New Order Rules -- Chaos Reigns

Another look at the World

In the Mythologies of many past and present cultures, Chaos was overthrown by Order to bring forth the World, and Chaos was either stripped of Power or killed by some god-hero, who then created the World from His/Her body. So, almost from the beginning, there's been a strong prejudice against Chaos in favor of Order by those who in Power. The Ruling classes have been Order's most fervent supporters -- The Civilization Business couldn't survive without it ;-> Where would Law be without Order ?? Order has problems as well...

Progress comes to a standstill, for instance; of course that's perfectly fine -- for those in Power, [[but not necessarily good for those without Power !]]

Mainstream 'Mercan [e.g. American] believes Chaos is only evil and Order is only good, possibly because most "Mercans say they have some affinity with Xianity. One recent Baptist Survey allegedly found that 90%+ of the people in one "Bible Belt" county were headed for Hell ! But further efforts at assessing the Gross National Damnation [GND] were stymied by the National Media and other Secular Humanist types. Estimates as low as 95% could have concievably cause Panic in the Streets or something... 'Mercans don't take much time to do alot of heavy and profound philosophical thinking - the Brains in that Department are the Germans -- who have dominated most of early 20Cen [20th Century] Philosophy -- which shows what too much Heavy Thinking will lead to...

Order is the reshuffling of Chaos using sets of Rules. These rules don't have to be logical, reasonable or even sane, but they do have to be internally consistant, and most of the things or people involved must fit or be made to fit the resulting Pattern. Sweeping unwanted facts under the Rug usually includes those who found them. In Reality, order exists in a sea of Chaos, for Order must be be recognized as such so that Meaning can be attached to it. Encryption is a good example of this: the Rule is known to the sender and the reciever, but the code breaker has to believe it exists - it might be that sending gibberish for gibberish's sake is a good way to confuse the Enemy, whoever that may be. "We have found the Enemy and He is Us", is often True outside of "Pogo", so, don't try to confuse morons with the facts too often [[or their one working brain cells will break under the strain]] !!

The molecules of pure crystal are structured into a natural pattern within its boundaries. It persists until energy is applied, usually by some fool dropping it. Its structural pattern may become more disordered depending on how strong it is. Impurities, or chaos, can change its color or electrical properties. Semi-conductors are made by introducing controlled impurities, or chaos, into orderly silicon crystal to create a some disorder amongst the existing order, incidently creating a useful product as a by-product. Serendipity !

The Way of Things cares NOT for Morality, no matter how Xian it may be: the fact that you're wet and the electrical resistance of your body is less than the air around you has little or nothing to do with your Piety and Righteousness at the time the lightning strikes you. The evidence for 'Mercan Peity increased sevenfold shortly after Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod ! Percieving patterns where they don't exist is common: e.g. Some Fundies believe that their cars can run on "Jesus Power" in emergencies. The Supernatural just reaches down and somehow gets the Godly to the next gas station or manifests other kinds of help to the Godly. This stuff seems to work to those caught up in it, especially if one convienently forgets the times that it doesn't.

Order in a society usually means conformity. some believe that they know best how Others should live, and usually the are quite willing to use violence to impose their beliefs on Others. Governments establish themselves by demonstrating their willingness to kill those who get in their way or oppose their oppression, and keep themselves in power by threats to demonstrate that willingness. Organizers promise Justice, Freedom, and Plenty for some at the expense of some unamed and anonymous others. Government then gets its assets by extorting them from those its doesn't favor to transfer them to those they do, taking a heavy cut. As it turns out, those "Others" turn out to be everyone -- Government takes everything from everyone eventually. They don't create choices, they steal and sell them to the highest bidder.


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