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Think of It as Evolution in Action

Large numbers of medium-sized sharks are roaming the Atlantic seaboard this time of year because of warm water and an abundant food supply. Everyone knows they're there by now, but people are getting very upset when they go into the water and get mauled. Politicos are threatening hearings on the "Shark Menace" and demands are being made to "Do Something" - like passing a law telling the sharks not to bite people ;-> Alas, these are the same sort of people that call the police after an earthquake. I've always wondered exactly what the callers want the cops to do about it ? Arrest the Earthquake, mebbe ?
If one knows that sharks are in the water and one prudently stays the *&^% out of the water, one doesn't get one's *&^# chewed off ! This doesn't seem to be very obvious to the 'victims' involved : "Think of it as Evolution in Action"...

Very Complicated Crop Circles

Weeding out the fake Crop Circles made by Artistes Unknown and the hoaxers from the Real Thing is getting easier. The image shown at the right from Crop Circle Connectors is just one of the latest crop circles/glyphs made by Real, Unknown, and Mysterious Phenomena that completely blows the 'rope, stakes and stomp' method away. The self-proclaimed hoaxers claim they made all their circles this way, but they couldn't have make this one ! The size, precision and complexity of this "artwork" couldn't have even been even layed out, much less completed, in under the odd 24 hours it appeared. It also happens to be in the middle of absolutely Nowhere ( more remote than even Dubya's ranch ! ;-> ) on the largest hill in Southern England on a sloping, rough field.
So, either some ultra secret government agency is leaking confidential information out to the public, some very dedicated hoaxers are spending large sums of money for special equipment to create absolutely mathematical crop-circles, or there are Genuine Unknown(s) at work here ! Certain commentators have remarked that it might be a disincarnate, hyper-sapient, and mathematically inclined entities that do these circles using Unknown methods. They've speculated that it may be an unknown Earth Force or weather phenomena - why not call it a god and stop beating around the bush ! Then there's the newest Crop Glyphs, that are said by some to be an answer to a radio message sent by the Ariceibo Array a decade ago, by Carl Sagan & Co, to deep outer space, and may constitute the Extraterrestrial's, or Someone Else's Answer !
Coming right out and saying it's a god might upset some people in the Religious and even Political Establishment who already 'know' all they need to know about God, thank you very much !! Could the Majority be wrong yet again ? I'm sure that 'That Nobodaddy God and his Evil Twin' have nothing to do with this. This is the product of Gaia or a more **local** diety. One that doesn't FIT the Mainstream Reality paradigm, so that must mean it MUST BE Unreal ! ... But They are REAL !! Live with It !!

The Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer

August is over, but the National Media are still infuriated by Prez Bush's "unprecedented" month long working vacation ! 'Why, How dare he !!' :-> However, it should be noted that politicos of every stripe usually get the heck out of Washington DC in August because of its unbearable weather. Some alleged Congresspersons will tell you that they leave to connect with the grassroots back home; but I suspect they left for the same reasons Dubya left. They would rather be fundraising among the political deeppockets contributors during the long, hot summer. President Bush takes more vacation time than any other President before him - But, as we all know -- 'It's hard work!!'...
See, when the Clintons partied, they brown-nosed with the "Rich and Famous" in their posh estates in the EAST, and Media reporters got mucho bennies by tagging along for the ride, raiding the oerderve bar, etc. Nobody wants to be "In BumSteer Texas " (a "flyover zone" for most of these Media parasites), in 100+ degree heat, with no freebies or party favors, being forced to cover a Prez they all think is a usurper, while he vacations someplace where the nearest vestige of what passes for Civilization is 40+ miles away in some Loserville Hick Cowtown which consists of one main street and a gas station ! So, they just hafta get back at him by constantly harping on the fact that he can or should only do 'important' business in DC, and generally trashing his 'long' vacation.


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