It's the End of the World
As We Know it ???
and I feel fine...

Contemplating the
End of The World as we know it
in the Millenium and Beyond

The End of the World is Coming ! WOE ! WOE ! oh WOE is Me !! -- Someday. There's many people, mostly Xtian types believe it's time to call TIME on the World and the Human Race so that Jee-suss, or whoever, (Matreiya, The Sheikh in the Well...), can come back and straighten out the Whole Mess with the help of the True Believers [For Fundies "Only North American Pentacostal Fundamentalists Need Apply" though - for God is an American, by God !! ] will get crowned, er, get ruling authority and be Crowned. Evidently the Rest of the World can GOTO Hell! Evidently, they think that it might also be nice and neat if it Ended when all the Modern Xian ersatz 'Profits', er Prophets say it should - on or about 2000 AD, or even afterwards when the current predictions don't pan out: The start of the 3nd Millenium of Jesus Christ's calculated birth didn't bring it, but some believe that he could have been born as much as six years earlier, as the "official" calculation because it doesn't match some of the Biblical "hints" on the subject ( so we're in the year 2000 and beyond already ! Others have concocted a Mayan long year where the World Ends in 2012 - oh well, there's goes my Social Security check. Then there are the Hopi and other prophecies that say that things are going to change radically.

Nostradamus says that there will be several crisises near the year 2000 that will reshape the political arena, and possibally create alot of suffering. There are EVIL forces that will have it in for the Catholic church and France at this time, with possible raids on the Vatican, evidently be leftist moslem types - but no End of the World ! Other countervailing prophecies say that our present civilization is soon to take a long walk off a short pier due to global | warming | cooling | The Dreaded 2000 Bug | (take your pick). Our guide in matters metaphysical, Sallustius, of course, says the World will exist forever - or as close to it as we're likely to get - he did not say that civilization wouldn't take a few pratfalls along the way, however.

One BUG-aboo was the "2000 Bug", or the "'00' Bug". This bug was supposed to either cause untold disaster and destroy the World Civilization as we know it, or savvy COBOL programers will make boo-koo bucks solving the problem that they created in the first place, or the problem isn't as severe as the DoomSayers say ! Imagine !! Planes may fall out of the sky because the pilots don't know what time it is ! The Government's computers will spew out loads of eroneous checks and politicians find themselves having to keep campaign promises !! WOE !! The DMV may charge you 99 years worth of auto fees ! Prisoners may find they are free because they've been credited with 99 years time ! Masses of People will be declared officially dead because they're to old or are minus years old !! Computers meant to be obso well before 2K CE are still running happily along, using legacy programs from the dark ages of computer science, but I hope the human race hasn't lost every bit of common sense... but one never knows about Bureaucracy !

Meanwhile, wouldn't it be just terrible if the Old Man, the Kid and the Spook weren't coming at all. That their was and will be no Armageddon and NO End of the World !! Its time to say Good riddence to bad religion once and for all !


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