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All the Yahoo Groups have been downgraded, including my CAWTN Yahoo Group. I've created a "New Forum at a small "Gallery is a page for images that I've worked on. It's small, but I've got more to add.

I'm having problems with the displays of certain pages possibly because the "#include"statements aren't working right. Those missing pages are The current From Under the Editor's Rock and the general info page. It's too late to fix them today.

The last FUTER

'Rap News

01/26/20: Stranger In a Strange Land" Is an interesting take on Robert Heinlein's libertarianism and others.

01/10/20: What gives the Government the right to rule, and how much choice do you really get when voting?. The short answer is the Constitution. If it is ever suspended or replaced then you owe no loyalty to Them at all anymore. Their Federal judges will have no authority, and their new extra-constitutional decrees and laws will be voided, and the President will lose most of his legal authority, but that won't stop them! They will try to rule by force, and they will have no right to do so. Most likely we'll have a Republic in name only like we do now, except the titanium gloves will come off.

Commie CNN google inside China

12/31/19: It's possible that a 2nd impeachment inquiry (and maybe a 3rd, 4th, and 5th...) is afoot. Maybe They want to stack them up like cord wood for the future, or save them for a DemoGraftic Senate in 2021. I'm working on a Gallery and I'm hoping it will be ready before New Years. (It wasn't...)My Ishes are usually relabeled again from the passing of a holiday. Have a Happy New Year 2020.

12/21/19: The House Kangaroo Court is now over, and the House is trying to make a deal with the Senate over how the trial will be conducted. If it's so urgent to get rid of the Pres. as quickly as possible then why are they stalling on naming the House Managers. After a partisan inquiry they want a "fair" (biased) trial and are willing to hold up things until the Senate caves. Oh Yeah -- Merrie Yule!

12/18/19: Events Calendar 2020-21

12/10/19: Government VS Liberty

09/27/19: It looks like a fake Presidential Impeachment Inquiry is underway, and the Dems have bet the farm on this next election cycle. By doing so, they're shown that they're willing to throw Joe Biden, the only 'moderate' in a crowd of Presidential Candidates, under the bus.

09/10/19: The FUTER hasn't been trimmed because I get so few readers that I think past posts should be left alone for awhile.

04/22/19: I'm against the rising violence in the world and I have no idea what will calm it down. This article hopefully makes a start in the process of trying to figure it out Oh yeah - Happy Earth Day...

04/17/19: The French police won't say what actually happened in the Notre Dame Cathedral fire because they're too afraid to go against their imposed political correctness of the gov'mint socialist traitors who use their power to stifle opinions they don't like (The US is trying to go that way as well, but there's a pesky roadblock called the 1st and 2nd Amendments standing in their way.). The French police decided to declare that it was an accident before the "investigation" even started! So, if a Ramadan worshiper did start it then there will be NO gov'mint or press information about it anywhere, and the evidence will be buried. It must have been done by the work-persons when they weren't on the site at the time. They wouldn't want to offend the Ramadan worshipers with a charge of ARSON even if they are allegedly vandalizing other churches all across that country almost on a daily basis. Christians have become the canary in the coal mine for hate speech and terrorism. If they go down, so do we. However there was, and still is, a lot of celebrating among the Ramadan worshipers and the Left after it happened. So, it looks like they have both motive and opportunity for ARSON. As an aside note: as much as Ramadan worshipers hate the Jews and Christians, they hate Pagans just as much if not even more...

Alleged Leftist Nazi, NYC Fuhrer-Mayor Bill "Adolf" de Blasio, wants to force Jewish Orthodox children to get vaccinations, mebbe he'll want to force them to take some showers next. He is allegedly owned lock, stock, and barrel (which he also wants to outlaw) by Big Pharma, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he wanted to do the same for all of NYC's children. No "Sieg Heil!" for Him!... :-O

04/10/19: Conservative Candace Owens made a speech in a House Democratic Show Trial that takes them to task for their racism throughout the past years going back from the Civil War to the Present.

04/04/19: My birthday was on the first -- Happy birthday to me! - Until I was in a car accident on the 2nd. It was about a 30 mph from behind while we were stopped at a yield sign - a. rear end collision and I got the worst of it, and I'll be sore for the next week, but I was only a passenger..

03/18/19: CNN gets the commie sign because of the hard ultra-left bias in their news reports and repression of indie news sites, and trying to scare away Fox's advertisers because they're jealous of their ratings. The only thing keeping CNN going is that they don't ever have to answer to their ever dwindling audience - they get paid because they're part of a bundle, not paid by ratings. Google on the other hand will get the nazi glasses because of they censor the news, bully independent news sites to conform or die, censor search results, and generally act like a fascist pig monopoly - using their monopoly on searches to mess around with search results. However they don't seem to have a prejudice against Israel yet. Other sites deserve to get their own images, but I don't have the patience to have to reload the BFR editor in every other sentence. There's very little difference between commies and Nazis when it comes to their methods. They're both Totalitarian, murder their perceived enemies, censor news, force the people they despise into concentration camps, and generally leave their "citizens" poor and starving. These two haven't yet reached that level of Evil, but they're trying! Youtube deserves their own meme...

03/02/19: It's Party Time in Brazil Just before Lent. Ignore the commentary and go straight to the movie!...

02/13/19: I've updated the Ishtar image because the first image didn't have the left arm changed (Ishtar and Inanna are similar)...

01/28/19: A communist know-nothing, Rep Ocasio-Cortez has made quite a splash in the House and in the Leftist MSM. It looks like Tyranny is becoming popular in the US among the elite in both parties, as Venezuala sinks into the ground of poverty and starvation due to their take on communist kleptocracy. Meanwhile, the US and other nations back another socialist to take Maduro's place. Can you say 'foreign meddling' and attempting to create a Civil War? Which We'll be in up to our eyebrows...

"Baby it's REALLY cold outside ( in the Midwest and New England..)."! Must be that 12 year GloBaal Warning crisis that Rep Ocasio-Cortez is afraid of... ;-D

Fox News goes uber-Fascist - says anti-vaxxers should be arrested. Probably has to due with their new owners - Verizon. I thought that freedom to have your own opinions and be able to express them to others is a Constitutional right -- has it been changed recently? Oh. its because these censorship tech companies are private? Well it's time to make them utilities... Has the Tech companies ascended to that kind of power just because they have a lot of money?... Sorry, no Seig Heil for you!!...

01/01/19: F*ck not offending Ramadan worshippers -- Jesus is the Son of God> Ha! So, there!...

12/21/18: "Baby it's cold outside..."!♫

12/03/18:. Oh yeah, It's OK to be White... This statement is not racist as it's also OK to be Black, Jewish, Asian, a Ramadan worshiper, etc. Any attempt to disparage white people and singling any other race out for discrimination is simple Racism - no matter who says it. See, a bigoted progressive or communist like CNN's racist Mr Lemon doesn't get a free pass for being a bitter hard core racist just because he's black and a communist. Yes, believe it, minorities can be bigots too. Again, the SJW's can go f*ck themselves!

1/01/18: Muhammad, the Ramadan worshipers "Profit", was a pedophile. I guess It looks like won't be traveling to the EUistan any time soon... ;-Q

09/24/18:I just finished my second Lasik surgery today and I can already see very well out of both eyes. That doesn't seem like much, but I was functionally blind until it was done. Since I was so blind I couldn't do the 'Rap for several months. I wasn't getting any hits during these months and what ever small readership I had has disappeared. but I'll find some way to get readers.

pipes_alien06/27/18: Justice Kennedy Retires!! This is political Karma. This is PAYBACK! PAYBACK for All of the Progressives' snide remarks, INCIVILITY; and threats of violence and ugliness since the election of 2016 forward! Progressives -- You deserve this!! Now you may just have to endure Kavanagh as a SCOTUS judge, and another possible Repug Justice, when Ruth Bader Ginsburg resigns or cannot resume her duties, for the next 30 years...

06/15/18:Times they are ah a changing. I just have to get involved in the politics of the day again.(You say that there is Peace, Peace -- but there is no peace) Has anyone on the radically Progressive MSM yet figured out that through the din of the ongoing propaganda screeds against The Donald that something has happened in Singapore that couldn't never have happened if the Witch had become POTUS - a preliminary agreement between the US and NK over Nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula? How about the release of US wartime causalities by NK?. Naw, the MSM are so biased that they still think the Witch should have been crowned Queen Witch instead of The Donald being elected POTUS - and don't want to let it go. Do they really think her display of pique against one half of the voters as Deplorables will gain any support from them anytime soon? The Democrats will instead go to Progressive Helly-wood for Soros for help, mebbe not yet aware that their diatribes will only cause most 'Mer'cans to discount them altogether as being useful idiots.

          Meanwhile, The Hogg is going hooky by going on tour which is failing miserably, not getting any air time or support except from the MSM, which has already given him substantially more than his allotted 15 minutes of infamy...

03/27/18:Every time there's a school shooting the gun grabbers come out in full force against law abiding citizens exercising their Constitutional rights to bear arms. They blame the 99% of gun owners they want to punish instead of determining what is wrong with the criminal 1% of dumb fucks and fixing the problem. Now the want to repeal the 1st Amendment to destroy a right the People demanded before the Constitution could be ratified.

          Now the MSM, who hate the ordinary joe, are pushing the communist/nazi Hogg to the fore front of the anti-gun loser crowd as a poster kinder, without reporting on others who were also there at the latest shooting. How can they be both at the same time? Scratch a nazi deep enough and you'll find a commie. They both like to murder the opposition and enslave the population, They both are thieves, they both want gulags to send the undesirables to (FEMA camps) for reeducation, they're both irrational, and they both desire a fully equipped totalitarian State. When all the trapping are removed the stand for the same thing: An eternal boot in the face for almost everyone except the .

The Hogg and his kiddie followers want mass murder and the one path to getting there is stealing the only legal means We the People have of resisting them.

03/02/18:Are we are in the beginnings of both WWIII and a possible civil war between the communists of antifa, and other faces of the "Tolerating" George Soros, the Ramadan worshiping alt left, and other radical far left groups like SPLC, and the gun grabber demon-crats vs. the rest of us.

02/02/18:Michael Moore, the infamous movie producer, and rabble-rouser, has declared that the people to the right of his far left ideology should be "cleansed". This means that he wants to put half of the country in concentration or death camps, then he wants the wholesale murder of those that refuse to obey his directives. That is what being "Cleansed" means. This man is just another totalitarian scum-ball communist/fascist sleazebag (scratch a nazi deep enough and you'll find a communist), and he needs at least a couple of large swift boots up repeatedly up his sorry a$$. Is there anyone else going to say anything against this creepy crypto-Communist A$$hole? Only time will tell...

11/16/17:pagetwo.html is up to date.

09/26/17:I'm A Day Late and a Dollar Short again, but it hardly matters because no one's reading it anyways...

I'm watching the Trump Administration, and Pres. Trump, for proof of his being 'the worst President ever', and so far that's not the case. I think it's a severe case of rabid partisan fanaticism against him by the Progressives (socialist/communists) who had their way for far too long. They are simply venting their rage in a hissy fit that the MSM had misled them in believing that Ms. Clintion had it sewn up. They have no respect for the Electoral College system that elected him because it went the 'wrong' way this time around. All you have to do is study the electoral map and you'll find a solid sea of red representing most of suburbia and rural areas, dwarfing the mostly liberal areas of the cities by area. If just California was eliminated from the vote count then Trump would have won the popular vote as well. It shows that the mega-cities of just one state, California, would have given the election to Ms. Clinton if the 'popular vote' elected the President. It's why the Electoral College exists - to stop the large states and their large population centers from overwhelming the smaller states. In "Our" country the states elect the President, and every one involved knows that... It's over, and progressive types need to cool down and finally accept that Trump is the President.

02/06/17: I'm still having problems with the banner and rollovers. I'm now working on updating Page2. One thing I've noticed about Pres. Trump is that he hasn't yet submitted any bills to Congress. Mebbe he thinks he can 'rule' by decree like the Obamanation did, but he'll learn otherwise very soon. The Presidency is not the head of some corporate boardroom where he can dictate to his heart's content.

02/02/17: The Barsoom Fish 'Rap is finally back after a year and several months absence. I had so much trouble trying to get back, but it wasn't possible, so I gave up on it. It was glommed by some German fuks and its now selling something in German. My physical disabilities are still with me, but I feel that I can do the 'Rap again.

I'm not even tangentially associated with CAW anymore. So, it's not right for me to use the Scion's Gaiarinth when I'm no longer a CAW Member, or an active Scion. I was down to two choices and I've decided it will be another famous labyrinth with color changes. Right now I'm trying to get this site up and working, and that'll take some time. I've been cut off from NP news for quite awhile now, and there are no more sources for "scoops" left. It's time for me to move on. I simply had to retire from active participation in CAW because of my disabilities, which are still with me.

          The BFR will de-emphasize the Neo-Pagan aspects of this rag. I've come back to Reality, whatever that may be. I'll try to update The "Winter Directory" as I find new groups, and other articles will remain, however. I'm thinking of moving towards a more SF approach and cover Magick and weird stuff more.

          The CAW Tradition Network was created when it looked like CAW USA was finished as a working church, having been destroyed by the Ohio BoD. Those days are long gone. The CAWTN now primarily exists to provide Aabacco with an organization name, but I still believe in most of its tenants, and I still respect the culture, freedom and the organization of Robert Heinlein's favorite SISL church and the tribe it created.

          Also, for better or worse, we have a new President, which will give me some new things to rant about - Obama was getting boring. Even though Donald Trump is now President, The Greater Depression and WWIII are still around the corner, because the Establishment still wants a war. But, the Mer'can people aren't very enthused about making insider war profiteers even richer when the war booty is divided up and distributed to them by the political class' at "Our" expense like in Iraq, while "We" sacrifice "Our" soldiers for yet another pack of lies.

Warning Snipers Ahead

          Can you trust the Establishment to safeguard you, your "rights" and your property any more, if you ever did? Are you afraid to call the police because you can't predict what they'll do when they come, like shooting your dog or even yourself? Yes, it's getting that bad. The End of the Mer'can Empire will come about through the Establishment is quietly looting its citizens into abject poverty, but "we" still live in the illusions of 'prosperity' and 'freedom'... It's no longer a time to trust everyone who says they're your 'brother' or 'sister' - it's just not healthy. But, you can still Question Authority! But expect to be beaten up or arrested for doing it in the future. Not being able to Question Authority is simple Tyranny...

          I don't think that 2017 may be a 'good year' at all for most Mer'cans. A lot of evil things have been planned by TPTB and FEDGOV for many years, no matter who the Prexy is, and the next few years will make a lot of money for the first, and gain a lot more power for the latter despite President Trump. The US Gov'mint has a lot of outstanding ever-increasing interest to pay and They have made some nasty plans of their own to eventually glom on to what ever they need to pay it. They have no intentions of ever paying back the principal and just about all of "Our" international creditors know it. They're also running out of creditors who are willing to buy their new bonds to roll over the old debt - the buyer-of-last-resort, and probably the only lender left, is the privately owned Federal Reserve cartel.

Looking Over the Fence, ...

"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason." John Harrington

          Almost all of the nation's politicians from both major parties, its senior officials, and its senior administrators still belong to the same GloBaalist in-groups, 'think-tanks', and social clubs, and that fact plus their influence won't diminish much under President Trump. All of them eventually abjectly bow before the same financial money-junkie Masters (the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank and "our" foreign creditors) or they have a short to no future career in politics. The officials often come into government from executive positions in very influential corporations (especially from Wall St. and the FIRE (Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate economy nowadays.) Pres. Trump has already shown his preference towards this ilk. Then, They'll move back to the companies they came from with an enhanced resume and a much larger income, a book deal, and s chance to get even richer on the rubber chicken (speech) circuit.

01/31/17: The following list exemplifies just how much a person has to lose if they have failed to prepare themselves for emergencies. After a large enough catastrophe, the recovery time frame can be very long term, or potentially never for certain critical needs. Here are some of the things that you may lose when disaster comes:

  1. No clean water coming out of the faucets to drink.
  2. No hot or cold water to shower, bathe with, or wash your hands.
  3. No washing machines or dishwashers to clean your clothes or dirty dishes.
  4. No flushing toilets.
  5. No heat or air conditioning, not even fans.
  6. No light at night.
  7. No grocery stores or home delivered food, no restaurants, to no food period.
  8. No trash pick up of waste that will mount up, bringing disease.
  9. No medications, especially antibiotics, or simple over the counter remedies either.
  10. No vitamin or mineral supplements to help keep your body from breaking down.
  11. No 911 help service at all.
  12. No mechanical transportation with any fuel to run anything.
  13. No protection, no law enforcement.
  14. No communications; no internet, no TV, no radio, no clue what is going on.
  15. No phones, or Internet - no way of talking to people miles away.
  16. No refrigeration, no freezers, no food preservation.
  17. No stoves or microwaves to cook food.
  18. No easy way to prepare meals.
  19. No toilet paper, and no good alternative to toilet paper.
  20. No feminine toiletries.
  21. No pest control against animals and insects which may be hazardous to your health.
  22. No utilities; no gas, no electricity, no way to make anything function in your home.
  23. No advanced warning of weather, war, or other life threatening events.
  24. No odor control from rotting wastes and rotting corpses.
  25. No healthy food to maintain proper nutrition, leading to sickness and weakness.
  26. No proper basic hygiene and bacteria control on the body, especially the teeth.
  27. No repair of tooth cavities or other life threatening oral problems.
  28. No pain control, no aspirin, no way to ease pain.
  29. No basic first aid to treat minor or major injuries.
  30. No replacements for worn out clothes, shoes, socks, underwear.
  31. No replacement parts to fix something that's broken.
  32. No soap or disinfectants.
  33. No outdoor protection from the elements such as sunburns.
  34. No safety net that society provides. No welfare, no assistance, no government food.
  35. No sexual protection from the wide array of deadly diseases that are transmittable.
  36. No treatment for the sick and dying.
  37. No modern power tools to repair all that will be broken, no workable anything.
  38. No way of cleaning up messes that range from irritating to hazardous.
  39. No care, no help, no chance for medical needs of infants and children.
  40. No protection against rabies.
  41. No means of easing chronic depression that will be very widespread and intense.
  42. No outlets of entertainment to distract people from the overwhelming despair and fear.
  43. No familiar and basic everyday needs that give comfort and security to most people.
  44. No way of getting to family and friends because of distance, or it being too dangerous to even try.
  45. No respectable way of laying to rest someone dear to you.
  46. No way of protecting yourself and family from roaming gangs without enough firepower.
  47. No workable answers from rudimentary to complex problems that will present themselves often.
  48. No calling up your local professional help to repair something essential to you.
  49. No feeling of being civilized as losing everything and becoming dirty and unkempt does this to anyone.
  50. No way out without having prepared for such an enormous downfall of society.

          The need for society and human civilization to remain as close to "normal" and fully functioning cannot be over emphasized as it relates to the life and death of nearly 100% of our population if these systems cease to operate. The more modern a country is, the farther the fall will be to the bottom when the infrastructure fails to SUPPORT the people. The above 50 losses paint a very bleak picture and show the likelihood of a mass die off as almost certain with the breakdown of the foundation that keeps the masses upright. This doesn't have to occur to anyone willing to just say no to this addiction of letting society mollycoddle everyone into helpless baby birds unable to live without constant feedings.


Winged Isis

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