Cybercraft I

(By: "Mike Morgan DTN 592-5565" )

WARNING: The Reality Master General has determined that this manual may significantly alter your reality. Usage of the knowledge in this manual may be perceived as dangerous and subversive by those in authority. Proceed with caution. Don't be alarmed when things start changing. Don't panic. The fun has just begun.

My special thanks to:
Dr. Robert Anton Wilson
Dr. Timothy Leary
Dr. John Lilly
Dr. William Glasser and
Antero Alli.

These are the brave humans who offer us guidance through exciting and troublesome times. They point to a better world for all humans and especially for the Changelings.

Introduction to Cybercraft

     Up to this point in human history WoMankind has taken itself to the brink of doom and returned with most of our parts intact. That is our physical members are somewhat healthy. But our minds, our psyches have suffered. And we are racing toward the time of mutation. Some of humanities minds are mutating already. These minds and the resulting bodies will offer us a map into our future.

     The future calls us. It calls us in a silent voice from the primordial deeps of our genetics and minds. The very chemicals which make up our minds and bodies are signaling a nearing of the time of transition. It will be upon us soon and if we aren't prepared for the Changelings to manifest some humans may well start another series of witch hunts to eliminate these precious few new humans. Indeed it is in the best interest of Four Circuit humans to stifle the advantageous mutations. Otherwise Four Circuit humans will be quickly overcome.

     Already the Changelings may be about. Their wisdom has alerted them to the possibility of persecution. The Hidden Ones do well to keep their existence unknown until the time of Knowing has been reached.

     But we all won't mutate together or at the same time. We have a responsibility to those that will follow us to create a framework in which they may progress toward positive results. It is to these ends that the authors are creating a framework to take Eight Circuit humans into and beyond the time of transition


     With a small electro-chemical voice we are being urged to communicate with you the possibilities of the current mind mutation. From this brief amateurish work we will develop a framework to help assist all inquiring Four Circuit humans on the path to the next stage of transition. CyberCraft is a path toward the transition. It is not the only path either. And indeed we will probably discover competing organizations. Some may hinder, others may assist the transition. From our pursers we ask only to be left alone in peace. We are not going to harm, only progress. Peace to you and yours.

     Hence we present you with a viable framework to approach the transition. That framework is CyberCraft. The craft of piloting oneself through troubles to reach the point of transition.

     This is the first printed introduction and explanation of CyberCraft. In Colorado Springs on October 6th of 1987, I was initiated into an eclectic coven of Witches. Previously I was an ardent Born Again Christian from the Bible Belt of the South. Over time I came to discover the Christian Belief System, the CBS, didn't satisfy my personal needs. However after personal searching and synchronous meetings I was accepted into an intimate group of exciting and very wonderfully witchey people.

     Two years later in 1989 I felt that the most important and life changing aspects of Witchcraft were being misrepresented. American Witchcraft, among many other things, is an adaptation of a primitive form of group therapy, of extending one's immediate family, of resource sharing and most importantly, a better way of thinking. But even after many years of practice, longtime initiates seem to not understand the basis of American Witchcraft.

     Herein is the first publication of CyberCraft, an addition and update to American Witchcraft. CyberCraft is not meant to replace Wicca or the Craft. It is meant to interpret the metaphor further and provide the needed time and energy for other deeply needed works.

     That's at least what this author perceives. I'm sure I'll receive some criticism for trying to add to or improve American Witchcraft.

     Which brings up the very valid question. Why attempt to update American Witchcraft when it seems to be doing so well? There are many reasons.

Some of them are:

     These are just some of the reasons. We also have a duty to align ourselves with the future, to protect and nurture the new arrivals. Among our children will come the Changelings. And if we gain the power to reincarnate purposefully we ourselves may indeed become The Children of the Changelings.

     The first chapter is the proposal. This has been published in draft form on several national computer networks as Cyber Wicca. However after some lengthy discussion with my partner we came to the conclusion that Cyber Wicca was too limiting and not descriptive enough of our efforts. The real commodity is now in your hands as CyberCraft.

     The second chapter is a description of the lower four bio-circuits as talked about by Robert Anton Wilson, a.k.a. RAW. These bio-circuits are extremely important when considering CyberCraft. I feel it of vital significance to begin to understand how and why we think what we think, which of course, causes us to do.

     Chapter Three is Darkmoor. Previously written about as Chapel Perilous we find it more interesting to call it Darkmoor.

     Chapter Four is of the upper four circuits. These are the modes or circuits which we are all progressing toward. For once I feel we have an intelligent and useful map of our futures. History will be written in reference of what Leary and Wilson have framed it in. And because of the Semantic-Time Binding nature of the written word, we'll all benefit.

     Which brings up the very valid question. Why attempt to update American Witchcraft when it seems to be doing so well? There are many reasons.There are other articles beyond these. Their purpose will be apparent upon reading them


     Which brings up the very valid question. Why attempt to update American Witchcraft when it seems to be doing so well? There are many reasons. Welcome to CyberCraft. We hope that the tradition will solidify in a satisfying way, offering the participants many advantages and insights for piloting their little ships through chaotic seas.

Cybercraft -- The Proposal

CyberCraft -- An Interpretative Metaphor

      Welcome to the CyberCraft Manual. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from this little exploration into the majikal [[ magickal]] mind-body complex. Our purpose is to help others operate at higher levels on all planes of life. It isn't our purpose to help them just feel better. Witchcraft has some very positive and life affirming teachings. The authors of this document hope to interpret those metaphors bringing them into a late 20th century framework from which we can springboard into the 21st century.

     However we have strong forces to compete against. The first struggle we are involved with is one of the mind-body complex. Who will control our mind-bodies? Will it be the Aspirant, the one looking for a better life, or will it be the Controllers, the ones with the power and monies to mold our minds to their purposes? And will we nurture the emerging Changelings? Or do we let the Persecutors administer the Last Rite to our offspring?

     CyberCraft is not meant to be an end in itself. CyberCraft is the art of living smart. We hope that it will offer the Aspirant the options needed to create a better world to live in. Additionally, CyberCraft is a psycho-spiritual metaphor for the 21st century. This metaphor is based upon embodiment spirituality whereas others are based upon disembodiment spirituality.

     CyberCraft is the art of living that integrates rational and irrational process through mythopoetic structures primarily from Wicca, then neo-Paganism and other related religious belief systems. It should incorporate knowledge from newer and emerging humanistic sciences. Principles of ethical self-programming as written of by Timothy Leary, John Lilly, Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli, and Christopher Hyatt should be incorporated into the relational processes; those setting between solar and lunar knowledge. CyberCraft is a self-modifying tradition. It will change as culture changes. CyberCraft is also a psycho-spiritual metaphor which will generate, sanctify and venerate the necessary tools for enjoying a healthy mind and body.

     The above mentioned authors are helping to shed light upon our thought processes. The terms and structures they use should be considered metaphorical. But they provide a viable framework from which to build a newer, more appropriate belief system for our times.

     Humans seem to have a need to be both rational and irrational at the same time. In doing so we generate quite a few problems and reap some benefits. At this point in human time we are not able to measure magik, nor are we able to measure or sense the so called etheric or astral. Providing that we are given time and if the interests are still mounted, we may be able to invent measuring or sensing devices for such indeterminate quantities.

     Further the practice of dividing the mind from the body has broken sunder the human even further. For the purposes of CyberCraft the mind-body is one complex, one swirl of energy. The mind and body are one entity, undivided, inseparable, and indivisible.

     It is the opinion of this author that many features of the powers are misunderstood. Over the centuries and in various cultures humans have overlaid folk fables and their personal expectations of what the powers are into the framework of human abilities. And in doing so needless baggage has crept into the consensus framework. It is time that we looked at our human nature without the clouded and marred lens of binary, Christian, Ceremonial and patriarchal expectations.

     At the base of the concern humans are animal by definition. Human magik should firstly be animal magik. But does that mean we should be satisfied with an animal expectation of what our abilities can be? Should we push back the normal or natural boundaries? How far?

      The first order of business is to know ourselves. Does this mean know just our bodies? How about desires? How about hopes, dreams and aspirations? How about our minds? Why should we remain ignorant of why and how we think? Do we know now? Or do we think we know without really knowing? What part do preconceived concepts play in the formulation of that sentiment? How do our respective cultures help us define our consciousness? Are these definitions useful? What can be replaced? With what?

     It is useful to frame these questions in the milieu of the human mind. Everything we can think of is thought with the bio-computer we term the brain. How does the brain work? Research effort is still in progress but at the core we find that the brain is composed of billions of cell bundles called neurons. Each neuron could have as many as 10,000 gateways to other neurons. We know that information is transmitted electro-chemically at about.07 volts. But we don't know everything yet. And least of all we don't know why we think what we think.

     CyberCraft should be a psychological-religious-political thought system to meet and support the needs of individuals who feel both a romantic and classical approach is needed in their life. These needs should be formatted into solar and lunar knowledge bases, ie., rational and irrational modes with relational processes sitting midway betwixt them. These should be used to a maximal degree.

     Humans are discovering that there is pity poor little difference between political and religious systems. In fact religious systems replace the tribal chief or monarch with a discarnate chief or monarch. This eases the task of governing the populace through the revelations and commandments of the discarnate and absent ruler from on high. Humans always fear most what they cannot see, understand or comprehend. And we always fear the invisible punisher; the inner punisher who knows our greatest fears. Consequently religious systems are political systems of a supplementary order. Political systems should be considered metareligious systems in that political concerns lay at the base of or stand behind religious concerns. Religious systems are political systems of an inner nature.

     Understanding our thoughts should become a little easier in the solar (daylight consciousness) and lunar (twilight consciousness) framework. Additionally many other modes of consciousness could be mounted which straddle these tropes. These should be termed the relational or relative processes.

     Electronic and chemical assistance for modifying consciousness might be useful in helping to determine how individuals might drive ethically chosen programming deep into the psyche. But once the message is received we should hang the phone up on chemical boosters. A new generation of brain machine is on the market today. Recently we have had the opportunity to test drive a model of the audio-visual and suggestion type. The experience was positive.

CyberCraft should incorporate many of the concepts
contained in Humanist Manifesto II.

Secular humanists have pioneered many valuable ideas needful in today's ever evolving political and social environments. CyberNauts should augment some humanistic concepts with high technology answers to pressing personal questions. And in applying technology to human service systems we might make a difference not only in our little corner of the planet but elsewhere.

     CyberCraft should foster a new class of technology termed GreenTech. GreenTech should be those technologies which recycle and/or conserve the Matrix's natural resources


     CyberCraft is a new psycho-spiritual system that is more importantly a mode of thinking. Smart thinking usually leads to smart living. Additionally the application of CyberCraft to mundane life should be easy and seamless. Instead of taking the individual out of the social complex it should enable them to integrate easily with the social composite.

     All human structures spawn from the human mind. More powerful modes of thinking are needed to help us along our way in an ever increasingly propaganda polluted knowledge environment. We should take into our own hands the facilities to make rational, relative and irrational decisions void of fear of the outcome and infatuation of the process.

     CyberCraft should appeal to the atheist as well as the religionist as it focuses upon mythopoetic stories and structures and the mystical connections between 'what is and is not seen', as opposed to dogmatic theoretical structures. CyberCraft emphasizes relationship over religion. This author believes that most of the world's religions are based upon self-deception. These self-deceptions are usually meant to smooth difficult passages in life. But we should be honest with ourselves. To know ourselves we have to cope well with those human events that cause us much pain. Instead of telling ourselves pretty fairytales we need to work in harmony with our natures. But first we need to know what our nature is. And then with greater understanding we can modify that nature.

     The archetypes of Wicca, paganism and other systems should be thought of as patterns useful for programming the human experience and the relationships between the various existant lifeforms.

     In Scott Peck's book, " A Different Drummer"I, he surmises the following transitions for the religiously oriented.

     First is a stage of naivete in which the human mind/body complex is not programed.

     Then follows a phase of organization in which the mind/body complex is programmed by an acceptable religious structure. Over time the individual discovers that the religious structure is focused in ways undesirable to the follower. Stick is mounted upon stone until a way of escape is formulated which provides an honorable withdrawal.

     Sometime afterwards the individual discovers they are bitter because of some single or multiple set of experiences. This stage is marked by some form of agnosticism or atheism. It's a rejection of the organized systems which tend to exploit the seeker, the single, the separate and lonely for financial and political gains.

     Still the seeker needs to feel they are a part of something greater than the individual alone. A mystic phase encroaches whereupon a glimmer of hope is seen in the natural intricacies of life. Generally the mystic phase has an eclectic twist as the bio-computer selectively compares, accepts and rejects concepts and structures which are useful or not. This experience is intensely personal. In many cases the experience is not expressible as words to describe the framework are found wanting.

     Theoretical structures should be included as long as they are considered metaphorical structures or models existing within the human mind first and foremost. These structures can then be used to ferret out deep personal meaning.

     The paragraph above is the patented anti-dogma catma. The catma is needed to remind us the menu is not the meal; that mental apprehensions of a reality are not the realities themselves. Meow! A valuable demonstration of this is the simple exercise of saying aloud the word pinch. Then give the your arm a good pinch. Think about the difference.

External Faces -- Public


     Domains are used metaphorically. More properly they represent areas of interest. Higher and lower relate to density more than social, cultural or ethical placement. However higher and lower still display some cultural heritage. Higher should normally refer to more dense, and thus would usually be considered the Lower Kingdoms in most disembodiment or spirit focused theoretical structures. For the purposes of CyberCraft solar processes can be considered High Domain Processes, the relational processes as the Mid Domain processes and the lunar processes as Low Domain Processes.

     This is a reversal of the usual spirit based structures which drive the initiate into seclusion and poverty. CyberCraft need be neither ascetic nor bothersome. If CyberCraft arrives at a framework which is not enjoyable the CyberCraft needs to die and be reborn.

     Higher refers to the relative density of matter. The human sciences are more appropriate for humans, the spirit sciences more appropriate for spirits. In the high domains herbal lore and self-help topics are more the rule than the exception.

Religious Aspects -- Low Domain

The metaphorical Low Domain is the domain of Relationship. It's the basis of the religious belief system should reflect WoMankind's ethical relationship to their home planet and humanity. Depending upon personal focus the Earth can be personified or considered the Grandmother or Mother of WoMankind. It should be called Gaea, Gaia, Mom, Mother or the Matrix, the space enabling the existence of all physical and non-physical local planetary lifeforms. The involved solar processes should consider this a "self check" to prohibit WoMankind from polluting their environment to the detriment of all lifeforms.

     Other Matrixes may exist. CyberCraft should be concerned with local planetary manifestations without denying the existences of other Matrixes.

     The Matrix is paired with Patrus, which is symbolic of everything which has happened to and upon the Matrix. Included phenomena are geologic events, meteorological events, intrusions from outside the Matrix, meteor impacts, panspermia arrivals and direct interventions of space faring races. In a sense the Patrus can be thought of as the evolutional processes or history of all life on the Matrix. Where the Matrix and Patrus overlap, intersect or connect, life forms.

     Other personified or romantic entities should exist within the matrix. These should be the Lady and Lord and be more important or of a relatively more immediate nature being seen as doorways to other entities, other spaces, physical energetic natures or psychic spaces. Frequently the Lady and Lord should be celebrated as the perfect patterns of WoMankind. Matrix and Patrus along with Lady and Lord should be remembered at every fullmoon celebration.

Working of the Craft -- Mid Domain

     The metaphorical Mid Domain should be the workings of the Craft. At first the emphasis should be upon physical representations of the Mid Domain. Special tools should be selected for an individual or group. These tools may or may not reflect traditional usage but should be more appropriate for a culture and/or geographical locale than for a traditional usage.

     Special robes may be appropriate. Nudity should be moreuseful for metaprograming. The individual's background should be considered before choosing tools or coverings. If the individual were normally a naturist the metaprograming tool could be robes, etc.

     Tools and rituals should be used for immediate metaprograming efforts. Dramatic ritual should be used to advantage for both individual programming or group alignment.

     Experiments in communication with non-physical or discarnate entities should be a focus. New modes of relationship in sexual or emotional life should be incorporated providing members feel comfortable with the activities. Safety, both physical and emotional, should be paramount. Training of individuals for incorporation may be needed to assist them in their growth into unknown areas.

     An important focus of the Mid Domian is the creation and maintainence of Will. Today's human has been robbed of Will. Cybercraft hopes to generate and utilize appropriate ritual and programming techniques to accomplish this goal.

Incorporated Physical Sciences -- High Domain

     The metaphorical High Domain should be the human and physical knowledge systems, ie, health (birthing, child care and physical health), nutritional, exercise, cosmetic and creative knowledge systems, ie. sewing, cooking, building sciences, gardening and organic farming techniques, and personal defense techniques.

     CyberCraft should initially provide the framework for immersion in a Domain. The individual or group should decide for themselves what extent they need to go.


     CyberCraft should attempt to incorporate proven techniques of cell or smaller group management while retaining intimacy. CyberCraft leaders could be of either sex, of any sexual preference, but must be emotionally sound. They may choose their own names and titles. Or CyberCraft may assign a title in order to establish a somewhat formalized but unrestricted tradition. We suggest these classifications:

     Group or cell size should be held to about 2 to 15. However any number of cell members may be used providing genuine intimacy is maintained.

     CyberCraft should attempt to meet the economic and political needs of its members. Resources are available that address political activities in cells. An economic infrastructure must be established in CyberCraft method. Should a social threat arise individual members may need to support themselves in a strange or difficult environment. Personal enrichment and empowerment as opposed to personal aggrandizement should be the focus enabling the member to live well in any difficult or strange economic or political environment.

Emotional Requirements

What part does love play in CyberCraft? Love in its various shades and flavors permeate CyberCraft. From love of Mother and Father, to love of knowledge and wisdom, to the lust and love of ones lover, on to love of pleasure of the mind-body complex, love of the patterns one manifests through, including the love of changing one's world to finally the love of navigating the non-local passages between the worlds. Yes love plays a vital part. But we are not so naive to assume that only one type of love exists. Many different shades and flavors make up this rainbow of emotion. CyberCraft should experience and emphasize as many different forms of love as possible.

Internal Faces

These are internal considerations not usually presentable to the public at large. Pearls are delicate. We need not dirty them. Internal faces can be determined at a later time.
CyberCraft is a game; the game of Life. Play it!

Thinkers and Provers:
the Care and Feeding
of the Human Bio-Computer

Editor's note: The following is a loosely paraphrased summary of Robert Anton Wilson's first chapters in "Prometheus Rising", (Falcon Press 1983)

The Circuits

The following model of human consciousness employs a metaphor termed the bio-circuit and a psycho-stat. Each bio-circuit, sometimes referred as circuits, and a psycho-stats functions much the same as the channel selector and volume control on your home stereo. In our electro-colloidal processor we call a brain we have physical connections, the physical neurons that contains our memories and processes our thoughts and the information connections, the meaning that is stored in those connections. When we think a thought or react to some stimulus we use these circuits by default. We literally don't know things that we don't know and cannot do things we haven't learned. The bio-circuits are the programs which govern the thoughts and actions we employ in our daily life. The psycho-stats are the controls which allow acceleration or deceleration, the intensification and diminishing of the bio-circuits. Via the use of a psycho-stat we can emerse ourselves in a bio-circuit or turn the intensity down to just a trickle. We have a choice in how deeply we experience a circuit.

     It is our experience with others whom we share the CyberCraft metaphor that just knowing where one is on the map enables the CynerNaut to pilot their way to other circuits and manipulate the psycho-stats to make their lives more enjoyable.

The Model

What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves. This was stated emphatically by Dr. Lenard Orr. Because the human brain, like other animal brains, acts as an electro-colloidal computer, not as a solid state computer, it follows the same laws as other animal brains. That is, organically driven programs get into the brain as electro-chemical bonds, in discrete organic quantum stages.

     This is not to say that the human brain is a computer, but only that it acts something like a solid state computer. The computer model best fits current knowledge. Let's review just briefly what we know about solid state computers.

     A solid state computer has two chief components, hardware and software. Of these the hardware portion is the physical part. It consists of five necessary parts: a device to process information, the Central Processing Unit (CPU), an input device to send instructions to the CPU, the keyboard, an output device for receiving messages from the CPU, the display or printer, a temporary storage area for the CPU, the memory, and a permanent information storage device, the floppy or hard disk.

     In this hardware model the brain acts like a computer in that it receives, processes, transmits and files information. And like the solid state computer the devices or individual parts of the brain or computer are discrete and manipulatable either by electro-chemical processes or mechanical force. The discrete elements can be created, modified or destroyed easily in one place and at one time.

     The other component is software. These are the instructions given to the computer to operate upon. They, (software is generally plural in nature), exist both inside and outside the computer simultaneously. While one can easily locate the hardware in space- time, the software is more ephemeral; it can be in many different places at one time. One can destroy the hardware while the software lives on unhampered.

     Of the softwares there are two basic types of software, operating systems and applications. Operating systems, sometimes called monitors or master control programs, are the backbones of software. All applications travel through the backbones to their appointed ends. Applications are the individual instructions that cause the CPU to compute, to make decisions and move information around.


"What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves." Today we have a better idea of how the brain works than ever before. I'll get to the hardware aspects in a later section. First I'm mostly concerned with the software aspects of the human brain.

     The brain software, or brainware, has three basic parts:

     Imprints -- These are the more-or-less hardwired (physically present electro-chemical connected) programs which the brain is genetically suited to accept ONLY at certain points in its development. These points are known, in ethology, as times of "imprint vulnerability." Imprinting is involuntary by nature.

     Conditioning -- These are programs built onto the imprints. They are looser and fairly easy to change with counter-conditioning. Conditioning is relatively more voluntary than imprinting.

     Learning -- This is even looser and "softer" than conditioning. Learning is relatively more voluntary than conditioning.

     Generally, the primordial imprint can always overrule any subsequent conditioning and/or learning. An imprint is a type of software that has become built in hardware, termed "firmware" in computer jargon, being impressed upon tender neurons before they were fully developed, or modified at some point when they are singularly vulnerable. Imprinting is extremely difficult to change once the imprint has been made. Some think that imprinting is impossible to change, period.

     Imprints are the non-negotiable aspects of our individuality. Out of the infinite possibilities of programs existing as potential brainware, the imprint establishes the limits, parameters, perimeters within which all subsequent conditioning and learning must occur.

     Before imprinting the consciousness of the infant is a clean slate, it's "formless and void". Another analogue is the exploded or unconditioned consciousness the mystics call enlightenment. When the first imprint is made structure begins to take form. The emergent mind becomes trapped within this imprinting structure; it identifies with the structure. And in a sense it becomes the structure.

     Each successive imprinting adds to and complicates the previous imprintings. Through part of this "deep brainware" we experience life events which are interpreted in light of the existing imprintings.

     Further, conditioning and learning add branches to this basic framework of imprintings. The total structure of this brain circuitry makes up our world map and our worldviews. In essence we experience our realities in reference to and in accordance with the software in our brains. The reality we know is one that is a construction established and maintained in our brains, our minds. In this mental-macrostructure the Thinker thinks and the Provers proves mechanistically, fitting all the information into previously existing frameworks.

Brainware Centers -- The Bio-Circuits

RAW slightly modifies Dr. Timothy Leary's previous 8 bio-circuits. It's rather important to remember that the following descriptions are metaphors. They are something akin to the menu's representation of the meal. It's apparent that the menu isn't very tasty or nutritious. Please remember that each of the following Circuits can be affected either positively or negatively for any conceivable reason to any accidental or intended end.

Lower Four Circuits:

  1. The Oral Bio-Survival Circuit.
  2. The Anal Emotional-Territorial Circuit.
  3. The Time Binding Semantic Circuit.
  4. The "Moral" Socio-Sexual Circuit.

Lower Four Circuit Map

CircuitImprint   Names in other Psychologies
Sites Freud Jung Berne Sagan
I 3-4 LimbicOral Sensation Natural Reptile
II 500-1000 Thalamus Anal Feeling Adapted Mammal
III 100,000 Left cortex Latency Reason AdultHuman
IV 30,000 Left neo-Phallic Ignored Parent Ignored

Personality Modes:

Circuit I Narcissistic Soft Narcissist Relationship to Mom/Body/Food
Circuit II Emotional Hard Militant Relationship to Pop/Family/Society
Circuit III Rationalistic Philosopher Relationship to Abstract/Speech
Circuit IV Moralistic Lover/Parent Relationship to Sex/Lover/Parent

Circuit One -- Oral

     Circuit One is the center which most closely approximates the perspectives we have about our bodies. Should a bodily threat occur we automatically and completely retreat into Circuit One operations. "I didn't think about it, my body just moved," the pugilist says. When such a retreat into Circuit One happens, all other centers are bypassed instantly. Circuit One is the first and oldest circuit to operate. Some call it the reptile brain. Its earmarks are complete automatic movement and unthinking reaction to a physical influence.

     At birth the first imprinting is that of Mother. Anything can be imprinted as Mother. Wild animals have been known to imprint such things as animals of other species, Ping-pong balls and Jeeps. Accidents, intrusions and intended events can all affect imprinting at this level. Additional imprinting can occur later in life when a bodily threat occurs. Areas of interest for Circuit One are the health fields, martial arts and any interest which stimulates or depresses the human body.

     Sometimes this circuit gets out of control. We leave the psycho-stat turned fully on or nearly off. Then it is possible to imagine threats to the body that have no basis in reality. The results can be quite tragic.

Circuit Two -- Anal

     Circuit Two is the next imprinting stage. Once the child learns to move around it encounters others. The immediate Circuit Two imprinting involves authority. Typically this is symbolized by Father. The child first imprints its relationship with Mother, sharing bodies and food. The second imprinting is of its relationship to Father. Now there aren't two things in its universe, there are three. Along with the imprinting of Father is authority conditioning. If the child does something "good" or "bad" it learns that Mom and Dad can do something. From this triangle political situations arise. How quickly the child learns family politics!

     Authority effects personal elimination -- potty training. Personal elimination requires more precise control of the body. Mom and Dad use their power and authority to condition the child's personal elimination. This circuit is normally extended out into the great big human world with rules, regulations, laws and politics. Bodily excretion is replaced with ink and electronic excretions. It's appropriate to refer to this as an anal stage. And it's not surprising that military and political personel refer to themselves with "shit" or "ass". "Gotta' get my ass outta' here", "cover your ass, pal," "you asinine idiot," and "you shit head" are typical references to the self and others. Where authoritarian or political concerns arise the human mind retreats into Circuit two for instruction. Areas of interest for Circuit Two are of course authority structures, the family, the penal system, the military and politics in general.

     Generally Circuit Two social problems are dealt with by threatening Circuit One, either with bodily incarceration or by threatening removal of bio-survival tickets (money).

Circuit Three -- Semantic Time Binding

     Circuit Three takes us out of the physical world into the abstract. Once the child learns to speak,it senses its relationship to symbols. It must learn to symbolize, to describe the abstract. Circuit Three is a center which utilizes and manipulates ideas, concepts, facts and figures.

     t's tempting to refer to Circuit Three as "the Mind". But it isn't. The primary expressive organ for this circuit is the mouth, the portal from which symbols, concepts and ideas tumble. In consensus reality WoMankind uses the artificial distinction of mind and body. The mind is the body and the body is the mind.

     Korzybski said those who rule symbols rule us. Humans beings (domesticated) primates are symbol-using creatures.

     If Moses, Confucius, Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus and St. Paul can be considered living influences, and they most certainly are for many, then it is because their "signal", their meaning has been transmitted across time and space to our little corner of the world. Their meaning and purpose has been transmitted to us by symbol systems. These systems include words, artworks, music, rituals and unrecognized rituals, ie. "games" through which culture is transmitted. Marx and Hitler, Newton and Socrates, Shakespeare and Jefferson, etc, continue to rule parts of humanity in the same way -- through the semantic circuit. It then becomes plainly obvious that the symbol system conditions the information transmitted and thereby conditions the mind which receives conditioned information.

     We are ruled even more, and even less consciously, by the inventors of the wheel, the plow, the alphabet(s), even the various engineers of roads throughout history. The founders, the religious engineers of the world religions rule us through their creations, conditioning our minds to accept their message and reject others.

     Circuit Three is time binding in that it provides a reference from one point in time to another point. It is also used to subdivide and reconnect things, at pleasure. There seems to be no end of the busy analyze, synthesize, create, divide and rejoin, labeling and packaging of experience. This is the internal monologue which is then externalized into the continuum. On the historical level this is the time-binding aspect as one generation adds to or subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge and experience.

     Since words contain both denotations (referents in the sensory-existential world) and connotations (emotional tones and poetic or rhetorical hooks), humans can be moved to action even by words which have no real meaning or reference in actuality. This is the mechanism of demagoguery, advertising, and much of organized religion.

     Circuit Three can run away. The psy-stat turned way too high. Persons involved with the higher circuits (V-VIII) tell us that "reason is a whore", ie. the semantic circuit is notoriously vulnerable to manipulation by the older, more primitive circuits. However the rationalist may resent this, it is always true in the short run. That is, it is always pragmatically true.

     Circuit Three can become so idealistic, so revolutionary that a society cannot cope with the rapid change. Generally a society deals with such problems by a violent Circuit One or Circuit Four threat. Whoever can scare people enough (produce sufficient bio-survival anxiety or sex guilt) can sell them quickly on any verbal map that seems to provide the needed relief from the anxiety. Once either threat is experienced Circuit Three is bypassed, and new symbols can be plugged into the human computer.

     More will be said later about Circuit Three and its associations with what Richard Dawkins refers to as memes.

Circuit Four -- Moral

     Circuit Four is the next center of operation or mode of thought. This center is approximated by the sex hormones awakening in the teen's body. Once a sexual awakening occurs society has a perceived duty to regulate sexual expression. This circuit could be called the Guilt Circuit since it is mostly used to control individuals, not enhance human life.

     Imprint vulnerability is acute. The first sexual signals to turn on the adolescent nervous system remain fixed for life, defining the individual's sexuality. They lurch about, the bewildered possessors of new bodies awakening to a new rhythm. Sex!

     As any adult can tell, this time is delicate. Accidents do happen which lend to the general imprinting which may or may not contribute to a positive experience. Accidents which impinge upon this imprint are just as effective as fully intended ones. Yet time moves on. The individual's sexuality develops. Parents and peers all have a say in the conditioning. Schools play a part in the learning process with sex education. Society itself takes a guiding role in Circuit Four defining what is and is not acceptable in our activities.


Circuit Four can be used in two ways to regulate other circuits. A Circuit Three social concern can be alleviated by threatening Circuit Four. Take away a human's opportunity for sex and they will consider their options. A still more useful way to modify an individual's behavior is to threaten their children. Circuit Four is the Parent stage. Society both enhances and threatens the parent with beneficial social programs while hinting at removal of benefits and children.

Circuit Tasking

The task of the CyberNaut is to employ a psycho-stat to accelerate and decelerate all Circuits in such a way as to provide optimal protection from outside influences, liberate the circuit for newer, better working, and optimize the imprinting, conditioning and learning to ethical ends chosen by the CyberNaut. By using metaprogramming exercises for each circuit we can willfully fine tune each circuit so that our perspectives and actions closer match consensus reality. Or we may skillfully explore those areas which interest us the most.


     What the Thinker thinks the Prover proves. Whatever our perspective of our bodies, our reputations, or our philosophical stance and our sexuality we prove to ourselves that what we think is accurate. Fortunately we now know what affects the internal programming. That makes it much easier to modify our very beings for a more optimal life, more enjoyable existience.

     The above descriptions are of the lower four Circuits. The intent of the article was to inform. Much work needs to be done in the way of positively integrating these ancient centers for a better life. It's time we took control of the reins of our lives. Long have the medias, the political-religious propaganda machines, our peers and loved ones manipulated us toward goals previously selected. The task of the CyberNaut is to holistically and positively reimprint, recondition and relearn toward a purpose of their own.

     Between the lower and upper circuits lays a period of doubt which we term Darkmoor.

In the next article we will review the Upper Four Circuits. They are:

  1. The Holistic Neurosomatic Circuit.
  2. The Collective Neurogenetic Circuit.
  3. The Metaprogramming Circuit.
  4. The Non-Local Quantum Circuit.

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