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I try do my best with the resources I have on the Barsoom Fish 'Rap to present my point of view, and hopefully reflect some of the views The Church of All Worlds in particular and the Neo-Pagan community in general. I welcome and publish "Letters to the Editor" and short articles by contributors, though I don't get many. The Feedback section has room enough in it for a small Forum
I also have other websites on - politics, and such if anyone cares:
Alternate Home Page Personal Info This website isn't going to become bleeding edge any time in the next Millenium, but I ave upgraded to Geocities Pro. Sso, "relax, take off your shoes, and set awhile !" The 'Rap is also "silent" - I believe that MUZAK is for grocery stores and retail barns, not webpages ! I wouldn't want y'all to impose your MUZAK on me, I'll return the favor - all too many times MUZAK ruins an otherwise good page !
I live in the outskirts of Sacramento, and was the Founder of the "2 Rivers Nest" CAW, which had a three year plus run before Change caught up with us, and everyone just seemed to go their own ways, for various reasons, all at once. The name "Sheik Sebir", by the way, is a play on words, and is preferable to my Real World name, because "Donald [C.]Wilson" is too common a name.
When CAW Central moved East to Ohio, my contacts with CAW people have really fallen apart - not that it wasn't so great before. Spirit Weaver's control of CAW has ended and Oberon has reincorporated CAW in CA. So, I've created 2RN as an on-line CAWTN nest and have slowly been getting baaack into IT again. My unofficial sabbatical, and 'down in the dumps' funk is over !
My current projects include dreamwork and general studies in Paganism. I hope to be ready to claim 5th Circle sometime soon - I've done most of the work, and I've already worked at that level without formally claiming it, since it provides no additional authority, but it would be one more step to an eventual CAW Ministry. Meaanwhile, I'm acting as a CAWTN Minister....

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