Goddess II: The Common Values and
Ethics of Neo-Paganism

This article is about the "Generally Accepted Values and Convictions of the [Neo] Pagan Community". The Neo-Pagan Community subscribes to these values in most instances.

These values are a product of a community that tolerates a wide variety of beliefs, practices, sexual orientations, and alternative life styles while retaining some sense of common community-held core values among a large diversity of beliefs and practices such as: the the belief in the divine nature of individuals, polytheism, Astrological cycles, Magick, and living the Joyful Life.

  1. The idea that divinity is immanent (internal) as well as transcendant. This is often phrased as "Thou art God/dess or Namaste.

  2. The belief that divinity is just as likely to manifest itself as emale. This leads to a very strong belief in gender equality.

  3. A belief in a multiplicity of "gods" and "goddesses. Whether as individual dieties, or facets of divinity, or archtypes. [[, there's more to life than "The Only One True Way"]]

  4. A respect and love for Nature as divine in Her own right

    ... Makes ecological awareness and activity a moral and religious duty.

  5. A distaste for monolithic religious organizations and a distrust of would-be Messiahs and Gurus. Sometimes makes us hard to organize. (especially "for our own good"...)

  6. The firm conviction that human beings were meant to lead lives filled with joy, love, pleasure, and humor. The traditional Western values of sin, guilt, and divine retribution are sad misunderstandings of natural growth experiences. "The only "True Sin" is Hypocrisy."

  7. A simple set of ethics and morality based on the avoidance of actual harm to other people. Some extend this to some or all living beings and the planet as a whole.

  8. The knowledge that with proper training and intent, human minds and hearts are fully capable of performing all the magick and miracles that they are ever likely to need through the use of natural psychic powers.

  9. A belief in the importance of celebrating the Solar, Lunar and other cycles of our lives, in both old and new ways. This has led to the investigation and revival of many ancient cultural customs and the invention of new ones.

  10. A minimum amount of Dogma and a maximum amount of Eclecticism. Neo-Pagans are reluctant to accept ideas without personally investigating them, and we are often willing to use concepts that they find useful, regardless of its origins.

  11. A strong faith in the ability of people to solve their current problems on all levels, public and private.

  12. A strong commitment to personal and universal growth, evolution and balance.

  13. A belief that one can progress far towards achieving such growth, evolution and balance through the carefully planned alteration of one's "normal" state of consciousness, using both ancient and modern methods of aiding concentration, meditation, reprogramming and spiritual technology. This is what magick and spiritual technology, such as Shamanism, is all about.

  14. The knowledge that human interdependence implies community cooperation Neo-Pagans are encouraged to use their talents to help each other as well as the community.

  15. An awareness that if we are to achieve any of our goals, we must practice what we preach ... a concern with making one's lifestyle be consistant with one's talk.

  16. That one aspect of Wisdom is "believing is seeing". A belief in the collective sense of the possibility of something, whether its the Goddess or unicorns, that you can call into your life.

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