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Lucid Dreaming I
By sheik_sebir

dreamcatcher anim This is the first of two related articles. The second article, Society and Dreams has been included here, although it was a separate article.

Dreams, their interpretation and meaning are subjects that takes up whole libraries. Dreams are like letters to one's self, and most of them don't need any explanation, for the symbols and actions of the dream characters speak for themselves. Most religions have beliefs and attitudes about dreaming and its importance to psychological health and spiritual development. Some people believe that they have no meaning - that they're just random firings of optic nerves, etc. These materialists have forgotten that the personality can shape these "random firings" into psychologically significant events - a fancy way of saying that dreams have meaning. There are others who believe that it's possible to bring a portion of waking consciousnes into the dream state. Some want to do this for a quick Ego Trip, they want to take over the dream, play at being an All-Powerful god, and make the dream elements do what They want! But, that's just One's self being made to bow before one's Self. A better reason would be to influence dream outcomes for psychological,health, magickal adventure, and spiritual growth.

         One possible way to set this up would be to state that everything's a dream, an that the Superconscious state of mind is to the Waking state as the Waking state is to the Dream state. It might help to pray to a guru at this point because this is the Eastern/New Agey way of doing things. With instructions like:

         "With intangible breath in the center of the forehead, as this reaches Heart at the moment of Sleep... to have direction over dreams" [To be confused already!]

         One might try to keep awareness a one falls off to sleep - a reverse version of counting sheep: One, I'm Dreaming.., Two, I'm Dreaming... Lotsa Luck ! You have to remember not to forget that your dreaming - but you'll usually forget. Oh well!

         One method that works fairly well is called MILD (Emotic Induction of Lucid Dreaming), which asks you to be aware of purely dream elements and situations and be able to say within the dream, "Ah Ha, I'm Dreaming !", without waking yourself up. The method has several steps. One thinks or says the following:

  1. There are actions that I wish to perform in the future.
    ** Visualize yourself doing them **

  2. When this occurs, I will Do This...

Then, during the night or when you wake up:

Society And Dreams

By sheik_sebir

In the previous article on dreaming, I covered some techniques for Lucid Dreaming. Most dreams aren't lucid, of course (having an awareness that one is in a dream, with some control over its outcome). Thee are volumes of books on the importance of dreams and what they may or may not mean. In ancient times, dreams were considered to be very important, and some dream diviners like Joseph of the Bible, were able to achieve high status as advisors to rulers and the upper crust, though as the story says, many commoners had the same questions. However, the social status of movern dream interpreters and advisors have been eroded to almost nothing in comparison.

         First, the intervening Xian centuries took their toll, as xians once belived that those how took drema seriously were Witches and worse. In their yes, dreams were the Devil's Playground, a major source of Evil, Temptation, Sin and Unregulated fun; a vile subject that wasn't to be talked about seriously in public. The porous grey boderline between a hopelessly insane wretch and a pious Holy Saint was thin enough! Daydreamers and other people who fantasized, about sex among other things, wee considered to be consorting with demons {Incubi and Succubi] Having an active imagination was a major sin, and innovation was stifled for a thousand years. Visualization techniques were believed to be a plot by "New Age" Slaves of Satan to tempt and corrupt innocent and naive Xtian school children away from the True Faith. Oh, Sorry -- that's modern California School Board politics -- Never Mind !!

         Later, the main Social Darwinist idea to shape 19th Century's social and political policies was the notion that the current Political and Social Winners were perfectly justified in exploiting Society's current Losers - a crude, short sighted, predatory and misguided version of Think of it as Evolution in Action. They forgot that even rich Winners can become destitute Losers under the right circumstances. In a predatory society there's always a bigger predator, and even the biggest meanest predator can be brought down by a group of smaller fry acting in concert. Then, arrogant Scientism came along and proclaimed that the brain was just a complicated computer. As the Mind and Soul can't be measured physically, it didin't exist for these folks, just as they can't easily be quantified into money for the Social Darwinist Exploiters and Greedheads.

         The Good Doctor Skinner said that Dignity, Self Worth, and Individuality are social luxuries that the Human Race can't afford any longer, and that the common herd should be conditioned to firm obedience by their betters for the Common Good. If the Brain is just a complicated computer, then it needs to have programmers and software. Doc Skinner's radical Psychologist followers still want to provide it if only you'd let them.

         What does all this have to do with what dreams mean Industry can't find a way to profit from them; Society, Science, Academia, Mainsream Religion and other Core Institutions all have no use for those who are interested in their dreams -- Dreamers are considered to be flakes e.g. "He's just a dreamer." (but I'm not the only one... Psychologists consider your dreams to be part of their tool kit to diagnose your mental instabilities. If you don't have any mental instabilites, they'll help you get some - they have to make a living too 'ya know !. So, why would you go to them to learn about dreams or buy their dream books? Besides, most of them are just as bad as the ones that just list a lot of dream elements and some quick standardized blurbs abut each one. 'If you're flying then your're dreaming about sex' According to these books you're subconscious has to disguise what it says in order to fool your Puritan Conscious mind's Censor, a good things for Puritans - and Fools, but sadly lacking for anyone who isn't chained down by Puritanism and its phobias.

         There are many things that don't get done in 'Mercia if it doesn't add to Someone's Bottom Line. Dreams are one area to keep the merchants and their baubles out of. Do people put on social masks to hide their real selves from the rest of Society? Sometimes it's necessary to protect yourself from those who would do you harm -- but first you have to believe you have a Self to protect. Take the time to understand yourself, and don't shoot the messenger or panic and become a Fundamentalist Xtian just because you don't like the message! The messenger will just go away until you're ready to listen and take the time to become honest with yourself. Admit your mistakes, and remember to do better the next time, only a little self reflection is enough to get you saved! Celebrate Yourself!!

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