Iraq Letter
By Jack Ingersol

Iraq Letter

I've decided to publish a post to CAW-Phoenix Y! Group because it was clearly meant to be passed on...

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues;

These are my feelings and thoughts that I wrote this morning as my soul was so moved to do so. I offer this up in hopes to inspire us all to bring about peace now.

There is no war!

          There is no war against Iraq; it ended with mission accomplished. There is no war against Afghanistan; it ended with the fall of the Taliban. Our welcome is being worn out in occupation and most do not want us there. Gross war profiteering goes on and political collaborators manipulate patriotism, robbing the treasury while we support the troops.

          Congress did not declare war on terror; there is no war on terror. Terrorism is a crime, so is torture, and preemptive military aggression is not the solution, nor is the violation of our constitution. The president and the executive branch assumes power it does not have, breaking their oath under the cloak of invisibility stitched together with fear and rhetoric of the so-called war on terror.

          They do not call it class warfare just supply economics; gone is fair progressive taxation and our commonwealth is being sold off. Poverty and hunger increases, so do the ranks of the working poor as the middle class shrinks. Where are the unions as great wealth accumulates in the hands of the few? On Sunday they tell us greed is a sin but on Wall St. it is a good and a blessing to the elect.

          Our environment is being destroyed, gasoline is being poured upon climate change and set afire, our public schools and infrastructure is deteriorating, our free press, bought and paid for. How does it serve the public interest while we are asked to fight among ourselves over guns, gays and abortion?

          The Supreme Court says money is protected free speech but does it have the right to shout down our democracy? The elders, parents, siblings, children, friends, lovers and spouses all ask why. Service to this country and its Constitution is honorable and noble, but not so for those who abuse such service and sacrifice, they are deceivers possessed by greed and ideology and are criminals who like to appeal to our patriotism.

          Bring home our troops, cut military costs in half, rebuild our nation, pay off our debt, restore constitutional rights, heal and preserve our environment, effectively address global warming, feed the hungry and treat the sick, make shared sacrifice, redeem our nation by acknowledging our wrongs and become again an equal among United Nations.

          The Challenge of the ages is before us; least we become an accursed people that all prophets have warned about. A world of hypocrisy and greed that does not see profit in preserving the commonwealth unto the seventh generation must end, not by war but by love. Come peace and beat the swords into plowshares and provide a planet that is a garden and orchard for everyone. It is not written, "blessed be the warmongers" but rather that peacemakers are blessed and Divine. What does this mean? Think and do ways of peace whose strategy is the demand side of win-win economics.

Saturday morning reflections April 12th 2008,


          Jack Ingersoll

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