Crunches to come. We may have to drill for more oil and who cares what it may wreck, we may have to induce the lazy utilities to get off their rear ends and build new power plants, and may have to "relax" some of the more outragous rules and regulations - But we must absolutely say NO ! to funding wind, solar, tidal and other alterative projects that interfere with the God Given Rights of Big Oil and Shrub, their obedient and bought lackey...

To The 'Rap