From Under the Unemployment Rock

By Sheik_Sebir

The Sheik and Unemployment !

This article was written when I was looking for work. As I am now on Social Security Disability it's very OBSO, but I've included it anyways.

I know that no one cares whether I'm employed or not, but the job market can be a tribulation at times. This current phase is supposed to be an employee's market - where just showing up is a ticket to a job. I expect this situaltion to worsen just when I might be needing a new job ! No matter how cynical I get about "Human Resources Departments", they always manage to go beyond my worst expectations to even more crass and unpredictable behavior than I expected of them.

We all know that job applicants have "no stinkin' rights" that are worth persuing - just contemplate trying to prove age discriminaton for instance ! There's the helpful California Supreme Court ruling which says that 'Yes, there is Age Discrimination'; but NO, the only known method for proving it - having a younger person take your place at a lower salary - is "Free Enterprise", not Age Discrimination ! We have all kinds of useless "Rights", but few options in asserting them. You DO realize that the courts are a farce !?! Do you REALLY want to spend your life in a court room ?? Do you really want to "win" only to see human weasels launch almost automatic appeals for their employer clients? How much money and time can you afford to waste watching the rich buy their way out of their responsibility ? Most people know that you get the Justice you can afford. Ditto for most of the other "Rights" you think you have.

When a school district fired a Principal for no obvious reason (politics), then spent $18,000 to have experts choose the finalists for new Principal, then rejected ALL the finalists in favor of the last fired, but popular, Principal; you know what YOUR job search is going to be like !! At least there is supposed to be no overt religious discrimination, but savvy employers can easily get around such things -- there are a million or so perfectly legitimate reasons for not hiring someone. So why use an illegal one ?? Its simply best not to say anything about it in the first place [Don't ask don't tell !?!] . Millions of people have jobs, and some even have good ones, yet the System for getting employment is hopelessly antiquated...

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