From Under the Editor's Rock
By Sheik_Sebir

A NeoPagan Heresy ;->

Some time ago a young lady asked a question that I've wondered about ever since - whether there is a true NeoPagan heresy. Now if one would tell most Pagans that something is a Heresy, they're most likely to adopt it on the spot - we usually revel in Heresies ! But I'm talking here about a Philosophy or a train of thought so that is so abhorrant that the serious holder of these thoughts could no longer be a Neo-Pagan if they held them. We're a tolerant community, and tolerate a lot of radical and even whacko ideas, heck I've been known to come up with a few myself. Generally, however, I know what doesn't work for me, but on the other hand I'm in many ways a Liberatarian - hey, it's your life, you have to live it, you know what's best for you go do it. I'm not going to ride in on a High Horse as some authoritarian or even authoritative mucky-muck and tell you that "MY GOD SAYS [ what I believe that my gods would say if I were in his/her/their place and could order the World to my specifications without limit, and therefore MUST be the Only TRUTH ]", and that you or your life is immoral for not agreeing with me and not helping me or my group to pass legislation to force my ideas on Everything on everyone else. I can think of only one major train of thought that so completely irks me that I have to say it may qualify as a genuine NeoPagan Heresy.
Surprisingly, it isn't something Xtian ! Though that ilk has produced much foulness over the years, especially the idea that you must believe what they say or else ! No, It's something, for lack of a better name, I would call Extinctionalism. The term "Hatred of the Human Race" comes to mind. The belief that the World, or Gaia, would be a much better place if most or all of Humanity suddenly became extinct tomorrow is becoming more prevalent. A subset of this belief, though not so odious, is that the United States is to blame for all the ills of the World, from Global Warming to our large Per/Capita/ Consumption. I guess it starts when people notice that some humans are pigs and that 'left to themselves', they would foul up their enviornment so badly they'd be "ruining the entire planet" soon due to an obscene hunger for power, and general greedheadedness. The current Western World has been described as being at war with Nature, and not part of it.

Somehow this gets translated to "All of Humanity is at war with Nature" they are not apart of, add on that the material world is the world of sin and travail, and the Higher planes of Existance are more pure than the evil material world - mostly because only the higher spiritual types that we approve of will be allowed in. Distancing or quitting the Human Race because you don't like the neighbors is getting a bit extreme, but these people are beginning to take the next step: If the Human Race doesn't have the common sense to discorporate enmass, then they'll have to be helped along by 'those who knows that We need to be exterminated for our own good, and for Gaia's Greater Good'. Imagine certain heighly placed people encouraging a nuclear war to rid the planet of pests - the rest of Us. Those who promote this may have convince themselves that they have evolved to such a state that they are now "The First Step beyond Human", as one group promised, so they can look down on the rest and fervently wish that we all had just one neck...

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