From Under the Editor's Rock...
The Supreme Court and RRA

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Free Speech on the Web is a welcome decision, but the Court also made it easier for cities and states to regulate religious activities by striking down the Religious Restoration Act. The loss of this law brings religious activities under every hostile law a municipality can dream up, if it applies to everyone. But, will Catholics have to stop their children from drinking Communion wine, or will Christian Scientists be jailed for praying for the sick as they once were ? Probably not. But, any new religion that gets too uppity will be on the receiving end of some very hostile local and state laws, made by governments who have used zoning laws and other restrictive regulations to stop religious groups locating, building or expanding religious sites and to interfere in their activities.

This is NOT a good ruling ! Although, it stops the massive amounts of frivolous prisoner lawsuits that local governments would have had to spend millions to of dollars (US) to defend, this abuse alone could have been remedied in a less drastic manner. For, some of those same lawsuits gave Shamans, Wiccans and other Pagans prisoners certain minimal religious freedoms they would not otherwise have had. Now, none of us can depend on the Government to be fair to non- conforming religious groups of any variety. This is not a reasonable decision - its the Supreme Court reminding us all that they, not the Congress decides what Freedom of Religion means in the US !!

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