Do you Believe in Magick

Do You See the Sixties Through
Rose Colored Glasses ?
Or, Do You Believe In Magick?

By Sheik Sebir

Do you remember the '60s through "rose-colored glasses"? Or mebbe someone who lived during that era told you about how wonderful the decade of Flower Power, Free Love, and the Counter Culture was. It was when the "New Generation" had big plans for the future, and was going to remake the World over into it's own image. But, it was also the decade that St. John F. Kennedy "bet the farm" that he could make Nikita Khruschev take his missles out of "Cue-ber" without starting a nuclear war -- He "won". He also bet that he could send the first 'Mercan advisors to Vietnam without getting "Us" fully involved in a protracted and byzantine quagmire it became. He was wrong. Since he was assassinated "we" don't know just how far he would have taken it - mebbe he wouldn't have Escalated when things started to go very terribly wrong, but I doubt it - it wasn't his Style. While Martin Luther King and others risked their lives daily working for Civil rights for all 'Mercans, the Kennedy brothers stalled over Federal protection, while saying some encouraging words and offered little to no support.

        Racist segregation laws separated Negroes from whites: Negroes had to drink from separate fountains; go to separate inferior schools, which denied them an equal chance at education; ride in the back of the bus, separated from their betters or give up their seats to white people. They were restricted by laws made to push them down and keep them down. That same Law, however, was absent when bigoted people came to lynch or beat them. The Law showed how brutal it could be against them and those that supported them - how it could ignore the murders of Black Freedom Riders who worked for Civil Rights until whites were murdered. The decade ended with confrontations between war protesters and riot police...

        There was something seriously wrong with 'Merca. President Johnson decided that "We" had a National Interest in keeping Vietnam "free", though he didn't say whether they had been free to begin with. With an series of 'Mercan puppets running S. Vietnam it was a hard line to swallow. One month his reasons for staying there were to insure fair elections in a land torn by Civil upheaval, no one was sure what would happen if he didn't like the result; the next month it might be that we were fighting Commy-niszz-umm - however some Commies were better than others -- No one saw him try to restrict U.S. companies from selling to the USSR or other Communist countries - another smoke screen. Mebbe only Southeast Asia had a special kind of Evil Commie ?

It was the decade when "We" ['Mercan politicos are very found of "WE"] tried to overthrow various governments "We" didn't like. I never found out who WE were, or why they were so intent on setting up puppet regimes around the world. Mebbe it was those nebulous "American Interests" we keep hearing about -- State Department lingo for international corporations and their interests that the U.S. Govt favors, . In 1968, Mayor Daily showed how brutally he could surpress dissent to deliver Chicago for the Democrats.

        In 1969 I was feeling a Draft as a Senior in High School. The graduates ahead of me in line either had deferments, found a way into the national guard, had run to Canada, or were on their way to 'Nam. They came up with a lottery system, and I fortunately got a number in the 300's. I even marched against the War in College by marching on Santa Monica City Hall - fat lot of good that did!

        Then the protests began. First the Free Speech movement and Mario Savio stirred up things by saying that "free speech" wasn't so free after all. The Counter Culture and its Psychedelic Art implies that the artists used drugs. Since the Mainstream Culture was a bummer [sucked] mebbe we could go off into the woods and ignore it, but it didn't work out for a geat majority of them. The Hippies didn't care much for organized religion. Neither did the new Left, which took the line that Religion was the opiate of the masses [[So pass the *&^%$# opiate you **&^&%$s !!! ]] That must make Neo-Paganism the Marijauna of the Lunatic Fringe. In all this confusion a New Spirituality was struggling to be born. Some of it came from the East, wth the Beatles and others showing the Way, like they did in many other Ways. The New Age and the Neo-Pagan Movements began here, and unlike the political meanderings of the time, the spiritual 60's that the Radicals denounced is still with us.

        During the same time, "Campus Crusade for Christ", or "Kill a Kommie for Khrist" as we called it, was trying to co-opt [steal] the NLs Revolutionary Rhetoric for Jee-zuss, evidently hoping to steer the braindead their way with simplistic slogans and a strong dose of fanaticism. Evidently they thought that hardcore drug addicts would be better shooting Bible up their veins than drugs...

        Later there was a lot of talk about how awful "Selling Out" was. As it turned out most of the so-called leaders "Sold Out" for something - in some cases quite literally !! Money, a Seat on Wall Street, a State Senate seat. The Radicals went back to their hidey holes as the War came to a messy end. The hated Establishment cleaned up on new market for Hippie clothing, music, and culture -- using it to sell even more cheap worthless junk and outrageous prices. The external Hippie culture faded away, but their image is still vivid -- if not sullied and darkened over the years by events they had nothing to do with. The U.S. Govt's paranoia over drugs, and conservative propaganda have made the Hippie into a wild and dangerous character - what nonsense !! But they're still trying to make it Illegal to burn the American Flag 60 Years [!!] after the LAST Flag was actually burned by the anyone in Anti-War Protests !!! The political nonsense of those years has largly disappeared -- but the underlying religious and spiritual revolution, long ignored by the mainstream Media is still with "us" today...


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