From Under the Editor's Rock March -- 1998

Fruits and Nuts

As a result of the malign influence of El Nino, the Jehovah's Witlesses and Mormon missionaries seem to be sprouting like weeds after a bad storm --they're in full bloom - as it were....

I hate to puncture their illusions -- It's cruel and it takes up too much of my valuable time, but after informing them that their Bible isn't THE Word of God. And in the case of the Mormons, that they aren't the first group to have extra scriptures, and what happened to the Gnostic's Gospels and their version of Xianity (they and their writings were exterminated). Or, telling JW's that Xianity's main creed isn't True. One cannot escape criminal execution by having someone else take one's place, even it it's the judge ! It makes no sense in Law, so why should it make sense in Religon ? If the heart of Xianity is a false analogy the everything that derives it is most likely in error as well. It makes them flustered and gets them a mite upset when you tell them their great Book was cobbled together by people who had a vested interest in which views were included, and which were left on the cutting floor. Then, when you casually mention 'gods' and Goddess...

Let me be quite clear. these two groups trade on the reputation of Xianity being the most practiced religion in the West, and they prey on the ordinary Xian's lack of knowledge of their own religion and its sordid history. Xianity's reputation was created by centuries of Kings and their nobles chosing the brand of Xianity their subjects would follow. The Roman Empire simply declared that its subjects Xian by decree, and Xianity gained mucho legitimacy by being associated with the Roman State.

Xian Roman Emperors dictated their own doctrines to Church Councils and if Popes didn't like it they weren't invited. When the balance of power reversed, Popes routinely excommunicated Kings who failed to show proper homage. In practical terms, this meant that the Church proclaimed that this king could go to the Devil, and his people could revolt against him without committing any crimes against God or His Social Order. Free Will and Freedom of Conscience for the ordinary commoner was nonexistant - and in most places continues to be nonexistant to this day. So, when these people, or Fundies for that matter come to your door preaching a personal (and selfish) salvation, you might have some idea of what to say to them besides *&%$#@% !!!

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